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A Mother’s Memoir.. Kid 1 (NaBloPoMo)

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Six feet tall and looking handsome in his black suit, he stood in the doorway ready for the farewell ceremony for the last year in school.

I watched my 17year old with a mixed feeling of intense love and pride. My first born was soon going to be eighteen in few months. How time flies. Kids grow up and one after another they take the challenges of new phases of life.

Adi was born on a fine October morning and all the pain of two hours of intense labor seemed nothing in front of the joy I felt when I held him for the first time. I remember he had bright sparkling serene eyes but there was also a glint of mischief in them.

He was never a cry baby and as long as he was fed and dry he remained a constant bundle of joy. I laugh when I remember all the antics he used to do as a little imp.

Adi was a thin, athletic boy and when he started walking , there was not a single thing that remained intact. The house looked Tsunami hit with the fast and furious driver racing his red walker all over the house. Within no time the walker was replaced b the tricycle and I had a really tough time balancing the various objects that flew in the air as he hit the table, the cabinet, the trolley and whatever came in way.

ADI with me

ADI with me

I allowed him to blossom in his own way but taught him the basics of all that a mother needs to teach a growing child and not only that each day was a new learning experience for me too. Tied with a strong bond of friendship our heartstrings attached to each other we spent unforgettable moments of joy, laughter and tears.

A quite child he would sit for hours glancing through the colorful world of books and splashing the paints on the old newspapers that I gave him to keep him engaged as I worked in the house. He loved to watch the world of nature around him and spent endless hours trailing ants and looking out of the balcony, giggling and laughing as he watched the squirrels and birds and dogs in the park.

He joined the playschool at the age of 2 1/2 and never for a day created fuss over getting up so early in the morning even in the thick winter. The house was always in a tense situation with family issues that took a toll on both of us but somewhere the child was growing mature from within and it was very evident in a few years that he behaved in a much matured manner than his peers.

He had his share pf pranks and fun and was a terror when it came to naughtiness. He locked me in the bathroom, pored the shampoo bottle into the tub to have bubble bath and squealed with joy at his handiwork and did all kind of unimaginable things but they were all part of growing up and although they brought tears of anger at that time but ultimately we both managed to clear things up.

At the tender age of three Adi went through a phase which each one of us would want to erase from our memory. He battled with Nephrotic syndrome and glumeronephritis one after the other. Quietly he would lie on his hospital bed, taking in all the pain and discomfort, not making any demands or throwing tantrums. He would even watch me taking care of him 24/7 and often tell me to rest even if he was suffering.Those days of illness brought us closer.

Life continued as he crossed junior school and started a new phase of his life in the residential school. It was a difficult decision for both of us but it did real good to him as he emerged as a winner in every field.

The hostel life had it’s ups and downs but it made me stronger, independent and brought out the various talents which were buried deep due to the lack of opportunities.

Five years in the lovely hills of Ranikhet helped him tremendously in every possible way and his health also improved.

We often talked about the emotional, psychological aspects of the life he had led since he started to understand his surroundings.

A new kind of friendship developed strengthening the previous bond. we realized we had so many common interests and it became a pleasure to spend time with time with him. Even today we discuss our problems, share our secrets, our joys and pains just like two best buddies will do. This was the time the two brothers also became the best buddies and also partners in crimes 🙂
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He went back to his previous school and excelled in his academics and developed his passion for fine arts and sketching.

His love for nature and wild life is something I associated with. Like me he loves the snakes and has absolutely no fear of handling even the bigger ones.

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It was a challenge for both of us to come to terms with what life offered us on the roller coaster ride we were on but despite the various tides of everyday living we eventually emerged as winners.

Now after completing his school life he is ready to take on the world and pursue his dream of doing animation and visual effects with Frameboxx Animation something he always wanted to do.

I remember as a child his teacher would refer to him as walking encyclopedia and he dreamed of being a marine zoologist but time changed and so did his interest. Even now I am sometimes amazed at the kind of knowledge the boy has.

I always wanted my children to be completely independent, self sufficient and open to learning and curiosity. I wanted them to blossom into good human beings with values that would make them prove their purpose of coming into this world and being part of the bigger scheme of things.

I am glad the boy is sensitive to his surroundings and though he has his normal teenage fancies and desires he has not forgotten his roots.

As I watched him leave for the big day I said a little prayer and thanked the creator for giving me a child every mother would be proud of.

To err is human but to learn from our mistakes and move one step ahead to become a better human being is a quality one develops on one’s own. He has that quality.

I wish him success and hope that as he moves on in life he discovers himself and stays tuned to his inner and to the universe around him.

I always tell my boys, Never do anything in your life, that makes it difficult for you to look into your own eyes when you stand in front of the mirror. Listen to what your heart says and do what you feel is right and for what your inner says YES.


Cheers to Adi !!