From Darkness to Dawn : Let’s fill their lives with colors

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A visually impaired person’s  life is full of darkness devoid of light and colors. It’s not even black and white .

The statistics are devastating.

Of the 45 million people worldwide who are blind, around 1.4 million are children under 16. The majority of childhood blindness happens before the age of five – a period when 75 per cent of learning is through sight. Childhood blindness in India is around 2 million and only 2% receive education. They never enjoy the simple pleasure of  discovering the colorful world of pictures .  Something that touched our hearts when our children were little.

When we talk of dreams in Technicolor, of nature’s enchanting hues that take our breath away, of filling colors in everything B&W and of taking a flight with colors Do we EVER think of these children of the lesser God for whom the basic B&W also does not exist? 

Corneal blindness is one of the most common causes of blindness in India. India shoulders the largest burden of global blindness, about 3.5 million across the country with 30000 new cases being added each year. To combat this 30,000 corneas are needed every year and hardly 150,000 are received.

There is a dire need for eye donation to bring color into the lives of these people  who can not see , to lead them from darkness to dawn.

Unfortunately India is home to world’s largest number of blind people, approximately 15 million . If the trend continues the magnitude of blindness will increase  from 15 million to 18 million and more by the year 2020. Are we going to give rise to a colorless world , are we going to turn a blind eye to this very pressing situation?

In many lives the colors dissolve to darkness due to some illness or accident. They have seen the wine spilled skies and emerald waters , they have let their imagination take flight with a box a crayons or played Holi with every shade of red, blue and green and yet they live in perpetual colorless existence just because the gift of sight is so rare.

“We go about the world taking things for granted. Things that we are able to see. Colors . No one thinks what if they wake up one day and there is no sunrise . We blindly go through life as a routine until the darkness envelops us  and then life has no color but BLACK ” said a blind friend.

It is traumatic to go from millions of colors and sights each day to pitch black.  Let us fill their lives with colors again. 

I am a proud eye donor .

I have pledged to bring color and light  into at least two lives, Have you ?  

All Stats from WHO reports

Have You Pledged Your Eyes ? Give Someone A Gift Of Sight

I am a proud eye donor . Are you?

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India has an estimated  15 million blind people out of these 4.6 million people have corneal blindness that is curable through corneal transplantation made possible by eye donation.

If the present trend continues, it is expected that the number of corneal blind people in India will increase to 8.4 million in 2010 and 10.6 million by 2020. Of these at least 3 million can be benefited by corneal transplantation. Thus, to effectively meet the ever-growing demand, we need around 150,000 corneal transplants to be performed every year. However, the current supply is only 22000 corneas per year.

The link below gives all the information you need to know about eye donation .

National Eye Bank ]

I pledged to donate my eyes long back and now my kids are ready to pledge theirs. I request my readers to come forward and  go to the nearest eye-bank or sign a pledge online to give a gift of sight to someone. Think about it… two people will be able to see the beautiful world once again with your eyes.

Make your children , your family aware of the noble cause so that they can fulfill your wish after your death. Always Carry your eye donor card with you. Start a movement . Take that first step .