Winter Micro Poems

What Is

my words
suspended Icicles
at the edge of your
-tears of snow

#micropoem #icicle #winter


your words
sharp gleaming daggers
piercing the soft flesh
killing instantly

#icicles #micropoem #winter

What could be –

our love
electric and lyrical
icicle melting
on tongue

#winterlove #micropoem

Poemas Cortos – Micro Poems

I held the sun between my fingers
– your face
crimson with love


early morning drizzle
all the words
you never say



I wrap your silence around me


that’s the only way

to be close to you


thoughts get frozen
in time and space
memories come
like blizzard of snow
bleeding heart leaves
a trail of hurt


some questions

burn like embers

should I seek the answers

or just let them be?


your love
teasingly obscure
delicate, ethereal dream
untouchable and
beyond reach

just that


A friend’s response on the above . Sharing because it is worth it. 

Your glance fleeting,
Your presence lingering.
Your thoughts addicting,
The desire for you



shadow of the moon
staring hungrily
ravenously longingly
rich night sky
its hues and
changing patterns
remind me
of our love


when I strip away the darkness

all that remains is



come to me my beloved

brew me a cup

for the winter’s night

spice it with love

and stir it with passion


O, dark muse of the night
seduce me with sultry dreams

for I am still

at the edge of desire

O, longing heart

should I succumb


fold the night

and tuck it away?


Silence and Words – Poemas Cortos

your silence
cold, razor-sharp
my words
a shredded tapestry


your silence 

moves in the spaces

between my words

adding meaning to them


your silence 

an eternity 

between my two words

Yes or  NO


your silence 

a cacophony of 

choking practicalities

my words 

silence of 

untamed fantasies 









Words – Silence : Short Poems

cookie crumble
winds of change
scattered them
and now
all I have is
a quiet ache
a solitary pain
a handful of emptiness


laid to rest
tied in neat bundles
darkness a ribbon


you stripped me off my word garment
unraveled it quietly
pulled a good seam i guess
took the braid of thread
and walked away
there wasn’t a single knot
a perfect weave of silence and words
but how would You know 


your silence – my words
longing to touch
twirl the unseen thread of distance
around your nimble fingers
bring them close
let them merge

on your lips or mine


Ever dealt with naked silence

it works best from a distance

somethings are better when under wraps