Ten On Tuesday – Notes To Self

1. Learn to be with yourself and like it. Do things alone. Treat yourself to a coffee or a meal. Explore the city including the gardens. Visit the exhibitions, fairs, museums.

2 Let go. With grace. If someone decides not to love you anymore there is nothing  you can do about it. Stop chasing.

3..Love yourself. Love your body. Treat it with respect. Treat yourself with respect. Sleep well, walk, drink plenty of water, excercise. Shed worry and fear.

4. Learn something new everyday. Teach something new to others. Try something you haven’t done before. Solo travel is one of them.

5.. Resist the temptation to respond immediately when hurt, provoked  or in anger. Never dignify an insult with a response.

6. Read more. Write more. Repeat.

7. Get your act together and forge ahead. You do not have a choice. There is no middle path nor one that will lead you back.

8. Life is too short to have toxic people around you. Get rid of them.

9. Stop being a hypochondriac. You don’t have all the diseases listed on the internet.

10. Remember how Leonardo DiCaprio taught Winslet to spit in the movie ‘Titanic? Just practice that when you are free so that you can use that skill when people judge you. (Thanks Farida for this valuable tip)

A new year, A new Me ..

When Michelangelo was asked how he carved the statue of David, he said:

“ I simply cut away everything that was not David.”

The new year start tomorrow ringing in more beauty, love and joy in every heart. Hope grows in manyfolds. Something does not change for those who are living under the cold ruthless winter sky, sleeping in rags on a dirty pavement, huddled together to keep as warm as possible. It is just another winter night they have to spend batteling the cold.

Night shelters are few and do not provide much relief. A country rooted in culture and tradition surging ahead to modernity and advancement is still tied to orthodox customs, a country where brides are burned for dowry, child marriages, stove, deaths, domestic violence, witch hunting are issues everyone wants to shove under the carpet.

Where a 14 year old budding tennis player Ruchika drinks poison and kills herself after losing all hopes for justice . She was molested by SPS Rathore who was the President of Haryana Lawn Tennis Association. After 14 years , the rapist still walks free and head held high.

The victim silenced, witnesses bought, statements changes.

Ruchika’s case is not just one but there are hundreds of such cases where rape victims die a silent death , or live a tormented humiliating life due to lack of support and delayed and denied justice.

When will women of India get the due respect and identity they deserve ?

Last year saw some good when the section 375 was abolishes and guy community finally got the recognition it truly deserved. One small step in the right direction. Finally. In a landmark ruling that could usher in an era of greater freedom for gay men and lesbians in India, New Delhi’s highest court decriminalized homosexuality.

India lost Maharani Gayatri Devi, Leela Naidu, Firoz Khan, Habib Tanvir to name a few while the world mourned for Michael Jackson’s untimely death.

I too lost a loved one, some one who took a part of me with him, a void that will never be filled. Well, that’s life. Sometimes death brings two souls closer than ever before.

Everyone is talking about their new year resolutions. I never make resolution but this year I decided to make one.

To let go

all that’s not me

all that’s negative

all that’s extra baggage

emotional, spiritual, physical and most of all mental.

I want to live in Now leaving behind past hurts, grievances, resentments, unhappy events. Letting go is something I never could do and this time I will give it my best. Unclinging is what I call it.

There are a lot of changes I need to make and when I see myself in the mirror I want to see a person not burdened with unnecessary worries and regrets.

It is time to take charge , to move ahead with positivity and self-confidence, to love myself like never before, and not let people to step on my toes all the time.

It has been one and half-year on wordpress and I have enjoyed every bit of my journey as a word weaver here. With more than 85,000 hits a few recognitions by BlogAdda.com, some published work, writing excercise etc life has been good.

I thank all my readers for their warmth, love and appreciation. With every criticism my writing gets polished so keep sending your suggestions, advice and comments. Each word is a precious jewel.

This is my last post on 2009 and I wish all my followers, friends, fellow bloggers , well wishers , a very Happy New Year. A lot of happy moments, love , joy and success.


One thing I would like to say, “The only way to predict the future is to create it.” ~P. F. Drucker so This new year do something different.

Be the change you want to see

Be honest to self and others


Spend a little time to say what you always wanted to for you may never get another chance

love and connect with those who love and care about you and not just with those whom you love.

Be a learner , open your heart to all the possibilities the universe has to offer

Plant a tree, keep the city clean, do a good deed each waking day

Do not waste, over spend and indulge for there are millions who have no roof on their head, no food, hardly any clothing

Educate a person especially a woman or a girl child .

Stand up against the wrong .. do not hesitate to be the first . Change is good, but it’s also unsettling and exhausting.

Be yourself coz you are worth it .. keep smiling , keep shining. Stay blessed.

love you all