Six Impromptu Poems

1. Ruins
Under the melancholy sky

drenched in blood,

the ecstasy of love and

the anguish of loneliness, bleed over

 the canyons of light and shadows

 rising from the huddled heaps of gray,

adding meaning to the mundane.

Dark narrow pathways, flights of stairs

 that led nowhere,

aging walls transfixed in pain, dimly alive,

with dusk settling in the cracks.

Looted, betrayed, traded.

 I lingered, unperceived

in the labyrinth of solitude

decayed by the weathering of time,

not knowing where to go,

where to go back to,

my weight of memories

heavier that those

orphaned blocks of stone.

The all-inclusive night,

like a great shadow,

descended on our mutual loneliness,

filling the gaps, the cracks,

filling the emptiness, the void,

painting everything in its own colour,

surpassing the idle details,

singing a requiem for the living.


2. Inception 

Mind a collage
of mismatched patterns,
a surreal universe
of fluidity and madness,
caught between the crossfire.
In the minds blur
one poem births another.


3. Empty Is Full

The deserted corridors aren’t empty,
they are full of
whatever you imagine
them to be full of.

In the quietness of silence
between white and dark shadows
like an ancient dream lingers
a phantasm
waiting to be discovered.


4. Shadow Light 

I am a shadow in the dark
a seeker looking for light
to bring back my identity


5. Melancholia 

At the threshold of summer
I stand
still imprisoned in the melancholy
of winter
An invisible poem
locked in prose


6. Us

Today I opened the folder

that has a picture of you and me

from that day

In that  moment

It had all made sense


that moment is over

The answer eludes me

the question is Why