Sard siyah Raaten – A New Poem

shahr e gum se pare

ek ujda purana benur mandir

deewaron par barish ke  banaye nakqhe

aur yaden jo jagah jagah

qayi banker hari ho aayi hain

ek pehchani si khamoshi aur

kisi ke bhujte aalav se uthta  dhuaan

pedon ke jhurmutho pe gehrate saye

aur phigalte kajal si siyah raat ka kona pakde

badlon ke beech se guzarta hua

chand ka ek tukda

pehle bhi yuhin aaya karte the hum yahan

tab ye mandir aabad tha

gudgudati huyi sardi ki dhoop me

hum yuhin pedon tale khwaab buna karte the

purane bargad ki jataon ki tarah

wo bhi ulajh kar reh gaye hain

tumhe bhi to yaad honge wo pal

jab narm doob ke bichone par

seep si sard raaton me

jism ki lau taapa karte the hum

tere jane se kuch nahi badla

raat bhi aayi hai aur chaand bhi

aaj bhi us tapish ka dushala odhe

is benur mandir ke aangan me

yunhi jalta hain jism

aagosh me teri yadon ko liye

Sahar hone tak

tuhin chun chun ke

syahi se lipte sitare

ban jati hai har raat ik nazm


शहर -ए -ग़म से परे
एक उजड़ा पुराना बेनूर मंदिर
दीवारों पे बारिश के बनाये नक़्शे
और यादें जो जगह जगह
कायी बनकर हरी हो आईं हैं ‘
एक पहचानी सी ख़ामोशी और
किसी के बुझते आलाव से उठता धुआँ
पेड़ों के झुरमुठों पे गहराते साये
और पिघलते काजल सी रात का कोना थामे
बादलों के बीच से गुज़रता हुआ चाँद का
एक टुकड़ा
पहले भी युहीं आया करते थे हम यहाँ
तब ये मंदिर आबाद था
सर्दी की गुदगुदाती हुयी धुप में
हम युहीं पेड़ों तले ख्वाब बुना करते थे
पुराने बरगद की जटाओं के तरह
वो भी उलझ कर रह गए हैं
तुम्हें भी याद होंगे वो पल
जब नरम धुप के बिछोने पर
सीप सी सर्द रातों में
जिस्म की लौ तापा करते थे हम
तेरे जाने से कुछ नहीं बदला
रात भी आयी है और चाँद भी
आज भी उस तपिश का दुशाला ओढ़े
इस बेनूर मंदिर के आँगन में
आगोश में तेरी यादों को लिए
युहीं जलता है जिस्म
सहर होने तक
और चुन चुन के स्याही से लिपटे सितारे
बन जाती हैं हर रात इक नयी नज़्म



The Spirit Of The Night

The spirit of the night swept across

The marbled floor of the sky.

Her scintillating black robe,

Studded with sparkling zephyrs.

The unclouded moon brilliantly shone,

like a tiara on the bride’s cascading hair.

Graceful, radiant and burning with desire.

Aroused by her lover’s call.

Casting a spell on everything she passed,

making her majestic presence felt.

The handsome sun stood draped in his glory,

waiting in breathless impatience.

For the love of his life to come,

And merge in nuptial bliss.

Two young lovers, mesmerized by the

intoxicating revelation,

Lay intertwined the wild vines about the tree,

their lips locked in fiery kiss.

Their hearts beating as one, a moment held in time

Unrestrained, ecstatic, intense.

A wanderer I met Last Night

yesterday's moon

Where have you come from O wandering moon

Is it from the land of sand dunes and oceans

Did you glide past his window

and see if he was longing for me ?

O luminous messenger of love

Do you have any message , some news

from my beloved?

Did he cup your face  between his fingers

and whispered sweet nothings for me

Or was he indifferent and veiled  his heart

and turn his face away

shutting you out

from his reclusive world?

silently I watch you move behind

the sad and lonesome leafless tree

trying to hide

your tear streaked face

Oh ! do not grieve for there shall be

a happy ending for you and me

in some other time and space

Go lonely wanderer

do not linger

shed your

ink black robe

and the gloomy Grey clouds

that hang around you

The sun awaits

in its Infinite Incandescence

illuminating the entire universe

and like me my friend

wait for the miracle to happen

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Day 15 of Poetry challenge:”Have you watched the night sky?”

April PAD Challenge:Day15

For today’s prompt, I want you to take the title of a poem you especially like (by another poet) and change it. Then, with this new altered title, I want you to write a poem. An example would be to take William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow” and change it to “The Red Volkswagon.” Or take Frank O’Hara’s “Why I Am Not a Painter” and change it to “Why I Am Not a Penguin.” You get the idea, right? (Note: Your altered poem does NOT have to follow the same style as the original poet, though you can try if you wish.)

Sorry for late submission. The body could not keep pace with the mind and the heart ached to write.

( original title “Have you watched the fairies?” by Rose Fyleman from In poem town)


“Have you watched the night sky?

“Have you watched the night sky?
Where the queen of darkness sashays
Her garment studded with
Unutterably bright vernal zephyrs
The dreamy calm as the moonlight
Gently cascades down
The full orb moon
Glides gently
Chaperoned by misty muslin clouds?”
“Have you watched the night sky?
As it mysteriously wraps the earth,
Silently casting its spell over
Verdant valleys, rolling hills
And silvery oceans
Spellbound, the earth watches
The drama unfold, and listens
In hushed whispers
Thousands of sagas untold
In awe I watch the night sky
Remembering what you said one night
“Las estrellas
Me requerdan de ti y
La luna de tus ojos”
Warmed by the thought
That you somewhere are watching too

(Image courtesy Internet)