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This page is a one stop for all the reviews, interviews, promotions related to Wayfaring my new book of poetry published by Leaky Boot Press, England. The book is available with all online booksellers worldwide. I will keep updating the page as new things happen. You can also browse the blog categories and check out the links to reviews, interviews and other exciting stuff related to the book in the Wayfaring archives.

Back Cover Blurb 

“Wayfaring is a collection of poems about journeys, both physical and metaphysical. Filled with keen observations on the nature of life and what it is to be human, imbued with love, raw emotion and a good measure of anger too, these poems touch on things that were and things that yet might be. Ghosts from the past travel hand in hand with the reality of the present as Tikuli explores the byways of society, family, love and loss, while questioning the role memory plays in our rapport with the many things that bind us to reality. At once elegiac and forward–looking, nuanced and outspoken, the poet’s words call for us to understand that greater things unite us than divide us. This second volume of poems by Tikuli is nothing less than a triumph.” 


Reviews :

“Tikuli is a skilled plein air painter; her palette of words is spare, meticulously chosen and applied in a variety of metrical patterns that, while not avant-garde, are modernist and reliable. The reader is never required to study her metrics; her focus is on the act of recollection and its requisite imperative. She has stories to tell, portraits to paint, ghosts to address, and issues to redress.” — Djelloul Marbrook , The Arabesques Review

“Tikuli’s ‘Wayfaring’ is a collection of exquisite poems on several themes around travel, solitude, relationships, exile, nature, memory, urbanity. The poems evoke a deep sense of longing. They make you pause and reflect on things we miss while struggling to make sense of the humdrum of daily existence. The underlying pain in the poems, and its masking by a desire for beauty and for love, shows the poet’s deep understanding of human relationships and human nature. The poems will resonate with people who want to explore the meaning of love and loss. Without being didactic, the poems unravel the mystery behind the complexities of human relationships. The poems lead us on to promising paths. They point towards some answers. What is our place in society? What does it mean for us to have gone through turbulent times, to have loved and lost, to have been at the crossroads of life, and not abandoned the will to create hope and see beauty even in despair? How should we live? What should be the terms around which we create a bond with this chaotic society of ours?

The Exile poems touched my heart. They will touch the hearts of all those who wish to understand the idea of ‘Home’.

Wayfaring will be an ideal companion to lonely wanderers and seekers.”

– Siddhartha Gigoo, Award winning writer / novelist / film maker (amazon review)



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