Wordless Wednesday – 337


It’s snowing in sizzling Delhi :D

The killer heat wave that has hit most parts of India especially North India. The soaring temperatures have taken a  high toll on birds and animals alike.

In the past few days the max temperature went up to 44.7 degree celsius and minimum to 30 degree celsius , a record high for the month of April in last 52 years.

In the midst of all the dry heat, strong hot winds , scorching sun, sweat and grim, nature has its own ways to clam the tired eyes. The beautiful Gulmohar trees and the Silk cotton trees are such a joy to watch.

The silk cotton tree which was in full bloom some days back is now taking another avatar . The slight breeze sways the branches and  the entire area is flooded with wispy silk cotton .They float leisurely like snowflakes and settle on everything. A wonderful sight and a joy for kids who collect the little bundles of joy.

The cotton-like kapok is exposed when the fruits burst open while still on the tree. Because the fiber is short, elastic and brittle, it cannot be spun like cotton but  is used in various ways in upholstery and in making floss. Its light and water-repellent properties make it suitable for use in life preservers and as stuffing and insulation.

For me just to see the white carpet of soft fluffy balls covering half the garden floor is divine.

Take a look at these lovely pix.

Insectifest : Stunning visitors at my home

The heat wave is killing, the temperature is rising every day and strong hot dusty winds blow mercilessly  all day ..That’s Delhi for you and  it is just the beginning of the summer season. I am missing the April Showers but then with every change in climate something beautiful comes out.

Yesterday while working on some matter for my post I realized that I have company . A beautiful insect I had never seen before. Stunning colors and amazingly swift. I had no time to take out my camera and the handy one was the Sony Cybershot.

Here are some pix I managed to take. I wish someone would tell me the name of this remakable beauty.

The insect was so quick that it flew off while clicking the pix. After an hour or so yet another found its way in the glass kept near the bed and got confused as it could not find the way out. Quickly we took some pix and then it fell on the floor and vanished somewhere.

Do tell me the names if you know. There are some more and I will post the pix as I catch them .

First Steps in Photoshop- Some Digital Art

I have been wary of words and not able to write anything worthwhile for sometime. The absence of my muse or maybe a writer’s block, I don’t know what.

Sometime my body refuses to respond to my spirit and lack of energy takes a toll on my creativity. I have been a little disconnected with myself and slowly trying to get back to what I am. Trying to discover new paths , new dimensions, new openings for my soul.

Adi, my elder one, suggested I learn Photo Shop and as he is doing animation and visual graphics , I decided to give it a try. I love colors and it’s been ages since I flirted with paints and crayons or even sketched.

The world of digital art is amazing and as I explore the hidden treasures of PS and its boundless possibilities I feel happy I took those baby steps in this direction. It is a new experience for me and I would surely want to master this art.

Sharing with you some of the work I have done so far. My FB friends may have seen these pictures in my album but still posting all of my work here.

Some day I hope I will be able to merge the colors of my creativity and my life and create a whole new wonder for myself till then I am just a student..