Postcards From Indian Highway : A Slideshow

Journey By Road In India

Road travel is fun and apart from the regular local flavor one gets to see beautiful landscape too. We usually love to explore unusual places especially in the hilly region of Uttaranchal, Himachal etc. Each time it is a new experience. These snaps were taken on way to Jim Corbett National park in Northern India. Driving down on an Indian national highway can be a very interesting experience. Every few miles the terrain, flavor, sights and sound change. The trucks, the local people, dhabas ( local roadside eatery), the food and landscape, everything tells a story.
Come take this journey with me ..


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Quench your thirst with Aam panna made out of raw mangoes. The drink is a coolant and is medicinal also. One can see the mango leaves on the side of the cart.

A lovely village woman with her colorful display near the temple. The local hill people are warm hearted and very helpful

Just another turn in the village . The goats were amused to find an early morning visitor clicking their snaps

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