These winter days :Poem

the laburnum’s cernuous sprays

swaying in trance

fragrant shirish blooms

the passionate gulmohar

the  sensual parijata bloom

the shades of dewy green

bathed in morning sunlight

the night numbed by the lucid moonbeams

the radiant day in flaming orange garment


nothing but fragments of my imagination

just like you

to keep the heart warm

and the old heart beating

in these cold, gray winter days





एक धागा है

एक नाज़ुक रेशमी डोर

जो मुझको ज़िन्दगी से बांधे है

वक़्त के साथ मैंने जाना कि

उसका एक नाम भी है

– माँ

Moon Shadow : Erotica


two  shadows



held captive by the night


nude sculptures

devoured by each others eyes

sensuous apparitions

dressed in nothing

but the  moonlight

fiery passion

dripping off  their naked forms

in  dance of death

rise and fall

high and low

flowing and draining

live birth and still birth

and born again

of something new

making love

dancing the dance

radiated and drenched


absolute euphoria

Kite : Short Verse

paper kite

the wind

the flutter

-the sound

– the sound

the turmoil

-the urge

– the urge

the struggle

to snap

to break free

I thought of creating word pictures.. visual poetry … but then thought why not compose a little verse and create a picture for it.

Just wanted to  do something different. Been long since I tried my hand on photo shop , colors etc. Will be posting some of my digital work now. Hope it will be appreciated .