Travel Poem – Memory 2

This poem was first published in Cafe Dissensus blog as part of two travel memories.


the stone steps lead to a clearing

on the slope of the mountain
but today I’m taking a trail into the unknown,
I listen to the shifting silences of the trees,
the leaves spiral down and dance
to an imaginary music along the pathway,
they cling to my worn sneakers,
my gaze follows two pairs of wings
chasing each other in the clear blue sky
as I shift the weight of the backpack
onto the other shoulder, I pause
between Cedars and Oaks
taking in the shifting rhythms of the landscape,
the path gently passes through the forest, then dips,
the sound of falling water only makes the silence apparent,
here,  there is no such thing as time,
I inhale the hot fragrance of the day
and share my breath with you,
in your mind I may be only a memory,
in my mind, you are a pause between my thoughts


Tree Whispers


Their branches downward bent

wave a kiss and gently caress

and  their shade

fills  the aching  hearts


Can you hear them?

the whispers of the trees

What are they telling  you?


Shh….  listen

tune your ears

to their subtle songs


Reach for the sky they say

but at all times

remember to stay

rooted to the ground








The Spirit Of The Night

The spirit of the night swept across

The marbled floor of the sky.

Her scintillating black robe,

Studded with sparkling zephyrs.

The unclouded moon brilliantly shone,

like a tiara on the bride’s cascading hair.

Graceful, radiant and burning with desire.

Aroused by her lover’s call.

Casting a spell on everything she passed,

making her majestic presence felt.

The handsome sun stood draped in his glory,

waiting in breathless impatience.

For the love of his life to come,

And merge in nuptial bliss.

Two young lovers, mesmerized by the

intoxicating revelation,

Lay intertwined the wild vines about the tree,

their lips locked in fiery kiss.

Their hearts beating as one, a moment held in time

Unrestrained, ecstatic, intense.

Cinquain :River

Cinquain form of poetry writing consist of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines.

Cinquains are short, unrhymed poems arranged in a special way.

Line 1: One general one-word subject.
Line 2: Two vivid adjectives describing the subject.
Line 3: Three interesting action verbs that compliment the topic.
Line 4: Four-word phrase that captures feeling about the topic.
Line 5: A very specific term that explains Line 1.

My Cinquain:



gurgling, gushing, meandering

vital tumult of life


Addition Poem: Birds

An addition poem is an informal form of poetry based upon addition.Here is my first attempt. Hope you will like it.


Delicate, beautiful

Free tenants of

Air, water and land

Of all shapes and sizes

Perched on branches, swimming, diving, flying

Birds, watchful, agile scavengers or melodious songsters

Winged delights, sparrows, robins, larks, eagles and kites

Swans, pelicans, herons and ducks, jewels of waters alright

Happy feet penguins, ostriches, radiant peacocks, hens, pheasants, land’s pride

No discord, perfect harmony in the birds’ world you will find

A wanderer I met Last Night

yesterday's moon

Where have you come from O wandering moon

Is it from the land of sand dunes and oceans

Did you glide past his window

and see if he was longing for me ?

O luminous messenger of love

Do you have any message , some news

from my beloved?

Did he cup your face  between his fingers

and whispered sweet nothings for me

Or was he indifferent and veiled  his heart

and turn his face away

shutting you out

from his reclusive world?

silently I watch you move behind

the sad and lonesome leafless tree

trying to hide

your tear streaked face

Oh ! do not grieve for there shall be

a happy ending for you and me

in some other time and space

Go lonely wanderer

do not linger

shed your

ink black robe

and the gloomy Grey clouds

that hang around you

The sun awaits

in its Infinite Incandescence

illuminating the entire universe

and like me my friend

wait for the miracle to happen

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Mango Dreams : A Poem

Lusty boughs

thick with blossoms

creamy-white profusions

sweeter than perfume

wildly intoxicating…

spring to life.

The Koel sings

somewhere from deep within

green parrots nestle

for close comfort.

Lazily I catch the

glimpses of drifting clouds

and blue sky

the sunlight filters through

the tender green

and makes a pattern of my face.

My hammock sways in tune

with the dancing branches

Mango dreams fill my heart

reminders of childhood joys

the swings, the luscious fruits

licking the dripping juice

flowing along the tiny bare arms.

Climbing and hiding

in the thick foliage

dozing cuddled together

with books upturned on bellies.

And then the days of youth

lying in each others arms

watching the bees gather the nectar

wondering what is more seductive

your love or the mild fragrance drifting

in the air around.

Today again, I sit under your shade

waiting in anticipation of a call

from a love who is far away

I close my eyes and wander down

the memory lane of mango dreams.

Pregnant with the hope of things to be

Your loveliness O mango blossoms

is too much

for this summer evening.