The Healer : Pranic Healing or Energy Healing

This is the second post of the series The Light , The Healer and The Muse

This post is about a very special woman who helped me heal in one of the worst time of my life. She is not just my healer but also a friend and my akka ( sister).
When I speak of heart light reaching out and souls connecting with each other I also mean that some people just get directed towards you by some common factor and a special relationship is built on mutual love, trust and respect.

I came to know about Padmini akka as I call her, through her mother. It is now almost three years since I have a beautiful bonding with her and her Energy Healing has made tremendous quality changes in my daily life.

I was on the verge of collapse due to some health problem and was extremely depressed due to it all. Nothing seemed to take away my hidden fears and life came to a complete stand still. I knew all those who loved me were trying patiently to cope with my outbursts and continuous aches, pains and emotional problems. It was a trying experience for everyone.

Then one day I was given her phone number by her mother who was visiting us from Chennai and without even knowing me personally Dr. Padmini started my distant energy healing along with my medication.

I have yet to see someone with such patience and love that she has for everyone who connects to her. As she listened to all my problems she began her healing for me. She also suggested some changes in life style, gave me the names of books I could read and incorporate the suggestions from them in my daily life and as we spoke I felt lighter. Something drained out of my body (which I later came to know as energy blocks).

She advised me to learn Pranic Healing and go for a session in my city but continued to heal me on regular basis. We would talk on phone for long hours and it changed my thinking, my way of living and slowly my depression also evaporated. The entire being was filled with positiveness and good health in no time.

I trusted her completely and knew that her efforts from such a long distance will eventually cure me. I began to feel better and better and slowly the meditation, yoga, healing and complete involvement with what I LOVED TO DO became my priority in life.

Today most of the credit to my work, my sanity and good health goes to her.

Pranic Healing opened a new door for me and practically gave a new life. There are no words to thank Akka for bringing the change in every aspect of me.

I am not writing this post just as a praise for her but also as a testimonial of a patient who got completely cured. I want that all those looking out for health solutions of any kind should contact her and experience what I did.

Many a times I call her for some ailment which bothers me like my Cervical Spondylosis or sluggish GI anything that I am not able to tackle on my own or with medicine and she immediately sends Healing and removes the energy blocks giving me instant relief.

I have learned and benefited from her Energy Healing and it has made my system stronger.

There is a kind of relaxed feeling that wraps me when the healing is being done. I t feels as if all the negativity from the affected area is flowing out of my body and the relief is immediate.

I would like to share one such healing incident with you all. Many a times our pains are generated psychologically and they manifest themselves as physical pains.. acute physical pains. We are unable to find any reason for them and need to be rid of them as soon as possible.

Similar thing happened to me during my trip to Corbett National Park. It was late evening and in the middle of jungle I had severe abdominal pain. I was restless and the rest of the group worried. It irritated me and there was no medication available. I tried against all odds to call Dr. Padmini and she like an angel picked up the phone and listened to me very patiently. It was late and am sure she must be having dinner or had guests at home coz I could hear voices but still she gave me Pranic healing and told me to take a pain killer and relax my tensed nerves.

The healing does not substitute medication ..

I did exactly what she told me and within minutes I was well. The pain just vanished and I was able to eat my dinner too.

As advised I continued the pain killer for one more day and we were able to stay on for two more days, when at that moment our bags were packed for leaving.

So you can see how effectively this complementary therapy of healing works.

I am not writing about the techniques used in Healing as such, one can find it all on Google or write to Dr. Padmini directly to know all about it.
The idea of writing this post is to make people across the globe aware of the benefits of energy healing and have a healthy society at all levels.

Dr. Padmini sharma is a practitioner of Pranic Healing or energy healing – a complementary therapy, using prana or energy to heal the body and mind. She uses Pranic Healing to complement medical interventions in all kind of health challenges and also in improving quality of life. She conducts workshops and training programs in Pranic Healing meditation and stress management.

Here is a link to her LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Padmini Sharma

you can also contact her on the given email ID

Dr. padmini sharma

Pranic Healing Does Not take the place of medical attention and acts ONLY as supplement / complement to what ever mainstream methods that are currently available.

Please feel free to contact her for any guidance. Discover good can leave comments which I will forward to her but direct communication is better. Do pass the blog link to all friends if you believe in Energy Healing and get benefited.

Agony and Ecstacy

It was the night of Pain. It came slowly and gently. Caressing the entire body, making it numb, overpowering it. I was aware of it’s coming. I was conscious of the pain. I accepted it and slowly gathered my positive healing energies to befriend it.

I allowed the natural forces to heal my body. My senses were alert, I became the pain for that moment. The physical pain is part of life but it is the psychological pain that needs to be tackled.It needs to be dissolved. When my mind took over the physical pain it turned it into the psychological pain and created a problem. Thinking about it always does. Reality never is a problem but the ideas that come with it are the real source of problem. If you are able to dissolve that pain you start living in that moment.

Psychological pain is a thing of past as the mind exist only in the past or future, reality exists in the present.

Osho says

“The mind and body are closely related and not antagonistic towards each other as other religions depict them. They tell you to deprive the body of its needs by fasting and torture it to enrich the soul. Osho says exactly the opposite. Love your body, talk to it, share your problems with it and it will respond.”

So I talked with my body and asked it and myself if I was holding up any grudge, any tension or any suppressed emotion. Consciously I started to dissolve it but I needed professional help. My Akka is a pranic healer and has done many distant healing sessions for me.

I called her and explained . The pain, the heat ,the drained out feeling everything. She advised me to have a spoonful of onion juice to cure the inner heat and relax. Slowly the pain started to melt away.

How did it happen? What is pranic healing?

I need to do a write up on this soon. It has helped me in past too, in conditions of extreme discomfort and pain. I found that it brought immediate relief to me.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. It also invloves the manipulation of ki and bioplasmic matter of the subject’s body.

It not only makes you­ aware of the aura aro­und the­ huma­n body -­ t­he ­’chakras’­ (energy centers) and their effects o­n our health, but also teaches us how to feel or scan the­ aura and determine which parts of the chakras may be affected. By learning about energy, we become more conscious about its ubiquitous presence.

I learned that by focusing on a specific area, or specific illness I was able to reduces it’s symptoms. Having faith in the healer and her therapy helped me concentrate and release the discomfort. Guess it is time to learn the art.

I have been doing healing myself but do not know what to call it. I have seen my son’s temperature go down, even distant healing had proved very beneficial but one needs to learn the correct method and maybe if my mind and body are receptive to the healing energies around me, I should learn to use them for friends and family.

Awareness, acceptance and loving oneself is the key to good health.
So the pain subsided and i found the reason. Maybe I was stressed and fatigued emotionally, mentally and physically and the more I though about it the more I suffered.

Time 10 o’clock in the morning.

The board results are finally out and Adi has done wonderfully as expected by him. The best gift to him is that the friend whom he was teaching and who had no chance of even clearing the boards got 62%. It made both the kids so proud of their hard work. I saw the happy smiling faces and said a little prayer.

It is a good thing to be humble and helpful. Adi has these qualities and it makes me feel good as a parent.

The party is due now for all the friends and Sunday seems a good day for it.

Here’s wishing them luck for the future.

Rock on guys !!!

The agony turned into ecstasy and the body in a state of lovingness, healed itself completely.

Life is beautiful once again and it is because I am beautiful within..

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