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He found the  deathly silence of the Morgue calming. The odor of the dead was the most erotic thing for him. It fascinated him

His eyes sparkled as he ran his fingers over the naked cold body of the beautiful woman  lying on the slab in front of him. He always treated  them lovingly, gently. He was in no hurry. He was the only attendant on duty and the world of the dead was his.

His eyes scanned her voluptuous body. Stunning. She did not deserve to die   or may be she did. He grinned.

He bent and inhaled deeply, instantly getting an erection. He loved to have them fresh, before the burial. He had a taste and preference for his sexual partners. She was brought in just a few hours back. An accident victim.

He kissed her forehead and softly said,” My bride, tonight I am your bridegroom ” and then he began to remove his clothes.

Slowly he lifted and placed her on the floor. Then he began to make love. First gently and then in his usual brutal wild way.

Euphoria taking over him completely as he devoured the ravishing body under him. His mouth was on hers when suddenly he stopped. Something was not right.

He stared at the face of his victim and to his horror felt the warmth slowly return in the woman’s body.

He had been through the ritual many times to ignore this sign.

He wanted to move but couldn’t.

Fear gripped him for the first time and he wished his trusted partner was there tonight but there was no one except the chilling silence.

Then to his horror she began to breathe. He screamed and pulled himself away collapsing on the floor near her. He thought he was hallucinating when he saw her move her fingers.

His face went pale with fear as she opened her eyes and turned towards him.

A shrill scream echoed in the morgue as she saw a naked man lying next to her in dark cold vault like room.

He tried to move as she ran towards the door and out of it but his body seemed as if it had taken roots.

Return of the dead .

He thought it only happened in the movies.

The police found their most wanted necrophile collapsed on the morgue floor in a state of shock.

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Free Fall : Short Story

First published in Ginger Chai you ,Me ,We

The gorge looked breathtakingly beautiful from the precarious edge of the rock.

A tingling sensation ran through his spine.

Vodka or Vertigo ?

His brain stopped registering.

Soon he was plummeting earthwards.

A deep vertical fall. Fear gripped him.

Insane rush of blood flooded his body.

An altered state of consciousness.

Slowly his eyes closed. A sharp pain slashed his chest.


One long drop and stop.

His friends watched in horror.

He had never watched a 3D movie before.

Flash Fiction : With love

I set him free today.

My husband, you know.

He had been reading my emails, text messages. He even scanned my phone bills.

He had found out my feelings for you and our burning desire to be with together.

He knew how you completed me as a woman and as a human being.

He was trying to be extra loving and caring in a way that disturbed me.

I could see him suffer as he saw my ever-growing unconditional love for you.

It pained him that it was fully reciprocated in a way he never could.

He had lost a real me to a virtual you.

I wanted to put an end to his suffering.


He was passionate about his drinks and loved Alcohol more than anything else.

Tonight I made him a very special  drink.


I am sure he could not make out the difference in the way it tasted.

Slow poison… very effective…. Leaves no trace