Wordless Wednesday – 299


Photo Theme for Thursday : Empty

This Thursday the theme is Empty  (House, Room, Playground, Glass, Container, Chair,…)



Safdarjang’s Tomb

This is known to be the  last enclosed garden tomb and was built in 1753-54 as the mausoleum of Safdarjang, the viceroy of Awadh, (a place near Lucknow). A lesser known landmark of Delhi , it is made in the same style as the Humayun’s Tomb though it’s  not that impressive .

The tomb is made of buff-colored sandstone with the intermittent use of red sandstone and marble. The central structure has double-storeyed minarets in the corners and a bulbous dome made of marble.

According to one account the arches and domes, were brought to India from Turkey and Persia.

Delhi has a rich heritage of  these ancient monuments. It is awe-inspiring to watch these structures as they serve as testaments to Delhi’s illustrious past.