A day in the life of a cyber mom

🙂 Karam kiyeja phal ki ichcha
mat kar aaye insan
jaisa karam karega waisa phal dega bhagwan
ye hai Geeta ka gyan

( do not worry about the rewards just keep doing your work)

Well, What a day it has been. The maid crises seems to be spreading like infectious disease. I fortunately knew about the dusky beauty leaving for the big fat wedding and was geared up for the drudgery.

The whole day went in multitasking. Cooking, cleaning, washing, dusting, blogging, managing promotions, answering calls. OK collecting votes is not an easy task. One has to do a lot of floating around in the cyberspace.

the lunch comprising of noodles in tomato garlic sauce and chilled bear did help a bit, though it turned cold sitting on my computer table. The chilled beer warmed up a bit and I had to adulterate it with ice cubes. Sad na?

Anyways, between all the house work and other stuff I did manage to rejoice at my new found glory. For a struggling blogger even a little recognition is like being a star. BlodAdda did that to me. I opened one more beer can to celebrate and digest the food and fact both.

After blogging for almost two years now I feel really in. Things are working well, little money is coming in and I am doing what I love most create magic with my dreams and hopes. Write poetry and all that is close to my heart.

Now the evening has come and another routine of cooking cleaning and what not starts. One can stay without the partner for sometime but without maid, life sucks.

I believe in one thing if Godji (as Ritu calls HIM) takes away one thing He gives another to enjoy.

Thank you Godji for finally taking a look at my work and appreciating it.

Tomorrow is the big day of Voting
for the IndusLadies mother’s day blog contest and it’s a gamble. I hope my friends will stand by me and vote for me.

There is lots to do and so little time. I wish the day had some more hours. Guess I will have to stop rambling and attend to the hungry wolves in my house. I sometimes wonder how big is the tummy of my boys. It never gets filled and they are perpetually hungry as if they have never seen food in recent times.

I love to cook but come on give me a break guys. Wonder what’s gonna happen in summer holidays. Two teenage hungry restless boys

.. shudders….

BTW They are both great chefs but one has to do a compete clean up act once they are through. Great chefs don’t clean. 😦

Hoping that there will be more sunshine and joys tomorrow, I bid adieu

for the time being.