Calm Outside But Raging Within

I lost a friend at the Trident on the fateful day Mumbai was rocked .Another friend smsed how he got saved while returning from the airport .I just could not react for a moment .It was a day I will never forget .so much happened in so little time .

Is there a global Will to stop these powers who are affecting our life and mind? Are we willing to talk openly about these terror agencies taking roots across the border and within our country ?Can there be a mass uprising against the shameless politicians who are worse than these terrorists ?Blood sucking parasites ,look at what they did and said.Can we keep our head held high and say we are proud to be part of democratic India ?

Why is it that we have to attend funerals of martyrs and innocent people ,can’t we have enough safety measures to stop the deaths themselves ?why do we always vote for an impotent
government ?Huge sum is spent for the intelligence agencies in our country ,then why is it that the terrorists are able to carry out their plans with such impunity?Are laws like POTA effective in handing the aftermath ?

Why our police force is in pathetic condition,less pay ,less resources ?where is the tax money going ?why do we pay the taxes if the govt can not ensure the safety of the common citizen ?

we talk about the “indomitable Mumbaikar spirit”,but correct me if I am wrong ,will not an average mumbaikar have a mindful of fear and dare to step outside only because he /she has to earn a living ?A necessity ,a need to survive .Are we all not scared for our lives and of all the others?

I talked to someone who said ,thode dino me sab thanda ho jayega life goes on you know .

Are we so desensitized or do we carry this feeling of falsified bravery that keeps us from thinking rationally?

A friend ,a family member who till now had a name ,a face ,an identity of his own suddenly becomes a body ,a corpse .Does it matter ?The media sensationalizes the events does anyone care?

Is it not time to stand up and make our voices heard ,to bring a collective change especially within us ?

A two year old baby cries for his mother at the Synagogue in Mumbai during his parents condolence prayer meeting.Who will tell him they fell to the bullets of the merciless terrorists ?

yesterday it was Mumbai today it could be any other city ,are we equipped ?

There is still inadequate security at all the major railway stations ,airports etc .Now Three major airports are under threat .Is it not time that the society needs to mobilise themselves if our government is going to sleep.

I am an ordinary citizen ,concerned citizen who needs to know what is the guarantee that tomorrow I may not be lying in a pool of blood on some street ,a victim of negligence of our elected govt and be referred as “Another body “?

Who is going to answer my questions ?who will take the responsibility for a safe secure nation ?