A poem for Aman Ki Asha, Indo-Pak Peace Initiative

Gulzar Saheb writes

Aankhon ko visa nahi lagtaa
Sapno ki sarhad hoti nahin
Band aankhon se roz main sarhad paar chalaa jaata hun milne
‘Mehadi Hasan’ se!

My translation

you do not need visa for the eyes

there are no borders for the dreams

with closed eyes

everyday I cross the border

to meet Mehndi Hassan saheb

another one

nazar mein rehtey ho jab tum nazar nahin aatey
Yeh sur bulaatey hain jab tum idhar nahin aatey
In lakeeron ko zameen hi pe rehne do dilon pe mat utaro

My translation

even when you are in front of my eyes

you are not seen

when these notes call you do not come here

let these lines be on the surface of earth

don’t let them divide hearts

These excerpts are from the  poems which are part of Aman ki Asha, Indo-Pak peace initiative

After reading them something stirred inside me and  some words began to take shape in my heart.

For me Borders only exist as lines on some maps. I believe in One World and feel that we can make this planet a better place to live if we treat each other as humans and not Hindu, Muslim Christians or Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis. The barbed fence that  has bruised the heart of the land can never divide the hearts .Our heartstrings will remain attached forever.

Here is my contribution to the great cause .

Dhak dhak dhadkta hai  dil uska bhi
Ragon mein surkh laal khoon daudta hai uski
Aankhon mein baste hain uski bhi hazaron sapne
Roz raat chhat par wo bhi sitaare gina karti hai
Aur subah sawere mongare ke bikhre phoolon ko
Mala mein piroti hai
Jab wo hansti hai khil uthta hai aangan mera
Jab roti hai to sarabor ho jaati hain
Mere gaon ki galiyan

Sanjh dhale wo bhi apni ammi ka aanchal thame

chajje se door tak phaile

sarson ke peeele phoolon ke pare
Tak-taki lagae dekhti hai
Aayine mein wo meri surat dekhti hai
Main use dekh muskarati hun
Kuch zyaada fark nahi hai hum dono mein
wo maathe pe mandir ka tika nahi lagati
Aur main
akshar bayein se dayein likhti hun
Sarhad ke uss paar
Meri ek saheli rehti hai

English traslation

Dhak Dhak beats her heart too

deep red blood flows in her veins too

a thousand dreams live in her eyes too

every night she too counts the stars

on the terrace of her home

and in the early morning

gathers the Mongra flowers

to weave them into a garland

when she laughs it fill my courtyard

when she cries the roads of  my village

get drenched

when evening falls she too holds her ammi’s shawl

she stands in the balcony with her mother

watching endlessly across the long stretch

of yellow mustard flowers

in the mirror she my face

an I smile at looking at her

there isn’t much difference between us

she does not apply the temple vermillion on her forehead

and I

write the alphabets from left to right

across the border

my friend lives

Peace: The world waits for thee

I stand and watch
the tranquility and the splendor
of peacefulness in the nature
and in the entire universe
I listen closely to the sweet melodies
sung by the silence of the night
calm mornings and serene evenings
every thing from a blade of grass
to the stars that shine above
all live in peaceful coexistence
love and compassion
but somewhere a lonely child
weeps and mourns
afraid, wounded, tucked away
under a tiny shed
and in her lap lies
the blood soaked body of her dad
The war continues
flashes of fire and cries of death
shatter the serenity of the earth
another gunshot resounds
and then complete silence prevails
she trembles with fear
And stares listlessly
at the night sky
somewhere across the world
another child mourns
hungry, devastated, lonesome
the mother watches
as yet another closes his eyes
and transients into eternal sleep
a maelstrom inside her
resounds in the stillness
their heartstrings join
in prayers for peace
a million starlit dreams
of hope and faith
illuminate the dark night of terror
The universe watches
Will the prayers be heard
and peace return
to calm our inner and
heal the world?

The poem got published in the STEP newsletter to read the newsletter download the pdf file
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