Ecstasy – 2


yet another citrus night

moon, sliced lemon garnish

in the tequila sky

behind the undraped window

my body

 melted cream


achingly damp

clinging sheer satin

 a veil of mist

half revealing

  candles burn

  flames flicker

shadows  dance

in the midst of

throbs of  pain

that pleasure seeks

 yet another ritual begins

but this time for love



Insomnia : A Poem


Night comes wrapped in  raven wings

and in it’s solitary loveliness

like forbidden lovers

the mind and heart meet


thoughts stumble on each other

like perplexed mass

strange voices touched with pain

glide past each other like spirits


sleep eludes me in your presence

and in absence, tears keep it at bay


I lie still

in silent mirages of hope

the illusionist takes over


a world streams out of me

and dissolves in me

dreams rise and wall

like ocean waves

quiescent I watch






Picture : Aditya’s Digital painting  called illusion


Eyes :Poem












waiting eyes

dim with pain


questioning eyes

who says only houses are haunted

watch out for those haunted eyes

deceptive, misleading

Eyes that hold you captive

when faces become a blur

deep penetrating eyes

eyes that look but do not see

and those which see  and yet …

What does it  hold ?

this  labyrinth of eyes

what  hidden histories

what threads of life

what unknown thoughts

what passionate dreams

what agonies

what dark distresses

I watch

my eyes grown  fixed with guesses

No light for my blinded brain

Nothing, but just a heap of ash

devoid of embers or a spark

Waiting :A Poem

There are some blueprints

tucked away In the dark  crevices

of the workshop in  my mind


Some unfinished songs of desire

A  few broken melodies of pain

and some unending verses

wrapped in trauma of separation


Maybe we were  never meant to be together

and were destined to move away from each other

The disharmony,

the  asphyxiating  silence

and a abrupt ending


We said goodbye  and went our separate ways

without a sigh

but our story  continued to blossom

between the earth and the sky


In different lands, in different arms

A perpetual  ache  plagued  us

We  became restless

Seek each other where ever we could

in whatever we could

Our  nights became  haunted

by the ghosts of yesteryear

Our  days  mundane

monotonous and soul less

gaped at us like bottomless pits


We  began to crave

crave for some drizzle of love

amidst the dryness and melancholy


Wedded to different people

we led  a difficult life

How our heart-strings

got tuned to each other

we know not


It was a rough pathway

we  had carved

Writing became our passion

Through our words

we  began to compose and create

visions  of longing and togetherness

around us


We  danced, sang,  made love

with our poetry


Words took wings and

began to soar  from one continent to another

Our emotions began to travel

to meet in perfect harmony

in another place , another time

filling the empty spaces

of our lives


Each moment  an irreplaceable miracle

brimming with hope

and those long forgotten  desires


We poured out our hearts

sang the sweetest songs

and then slowly and silently

we drifted apart


I began to hear

the echoes of my own words

All that I composed came back to me

tired, bruised, rejected


And now

I sit amidst the splinters of my dreams

with some thoughts of you

tear-stained and crumpled

folded in my lap




Just in case..










The Prostitute And The Beggar – Poem

On the street

under the flamboyant  Gulmohar

two women share the space

A prostitute and an old beggar.


One gaudily painted

Like a cheap bazaar toy

And the other

a wrinkled yellowing autumn leaf.

Half clad

One to reveal

the other to conceal
their feminine frames

Day and night they play the roles

assigned to them by fate

She lures lewd passengers

By her fake smiles

while anguish gnaws at her heavy heart


She leans against an old lamp-post

blowing smoke in the sultry summer air

waiting to be an one-night bride

Her womanhood laid bare

for hungry men to devour


The old beggar woman watching her

with wise eyes and deep contemplation

Like an Autumn leaf her frail body

wrinkled by time, limply hangs

within the tattered clothes she wears


Unkempt hair cling to her hollow face

like wild vines on crumbling walls

A dented bowl lies empty

on the torn blanket she sits on


Sometimes a carelessly drifting flower

falls from the tree

to fill the emptiness

She folds her hands in Namaskar

and keeps it aside


That little piece of land

is their stage

Where they perform relentlessly


One, by faking a smile or two

and baring her body

to lure the flesh hungry scavengers

The other , by baring her soul


A mere display of her worthlessness

to the world she lives in

Wrapped in herself

her hands outstretched

in dignified calm


Like the other

she too had hardened herself  to

weather the life’s storms


Many a times she would lie

curled to one side

retreating into her private cave

as the other sold her body and soul

Humiliated ,  neglected

Love crucified in sex/poverty


Her life a swivel-door

One goes , another cames in

Nameless, faceless, crowd

Her youth tossed like coins



My mind becomes

an open playground for thoughts


From where I sit

on a wooden stool by the window

beside a table laden with

sinful delights and a bed

made ready for one more night

dressed to please

the one man in my life

I feel my soul merge with hers


And then


I look at the other

a mere form under the dark tree

and try to hide

the burden on my soul


Under tattered rags of leftover pride

I fold my thoughts

and look around the cell

which is my home

and wonder

Am I really better off
than them ?

A Poem For You

I wish I could

write a poem for you

a poem that paints my dreams

dreams that tell our story

each word a picture

a visual collage

of love and lust

pain and longing

hurt and anger

distance and closeness

meeting and parting


I wish I could

write a poem for you


words shrugged their shoulders

and walked away

just like that

and I was left

staring at them

I beseeched them to stay

like I did with you

I did

Estranged words

if only I could catch them

thousands of words

some said some unsaid.

Now I stare at the empty screen

( strange that I should say empty screen instead of empty paper. How much has changed since then .)

My fingers caress

the smooth surface of the keys

my ears

long to hear that delicious clicking sound



The fog doesn’t lift

I push myself and strain

to see the fog veiled vision

a form

vague and abstract

I close my eyes and zone out

The poison flows through the eyes

leaving black streaks on my cheeks

better to flow out than stay within and burn the very essence of my being

my error of judgement, my follies , my fall

all clear now

There is a deafening, demeaning silence in the heart

that I try to figure out

and draw a blank

vexed with my myself

I leave the unfinished, untitled poem

in the drafts


These Old Shades


I saw


inside old albums

that had been hidden away from me


Your pictures

which he doesn’t know I have seen

Maybe he thought of  changing them

but then just could not

and even if he had

a face like yours will remain in his memory

etched forever

In his songs I feel your presence

The song you sang together

watching many a  sunsets

from the verdant hills

of  that quiet little town

I get the whiff of your fragrance

each time he twirls  a  glass of wine sensuously

and raises it to his lips

You are present in the

soft smile that starts from

the corners of his mouth

and reaches his eyes

You are always present

in the mirror

infront of which

he stops to take a last glance

before he steps out of house

and in the first rays of morning sun

that play on his body

as he sleeps

Often. I wonder

If the nights

we spent together

match the magic of those

spent with you

Did the fire that sets his body

aflame with passion

kindle you

and sent the sparks floating in the air

I think it did

I can see how he would have

made love to you

in his controlled manner

for he tries that with me

I  feel his hunger

fueled by ravenous passion

his readiness to devour

my voluptuous  body

( he always loved his women to be a mouthful)

I feel it reaching a crescendo

and then it diminishes

And yet

his craving rises

craving to consume your body

as I lie next to him

consumed by the  ghost of you

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An Autumn Sunset

Temple bells fade

Fragrance of jasmine blossoms

rises slowly

intoxicating the evening

My gaze

follows the hills

bathed in unusual shades of colors

meandering green hues

vibrant wild flowers

and fluttering prayer flags

reaching out to  heaven above

Amber light of setting sun

begins to merge in the lake below

making it shimmer like molten bronze


fires of

illicit desires

Your thoughts travel

between our silences and words

your voice sings

emotions at pitch

I hear it clear

sensuous, delicate

robbed in one sense

but returning elsewhere

stronger, richer

I listen to the wind

softly blowing

whistling through the trees

I watch

as it rustles

and caresses each leaf

rolling beneath the twilight sky

I feel my heart slipping away

chasing the shadows

in the dark woods

Borrowing words from your old song

I  fill the emptiness inside

and escape into another world