T17- The Gorgeous Queen Of Ranthambore

When the legendary Machalli also known as Lady of the Lake was dethroned in September last year, It ended a magnificent era of 11 years of supremacy by this beautiful tigress. Ace cinematographer S.Nallmuttu made an award-winning documentary called “The tiger Queen ” on her where he has captured the  moving tale of rivalry a betrayal of the first family of tigers of Ranthambore National Park. This is India’s first full length wildlife film shot in a high-definition (HD) format. {  LINK  }

The new queen of the jungle T17 

All the photographs are copyrighted work of Aditya Dogra .

T17 the young majestic daughter of Machali first pushed her sisters out and then overthrew her aging mother in a heartless battle for supremacy to become the new queen. Machali left to salvage her former pride in isolation in another part of the park where she still lives. She was a heart throb of many wildlife enthusiast and tiger lovers . Which cat must have killed eight grownup crocodiles single-handedly. She was a legend of her times.

T17 is the youngest daughter of Machli , the other two were relocated to Sariska.

Usually a female tiger’s territory extends upto 5-10 kms & normally there are 2-3 such territories in  male tiger’s territory. The gorgeous T17’s  or Sundari’s ( as she is lovingly called in Rajbaug, her home base) territory is  spread over more than four tourist zones which includes all the three lakes Padam Talab, Rajbagh & Malik Talab & is regularly sighted in areas like Tamba Khan, Bhutkhurra, Kachida &Lakkad da to name a few.
She is one of the most sighted & most spectacular tigress of RNP & can be easily identified by radio collar belt in her neck. Camera friendly and fearless she  leisurely walks around the safari area. T17 is every photographers delight can be easily spotted. Graceful and regal she poses for photographs very often.

Bold and beautiful four-year old Sundari is a sight to behold. In a country where the tiger population is dwindling , it is really a joy to watch this healthy, vivacious female. I hope she becomes  the life spring of many future generations of tigers. She has a paramour code-named T28 and her courage to protect her partner  prevents any other tigers from 890 sq km area of RNP to venture into her domain.

Here are some photographs of the sensuous T17 taken recently by my son  Aditya during his corporate shoot assignment. A detailed write-up on the Ranthambore National Park will follow shortly.

Check the slide show for some more breathtaking photographs of  this real beauty .

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Tigress Sita in Bandhavgardh national park. pic taken by Amit Kher


A poem I wrote after a visit from Corbett National Park.

She stood on the edge

overlooking the valley.

Her elegant frame silhouetted

in the moonlit night.

Her intense eyes,

Pregnant with grief and pain.

Her gaze,

Penetrating into the quite lugubrious abyss.

The maelstrom inside her,

resounding in the stillness of the night.

Nothing is moving, not even the dewdrops

hanging precariously from the leaves.

A small cub rests in peace

cuddled between her paws.

It’s body cold as ice.

They had been there together

just one night

both mother and child.

Slowly she slumps beside the lifeless child

and licks the furry body.

Tucking it closer with her paws

she embraces it for One last time.

The forest watches quiescent.

© Tikuli

India has lost more than 50 per cent of its tiger population in the past five years.

First two weeks of the year 2010 brought bad news yet again for the Tiger lovers. The three tiger deaths sent warning bells among the Tiger conservationists.


According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, there have been 84 tiger deaths, by both natural and poaching causes, in 2009-10. From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India, wildlife experts say tigers could be extinct in 20 years.

It is time we all started a serious campaign to save this majestic animal from extinction. There are many people who are already doing every bit  for this cause, one such blogger is Aman from Jabalpur. check out his blog Save The Tigers

Do we want to go the way Panna National Park and Sariska have gone ?

There are NO Tigers left there . What could be more tragic than this !

Tiger Alert

Click the link . A MUST  READ

When I visited Corbett National Park as a teenager I saw the Tiger family for the first time in wild and learned the shocking facts about poaching, dwindling tiger population, the corrupt officials, encroachment, the pathetic state of Tiger reserves, existence of international markets for illegal tiger parts, lack of funds and much more. Things have gone from bad to worse since then.sightings have become very rare and poaching is done with the help of forest officials which came as a blow to me. I heard the story of some royal people coming from Middle East especially for Tiger hunting and it was “arranged” by the officials there.

How can we expect a change in these conditions? Is there no hope ?

“Tiger Reserve: habitat protection is the key to sustenance of the gene pool. Inviolate spaces offer ideal breeding conditions for the tiger.” LINK

It is very clear that there is an urgent need for upgrading and maintaining the levels of security system in the Tiger Reserves, strict laws and even strict punishments for law breakers, a nationwide awareness campaign.

There is a lot one can do to save our National Animal. Choose  your way to protect the Tiger , check this

Save the Tiger/ What can I do ,  join the roar Here ,  join Stripey the cub on Facebook,  Show your support  here .

I did and so did my children.

I wanted this post to be a Bloggers Campaign for saving the Tiger. Write about it . Anything which will make the readers stop and ponder and do their bit  just like The Hitchwriter and IHM did.

Join NGOs that are working for this cause in your area. Become a volunteer. Spread the word.

Do read the Tiger posts from the blog world and ping them for support. Let us make difference.

17 out of the 37 Tiger Reserves are on the verge of loosing all their tiger population.

According to WWF

Tiger hunting was officially banned only after the enactment of the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 1972. Today increasing biotic disturbances, uncontrolled poaching of prey, urbanization, mining and quarrying; and poaching of tiger for its body parts gravely threaten the future of the tiger. Bones and other body parts of the tigers are used in Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) and their skins are used for making Chubas( the traditional robe worn by the Tibetans). It is this illegal market for tiger skins and parts in China and Tibet that remains as one of the most serious threat to wild tiger populations in India.”

It is not just with Tigers in India , there are hundreds of birds and animal species which are being neglected due to the callous attitude of our government and forest officials. Remember the Tal Chappar Tragedy . When I wrote that post I remembered how snakes also are getting extinct along with many other species including the elusive Tiger.

Click on the link to view the Tiger Reserves in India

Protect the Tigers to protect the web of life and the entire ecosystem.

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