Poetry this month is hexed


I am hunting for words,
in the marginalia and in
the frail silences that 
crumble at touch.
My mouth is filled with the
warm metallic taste of loss,
I bleed in letters of a language
I no longer understand;
everyday a fresh page,
smudged words, crisscrossed paragraphs,
images, music and sketches
skirmishes, idiosyncrasies,
noises and distractions,
thoughts pressed into wayside,
visual ideas, blotches of ink
there is a storm on my fingertips.

“Do not write of angst,” I’m told,

but I do not intend to wear a mask

I want to lay bare myself

I want you to see how
your love has affected me.

You are a sylph,
and I am haunted by you.

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A Poem For You

I wish I could

write a poem for you

a poem that paints my dreams

dreams that tell our story

each word a picture

a visual collage

of love and lust

pain and longing

hurt and anger

distance and closeness

meeting and parting


I wish I could

write a poem for you


words shrugged their shoulders

and walked away

just like that

and I was left

staring at them

I beseeched them to stay

like I did with you

I did

Estranged words

if only I could catch them

thousands of words

some said some unsaid.

Now I stare at the empty screen

( strange that I should say empty screen instead of empty paper. How much has changed since then .)

My fingers caress

the smooth surface of the keys

my ears

long to hear that delicious clicking sound



The fog doesn’t lift

I push myself and strain

to see the fog veiled vision

a form

vague and abstract

I close my eyes and zone out

The poison flows through the eyes

leaving black streaks on my cheeks

better to flow out than stay within and burn the very essence of my being

my error of judgement, my follies , my fall

all clear now

There is a deafening, demeaning silence in the heart

that I try to figure out

and draw a blank

vexed with my myself

I leave the unfinished, untitled poem

in the drafts


A Guest Poet Post : The Widow ( A Poem)

My very dear blogger friend and my teammate in recently concluded Bloggers Premier League  Leo of I rhyme without reason recently invited me to do a guest post on his blog.

Leo is a wonderful poet and tale weaver.  Do visit his blog and leave your views there too. A gesture of appreciation for his beautiful work .

I am the 45th guest writer there and my poem is the 597the post. It   is part of  the celebration of  reaching  the milestone of 600 posts.

Here is the link to the post  The  Widow Do Read

Sharing it on my blog too .


The Widow


It’s over

Her warm tear-streaked cheeks
touched the hard pillow
a sharp pain flashed through her
newly tonsured head

gone were those long tresses
that swayed with the slightest breeze
and fell over her shoulders
like a cascading waterfall
gone with him forever

her glass bangles lay broken
glittering shards of intense memories
a single white muslin
draped her naked youth
feelings affections desires
destined now
to die
plunged deeper into
the dark recesses of her heart
her hopes
her tears
her joys
all bounded within the cloistered walls

The mournful walls of  her narrow room
watched the ghastliness of death

the rite, the pyre, the flames
the chants and the moaners
all flowed in front of her
in a hazy mist
acting like a spell
they strained her lifeless body

under the dim light of the oil lamp
lay her humble meal

in her slender fingers
was clenched a rosary
her soul mate for the remaining life

her eyes, heavy with sorrow and pain
began to close
the light of the lamp
faded into the
inky Bengal night

plunging her into the realms of obscurity


“cut” ,


The director said.

beaming with joy
her face lit up
with a dazzling smile
her last shot of her first film
and what a brilliant performance

i looked at my friend
making an effort
to match her excitement

She waved and slipped into her room
within minutes she was back
her curls flirting around her moon like face
little soft clouds

dazzling in a bright red gown
Looking ravishing
as a newly wed should

pain cut  through my heart
like lightning
a tear rolled down slowly
as we hugged

I clenched the piece of paper in my fist

A message for her

” He is no more” It read

Fare thee well : A Poem

Like a phoenix I rise

from the ashes of my dreams

my healing tears silently fall

taking away the pain and hurt

a calmness seeps inside me

like the first summer shower,

I am cleansed and refreshed.

The memories of the lost love

linger in my heart

like a soulful melody

I forgive myself and you

for the mistakes we made

I free us completely

from the unseen chains that

strangled us

It is a new beginning

for a new me

and for you my love

to win some other heart