Morning Visitors : Gorgeous Parakeets

The morning sun brought  a bunch of lovely visitors to my balcony . I was sitting there enjoying the cool breeze when I noticed their presence . First just one and then  the entire group of friends.

The parakeets near my home are very comfortable with human presence and enjoy the photo shoot. I devised a way to attract a few more birds apart from the pigeons by putting Bajra  and a mix of stale nuts, fruits and leftover roti  , bread pieces .

A friendly call from the happy visitors invited many more . Now the party actually started.

I had no time to go for the camera so kept clicking with my mobile.

Suddenly a new visitor arrived . A Bulbul. It sat watching with tempting eyes  but could not join the happy chirpy gang.

The parakeets decided to give it  a share of their bounty and moved on to the nearest wire . Ready for a comeback and I got a chance to run and get the camera .

Then they decended again . The enitre group and to my amazement  kept eating and enjoying the cool weather along with me .. None of them moved even as I approched near to them.

I wanted to captured them in all their moods .

These two were intrigued by my presence and relised that they need to pose for the camera 🙂

Then the  unfriendly crow came to inspect what was the noise all about and what was being served. I was delighted to see my favorite bird but before I could click a picture it flew and disappeared in the thick foliage . 😦

I hope tomorrow brings more visitors  especially those tiny ones who kept waiting for a chance to eat the morning buffets but could not .