Photo Theme For Thursday

I missed some of the past Thursday Challenges. Too much happening with the unruly heart and devious mind for me to concentrate on writing and blogging.

The theme this time is “TREES” (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,…)

To me trees are Earth’s endless efforts to converse to the heavens above. I can spend hours watching them silently . They convey a very special message to us.

Reach for the sky but stay rooted to the ground.

Can’t resist sharing this link to my previous post on trees Have you ever questioned life from the eyes of a leafless tree

Two days back the winter rain returned and the trees stood in complete surrender to the thunderstorm.

Ones the clouds passed and the wet sun emerged  it created a magical picture .

A new life is unfolding in the pot.. Soon the branches will shed the leaves and beautiful crimson, white and orange Bonneville flowers will fill the small plants. Something gives way for something more beautiful to emerge .That’s the law of nature. There is beauty in life and in death. Look at the leafless trees. They bare it all to the universe. No masks , nothing to hide.

And the leaves hang waiting to leave the branches and drift with the breeze . No path , no direction just  pure bliss of freedom .

Poetry written in twigs .

Wait, Stop ,Watch the beauty around you. It makes you value life in more than one way .

Have you ever questioned life from the eyes of a leafless tree?

(In winter) there is time to note the beauty of leafless trees, and the lovely handwriting of their twigs against the sky.” L. B. Wilder, 1937

The tree of life

Leafless trees opening their arms to the skies above under the lucid moonbeams on a full moon night or silhouetted against the setting sun.There is something about these beautiful images that hold me captive and I always ask

Have you ever questioned life from the eyes of a leafless tree?

I sometimes feel that leaves take away the beauty of the trees. All trees have a story to tell if we see them closely. The knots, the twisted branches, the empty nests and the ones with birds still in them, they have some magic, something spooky about them. I always felt drawn to the naked beauties of trees. As  a child I used to imagine shapes in the entangled branches and loved to create my own stories about each one of them.

Standing in solitude, they can signify anything from love lost to struggle and a new beginning. To me each tree is a poetry written against the sky.

Here are some pictures I took while photographing the spring flowers around my neighborhood..

Life is a bitter sweet symphony and I love it in all it’s twists and turns.