That’s Life :(

Date :Dec 29th Time :6:30PM

A heart rendering shriek filled the evening air.I saw a Red Maruti 800 zip past me.The driver was a policeman.

And then I saw IT. A soft ball of white and brown spots covered with blood,lying in the middle of the road .The hind legs torn from the body and the entire back side crushed .

The speeding reckless driver did not even bother to stop and have a look at what he had hit and killed so mercilessly.

 Late spoty

Late spoty

Within a moment all the dogs from the lanes nearby gathered .The mother on the other side of the road along with the other puppies was too dazed to react .The siblings of the dead puppy cried non stop  and cuddled closer to their mother .

Slowly the mother realized the loss and started howling .It was a scene I will never forget .Many people were going towards the market but they just stood there as curious bystanders or just glanced and went ahead ,not bothered to take any action.

All this happened inside the colony gate where one is expected to drive slow.

My elder son, who too witnessed the scene ,went to tell the guard to at least remove the little pup from the middle of the busy road .On his insistence the gate keeper got some old cloth ,wrapped the pup and took him on to the side some where .

It was a sad moment . Sad not just because of the death of an innocent little animal but because the death was caused by an unfeeling , careless human being for whom maybe the pup’s life had no value .

I was traumatized by the hard reality of life .In a fraction of a second a beautiful life was brutally ended .

WE had spotted the litter some days back and played with them ,fed them at intervals .They were puppies of our local bitch and we knew who the father was because of the markings of the pups .A handsome dog who mostly guarded the main entrance to our block.They had brought so much life and joy to the neighborhood.

Just yesterday I had told Adi to remind me to take them to the vet camp being organised by the welfare association.

bundles of joy

bundles of joy

I decided to call for the animal care NGO to take the rest of the puppies before they too succumbed to some speeding vehicle.

What struck me hard was the attitude of the driver . How insensitive we are to our surroundings,to life and to death  .

We will miss little Spoty .May his little soul find joy in another world.