Four Assorted Short Poems


let’s hold hands and lie still on moist green grass

and watch the eagle fly in the clear blue sky

let’s chase the butterflies among the wild daisies

caressed by the soft breeze

let’s catch the edge of a rose tinted cloud

and float on the moon beams upon the waves.

Today let’s just lose ourselves.


the splintered day  ends

now the night will come dressed in shreds

tugging  its  blanket of stars

and on its frayed ends

a pale and lonely moon


people see my life

as an exquisitely embroidered shawl

they see the rich hues and  arabesques

of the outer layer

admire the  intricately woven patterns

on its smooth silken surface

but it is I who  feels alone

the inconvenient knots and tangled threads

of inner side


passionate verses

seductively sway

on  moonlit walls

artistic masterpieces

with every stroke

they merge and flow

rise and fall

a rhythmic ritual




 our shadows on fire

the blazing dreams of desire

Poem : Fallen Leaves



Once green and pulsating with life
kissed by the morning sunshine
and bathed in the misty dew
dry brittle leaves
silently fall to the ground
passing winds stir, sift and swirl them
into open grounds, forgotten vacant lots
green pastures and cobbled streets

They quiver,
and fall silently
footsteps pestle them to dust
but these little waifs
never question their fate

Carried by the swift currents
they meet whirlpools and rocky shores,
rapids and precipices
only to disappear forever
culminating their journey of life

Such is the fate of man
riding on the winds of time
carried by the river of life
he too slowly vanishes
into the realms of unknown