Wordless Wednesday – 348



Wordless Wednesday – 342

A room with a view

Mornings in the rainy season bring out some of the most amazing cloud illusions I recall. Sitting on my bed I watched the summer sky unfold outside.

It is a blessing to have at least a room with a view. Below a lush green park dotted with huge trees and above an endlessly beautiful sky.

constantly changing .

A wet sun struggling to keep its glory in front of the heavy rain clouds slowly moving towards it

For a moment it seemed that it will be a beautiful sunlit morning but then

Suddenly the drama in the sky began with a thunder and the rain clouds took over the entire sky. Unleashing the first morning torrent of rain .

There were others  who were watching mesmerized by the beauty.

The pigeons … they seem to be the early risers and first visitors to my balcony . sitting on the electric pole they waited for me to present the breakfast.

The only bright thing that stole the show below was the cascading Bougainvillea

Silently I bowed in awe of the creator for  giving me a beautiful morning.

A Slice of Sky from Me to You

I fly from sky to sky,
I run from clime to clime
Soulfully to do God’s Will
And play with His Vision-Time.

– Sri Chinmoy

Some sky Photographs taken by me in the last couple of months. Sharing my slice of sky with you .

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