WAYFARING copies are here ! ; ORR Interview And Poetry At LBP

A lot is happening at the same time. Delhi is shrouded in toxic smog but our shopping  has started in full swing for the upcoming wedding of my son. I hate shopping. ;( It drains me out physically and mentally but this time I am excited so enjoying the researching and hanging out with my boys for some time even though it is walking miles and miles in the midst of shopaholics.

This is the sight that brings relief to tired burning eyes.

Did I share the photograph of the couple? They make a lovely pair. Perhaps you can say a little prayers for them and send your blessings as they embark on a new journey. Can’t wait for these two to get married. 


Perfect 10 / SnigdhAditya


To add to the good tidings my new poetry book Wayfaring is here. Not very many copies. I have earmarked a few for friends and guides. Rest of you can buy it from amazon or any online book seller worldwide. Do let me know if you pick up a copy. Write a short review, post a reader’s selfie. Show your love any way you wish. I am looking forward eagerly.

Here is what joy looks like

I shared a teaser video earlier and here is another fantastic video of my poetic journey with Leaky Boot Press. The video is created by my Publisher friend James Goddard.


It can get hard sometime but when you are approached for an interview by Kulpreet Yadav, India’s best selling thriller writer, friend and editor of a fabulous lit mag Open Road Review, life gets a new high Check out his Andy Karan series and new Vicks Menon thriller Murder In Paharganj on all major book sites. ORR earlier gave space for my poetry. It is a magazine I am proud to be associated with as a contributor.

Except from the interview:

“Kulpreet – As a poet do you have a long-term goal? Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Me – “For a writer, it is very important to develop their sense of their literary journey. To evolve and grow as a human being and as a writer is the only goal I have. I don’t think about future. Let’s see what the universe unfolds as we go along. As a writer, I just want to enjoy the process.” “

Here’s the link to the full  interview 

When there is so much goodness around one needs to celebrate with some sinful chocolate mud cake from my favorite Cafe Delhi Heights. Give it a try if you’re in Delhi.

Keep watching this space for more updates on the book or check out the book page at the top menu of the blog.


Launch of ‘Melange’ and Other Exciting Things

There are phases in a writer’s life when one side of the paper is white and the other silent. Since sometime I was struggling with my writing not because of lack of ideas but due to a kind of disillusionment with myself, with what I wrote. Words seemed fake so did the effort to put across something that did not agree with my heart.

I have mentors and friends who have seen my mood swings and low phases, the struggle and drawbacks and they have always manage to spark that dying amber in me.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ~albert schweitzer

In the midst of all the upheaval imagined or otherwise three news lit up my life like nothing else.


Launch of ‘Melange – a potpourri of thoughts‘  an anthology of poems by Poets Corner group. I have a poem in this wonderful collection along with illustrious poets/ writers like Vikram Seth and Shekhar Kapoor. The book also has some exceptional poems by some very talented poets, mostly members of poet corner.

It was the first time I came out of the closet to step out and attend such a fine gathering of poets and what a delightful evening it was.

It was a blessing to listen to some of the emminent poets like Padma Shri Smt. Padma Sachdev – Sahitya Akademi Awardee (1971), Padma Shri Dr. Sunita Jain – Poet and Academician, IIT-Delhi, Dr. (Mrs.) Kusum Ansal – eminent poet and entrepreneur, Ms. Loveleen Thadani – AAFT Academy Award recipient, documentary film maker, theatre producer and poet, Pratap Somvanshi -poet and senior resident editor, Dainik Hindustan, Neelima Wig – an eminent poet, courseware contributor at Oxford University. Loved poet Tina Gulzar’s heart wrenching poem ‘Jigar’. It was exciting to see Hindi and Urdu poetry being recognised. Dr. Sachdev’s poems in Dogri and Hindi were music to the ears. I wish someone had recorded the readings.

An evening of meeting old friends and new, of a nice dinner afterwards with my besties ( I missed my younger one) and achieving one more milestone of once more seeing my name in print.

(Check out all the photographs of the launch and other announcements on Poets Corner FB page.)


I had submitted my poems to Open Road Review some weeks back and was eagerly and impatiently waiting for the announcement from them. Yesterday I got the news that one of my poems is part of the current issue of ORR. Everytime my work is appreciated it fills me with a new confidence to work hard and share my writings. It is a never-ending journey of my student heart. You can read the poem here. Do explore the works of other writers too.


While filling the void created by the lack of inspiration I indulged in the next best thing – cooking. I am a complete food lover and though not a food blogger I love to share my recipes. So, that’s what I did and was pleasantly surprised when Baggout picked up one of the recipes to feature in their Top 15 Food and Drink posts from July. 

Life gives to you in more than one ways if you are receptive. Sometimes we think we aren’t open to its abundance but we are, always.

All these little things are a constant reminder that nothing dies, it just takes another form.

Heartfelt gratitude to Dolly Singh and Poets Corner, Kulpreet Yadav & the editorial team of Open Road Review and baggout team for recognising my work.