Thursday Photo Challenge : Coiled

Thursday theme for this time is “CURVED” (Bent, Rippled, Coiled, Spiraling, Twisted,…)

Snakes have always fascinated me and when to my amazement and joy I saw my elder one also handling them with as much ease and passion that I do it make me swell with pride. We have a lot of misconceptions about these enigmatic creatures. They  have been unnecessarily labeled with bad reputation due to misconceptions arising from superstitions and religious dogmas. Majority of these opinions are formed out of fear and sheer ignorance. Snakes have been misunderstood for too long, and their role in nature is too little appreciated.
Due to lack of proper information, disbelieves and fears, many important species of snakes have become rare and are threatened with extinction; so, disturbing the natural cycle of coexistence.The Wild Life Protection Act of 1972 passed by the Government of India has included all Indian snakes in the list of animals to be protected from being killed. The Act also bans sale of items made from snake skin. Exceptional import licenses are issued, but strictly for scientific purposes.

you need to be free of that  instinctive fear of reptiles to embrace them and enjoy their beauty

This is a rat snake also called jalebi snake.It is also called Dhaman.  These snakes are non venomous. The one Adi is holding is called banded racer , one of many varieties of rat snakes found in India. They feed on rats, frogs etc and are often found near rice fields and human habitations.


This one is the Indian Rock Python. One of our favorites. These snakes are beauties and are second largest and heaviest of Indian snakes. Called Ajgar in Hindi they have glossy skins and flat heads.They feed on mammals. Live prey are constricted and killed. One or two coils are thrown around the prey, holding it in a tight grip. The prey, unable to breathe, succumbs and is swallowed head first.

The population of Rock Python has depleted alarmingly during the last 50 yeas on account of heavy commercial exploitation of its skin and their products, which are in high demand in the world market. It is an endangered species and yet we are losing many of these gorgeous creatures due to common misbeliefs.

I have yet to handle a snake in the wild. Though I have seen some while visiting wild life sanctuaries. The ones we are holding come from the snake-charmers and normally don’t have poison. The practice of snake charming—catching snakes, keeping them in captivity for extended periods, and training them to perform—has traditionally been passed from one generation to another. For generations, it has provided a critical means of support for many Indian families but now due to wild life acts and growing knowledge on snakes these people are losing their livelihood. It is rare to find a snake charmer even in villages. Once an icon of Indian culture snake-charmers are struggling to survive these days.

I hope these beautiful and harmless creatures find a safe home and people shed their fears and treat them with the love and respect they deserve.


Thursday Photo Challenge : Spring

“SPRING” (New Life, Green, Melting Snow, Pleasant Weather,…) is the topic for this Thursday’s photo challenge  I love the vibrant blooms on the trees and riot of colors in every garden and roundabout, the soft shades of green that spring brings with it.

The whole earth is like a flower girl, so full of life and so beautiful.

Beautiful Hibiscus flowers in three shades . The last one a different variety used for Ganesh Puja. The flower is considered pious for various reasons.

Hibiscus is also known as china rose , jasvand, gudhal etc.

It is has medicinal properties too.

I simply love the delicate bloom and the soothing colors.

Thursday Photo Challenge : Complex

The photo theme for Thursday is “COMPLEX” (Complicated, Tangled, Intricate, Mess,…)

I love Motorcycles and there is nothing that beats this mean machine called Harley Davidson . One of the finest and my favorite. Such beautiful intricate, complex machinery.   To feel the bike is in itself a turn on.   To ride it is orgasmic

. Awesome combination of power, performance, and infinite cool in all of its forms.

Intricate details personalized for those who love to load up and head out. I love the way toughness and style are blended so delicately in their bikes.

In there 107 years history HD has made billions of dreams find voice. I especially love the V-Rod among all its Bikes .

It is simple engineering made sexy.  The hum of these beauties is enough to make any heart beat faster.

I thought of doing something different this time and shifted from my usual nature photographs just because I felt HD it a great blend of complex intricate craftsmanship.

Its my dream machine.Gotta find someone who owns it :p . 😀

Thursday Theme – Go Green

The theme for the photo challenge is “GREEN” (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,…).

Summers are here and soon the delicious mangoes will flood the markets. Just  love the fruit. Raw or Ripe.

It’s amazing to watch the first flowers ( Bour) of mango trees. The intoxicating fragrance activates the salivary glands and sedates the senses.

Here are some green mango pix.



Yum isn’t it ?

Wishing you a delicious tangy sweet summer.

Photo Theme For Thursday

I missed some of the past Thursday Challenges. Too much happening with the unruly heart and devious mind for me to concentrate on writing and blogging.

The theme this time is “TREES” (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,…)

To me trees are Earth’s endless efforts to converse to the heavens above. I can spend hours watching them silently . They convey a very special message to us.

Reach for the sky but stay rooted to the ground.

Can’t resist sharing this link to my previous post on trees Have you ever questioned life from the eyes of a leafless tree

Two days back the winter rain returned and the trees stood in complete surrender to the thunderstorm.

Ones the clouds passed and the wet sun emerged  it created a magical picture .

A new life is unfolding in the pot.. Soon the branches will shed the leaves and beautiful crimson, white and orange Bonneville flowers will fill the small plants. Something gives way for something more beautiful to emerge .That’s the law of nature. There is beauty in life and in death. Look at the leafless trees. They bare it all to the universe. No masks , nothing to hide.

And the leaves hang waiting to leave the branches and drift with the breeze . No path , no direction just  pure bliss of freedom .

Poetry written in twigs .

Wait, Stop ,Watch the beauty around you. It makes you value life in more than one way .

Thursday Photo Challenge – Messy

The theme for Thursday Challenge is “MESSY” (Children, Rooms, Garage, Yard, Disorganized, Hair,…)

Well although I could have clicked anywhere at random in the Den 😀 as the boys prefer to call it  but then they would have strangled me for it.

So I decided to do something sweet.

Messy hair . Who plays with the doll in your house Tiku ? You will ask :p

Well , Actually no one. She is the daughter I never had 🙂 .

Very messy indeed.

Look at her hair.. Kids I tell ya !


Isn’t she adorable. 😀

Thursday Challenge : Touch of Gold

This Thursday the  theme is  “GOLDEN” (Jewelry, Coins, Sun, Leaves, Fields, Hair,…)wo of my favorite things in  gold. My pen and my watch.

Although I use the watch rarely  because  I normally use a leather strap watch but this was a gift and so precious. 🙂

The pen is  my constant companion. My lucky charm you can say 🙂

Psssssst  😛 May be I can sign Ripples with  the golden pen. Not a bad idea , is it? After all two of my stories are getting published in it. 😀

What say ?

Thursday Photo Challenge : TECHNOLOGY

TECHNOLOGY” is the topic for this week’s Thursday challenge and my techno savvy sons collected some of their priceless gadgets  and put them on display. I clicked the photograph  for this challenge.

Now you guys identify the make, models, and rest of the details and enjoy.

pssst….. they never part with their mobile phones so those heavenly gadgets are missing ;D

Thursday Photo Challenge

Photo Theme for Thursday challenge for fun and learning is Beverages  and I found this beautiful Premium Old Gold Single Malt Whiskey bottle  in shape of a dagger and I loved it.It is an Indian Brand and tastes great ..  Bottled in Sikkim , This has won many awards it seems .

So Cheers to some good times. 🙂

Thursday Challenge Theme Photograph

Yet another Photograph for the Thursday Challenge.  The theme is Outdoors this time.

Li River is one of China’s top tourist destinations. The Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is a breathtaking journey through time and space and a treat for nature lovers.

This picture is taken from Li River cruise.  The centerpiece of any trip to northeastern Guangxi Province.The river trip is over eighty kilometers (52 miles) long and takes seven to eight hours. The eye-feasting landscape and country scenery never fails to disappoint.

Gorgeous Karst peaks mesmerize you  at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky.

The scenery changes according to the weather and season. On sunny days the Li River looks like an enchanting  landscape painting, with clear reflections of green peaks rising straight out of the water. On foggy and rainy days it  is shrouded in mist and appears mysterious and magical.