Blaze : The superhero story

It was a windy Sunday morning. Sean was still in bed. This was something he loved to do on Sundays except kungfu training or hitting the beach for surfing.

“Mr. Sean brooks its 10’0 clock, get up! It’s time for your training”. Sean moved, stretched & yawned.

“Yes, grandpa, I am coming”.

Sean lived with his maternal grandfather Xia who was a Sensei and a monk at the Gongpa shrine downtown. His parents Richard brooks and Ming brooks had died when he was two years old and since then Xia had raised him. He was a father, a mother, a teacher & a master to Sean. Sean was raised as a fearless individual and was given the best of education and kungfu training, Xia could provide. Sean loved Xia a lot and cared about him more than his life. He did a part time job at the ‘New York Strikers’ an adventure sports shop.

“You are late,” said Xia.

“Sorry grandpa…umm…it won’t happen again…”

“Well come on. Let us start with the training. Keep your self focused. This practice would need your full attention.” Xia explained.

“Yeah grandpa I can do it. You are my master so I just can’t fail.” Sean laughed.

After the session, Xia stopped Sean as he was putting his things back to head for some les serious stuff.

“Sean. Listen son, would you help me get some stuff for the shrine today instead of going to the beach.”

“Hmm…Sure pa anything for you.” Sean hugged him and went to change.


While returning from the market, Xia asked, “Have we collected everything Sean? Just check the list.”

“Sure, pa … hey you want something to eat? I’m hungry.”

“No, have what you want, I’m waiting down the alley for you”, and he walked down the dark alley.

Sean finished his sandwich & started walking towards his grandfather. Suddenly he heard a bullet shot & saw Xia slump to the ground. He recognized the man who shot his grandpa; a local gang member who had a history of killing many people for money and was a wanted criminal.

“Grandpa… Gran……Nooooooo” he cried.

Xia’s breathing was slow; the wound in his chest was bleeding profusely.

“I’ll get an ambulance grandpa, you just wait.” Said Sean, still under shocked.

Xia’s lips moved slowly “No son, my time has come. I must go now. I love you. I’ll always be….”

“Nooooooo… Grandpa.” shouted Sean.

Xia died in Sean’s arms. Sean picked him up & took him to the shrine.

The next day after Xia’s funeral Sean stood near his grave. Everything was silent and the only sound was of the rain.

“I will kill them all, nobody will be spared. I promise to avenge your death. I promise.” Sean cried. He was burning with anger and revenge.

Sean returned to the shrine and sat down to meditate. As he meditated memories of his childhood, his life with Xia flashed before him. He opened his eyes and saw a bright white light shining in front of him.

“Sean, my son, the time has come,” it was Xia’s voice.

“I have to tell you something, something I believe you need to know now. Behind the statue of the holy Buddha, is a wooden box. It has the amulet of fire. This amulet is no ordinary amulet. It is a storehouse of energy, strength and powers. The one who possesses it can rule the world and I have chosen you my son. I see the pure fire spirit in u. Bless you, my son”

“Grandpa “shouted Sean as the white light disappeared. Sean got up & went to the statue. He picked up & opened the wooden box and saw a bright red amulet wrapped in a silk cloth. He picked it up and held it in his hands.

Suddenly the amulet gave a flash of crimson light and melted into Sean’s hand. His body burnt like molten lava. He shouted and cried, unable to bear the pain but slowly the pain vanished. The amulet had now become a part of Sean’s body.

Sean possessed the fire spirit now. He was now a storehouse of power, bursting with energy, speed n agility.

It was the birth of the invincible BLAZE.

Meanwhile, at the Roscoe Intl. Laboratory.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Doctor Tony Vlad. Today is the day when I unveil the Neurotobe60 a gene modification serum that shall be used by the U.S army for defense purposes. I thank Dr. Rachel & Dr. Sheila…..”

“Oh, shut up Doctor” and someone shot Tony. “Remember me”. It was Raul the same man who had murdered Xia that night.

“Tch…Tch…Tch… You know doc, I was so tired of stealing and running away. I wanted to have the ultimate power & you made it for me. Thank you & Adios. He shot Tony again in the head.

Raul took the injector and injected himself with the serum. He laughed as the serum slowly transformed him into a hideous monster. “Hahahaha….New York… You want fear I will be the fear in you. I am invincible. I am Ripjaw.

“Not so fast, dorkhead.” it was Sean.

“Go away kid, you are no match for me”

“Oh yeah!” laughed Sean “Burnin’ up”

Ripjaw gasped as Sean’s body lit up with fire.

“Who are you?”


Blaze took a quick jump & kicked Ripjaw sending him through the lab door into the chemical chamber. Blaze went into the chamber. He could hear Ripjaw whisper
“Yoo-hoo, fire boy. You think u can stop me. You can’t.”

Suddenly he appeared from the top and grabbed blaze by his neck. He threw blaze but to his surprise blaze flipped & threw a fireball on him.

“I’m not here to stop you, I’m gonna kill you”

“Is this all fire boy, taste my strength now” Ripjaw ran towards blaze and gave him the poison sting; it was his most lethal attack. Sean lay on the glass floor right above the hot chemical fluids. He could not move & felt his energy drain.

He heard Xia’s voice “Sean, you have unimaginable power in you, if u concentrate on your fire spirit, the poison inside you will burn. You can unleash more power than ever”

Sean concentrated hard and got up slowly. His body was still hurting a bit. He then closed his eyes “The fire spirit in me, I call upon you. Spirit of the fire. Unleash. Full heat!”

Sean sent out a huge blast of fire across the floor, which hit Ripjaw sending him through the glass into the hot chemicals.

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” he howled.

“Hell, yeah”

Blaze had finally avenged Xia’s death.

Sean stood near Xia’s grave. He bent and placed a rose on it.

“Grandpa, I finally did it. I loved you and always will. Thank you”

He rose slowly and walked into the mist.