Thursday Photo Challange

The Forbidden Fruit

The theme  for Thursday Photo Challenge is creativity and I could not resist posting this lovely work by my son.

This beautiful painting was created in Adobe Photoshop CS 4 using the simple soft brush and some basic filters.  You can see all his work on his site  Dark Star , the paintings are for sale if anyone want to use and are copyright protected. You can contact him at

Please encourage the boy and leave your suggestions . They are valuable and will be appreciated .

Kite : Short Verse

paper kite

the wind

the flutter

-the sound

– the sound

the turmoil

-the urge

– the urge

the struggle

to snap

to break free

I thought of creating word pictures.. visual poetry … but then thought why not compose a little verse and create a picture for it.

Just wanted to  do something different. Been long since I tried my hand on photo shop , colors etc. Will be posting some of my digital work now. Hope it will be appreciated .


First Steps in Photoshop- Some Digital Art

I have been wary of words and not able to write anything worthwhile for sometime. The absence of my muse or maybe a writer’s block, I don’t know what.

Sometime my body refuses to respond to my spirit and lack of energy takes a toll on my creativity. I have been a little disconnected with myself and slowly trying to get back to what I am. Trying to discover new paths , new dimensions, new openings for my soul.

Adi, my elder one, suggested I learn Photo Shop and as he is doing animation and visual graphics , I decided to give it a try. I love colors and it’s been ages since I flirted with paints and crayons or even sketched.

The world of digital art is amazing and as I explore the hidden treasures of PS and its boundless possibilities I feel happy I took those baby steps in this direction. It is a new experience for me and I would surely want to master this art.

Sharing with you some of the work I have done so far. My FB friends may have seen these pictures in my album but still posting all of my work here.

Some day I hope I will be able to merge the colors of my creativity and my life and create a whole new wonder for myself till then I am just a student..