Last Fling Before The Ring – Lakshadweep Calling

It is unsettling to say the least when you watch recording of Oscars in the night and, next morning, bravely venture to get a free skin analysis done in a salon and then like an idiot decide to shed clothes to observe yourself in the full length mirror. Trust me it is not easy if you are in mid forties, mother of two and have neglected yourself since long. I could hear Oscar Wilde’s ghost whisper in my ear, “Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; but twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building”.

I didn’t look That bad but my skin certainly did.  I stood staring blankly at my once clear glowing face marred with sun spots, lines and sun tan. Signs of early aging were slowly becoming visible.  My skin surely needed a lot of detoxification and damage repair.  Getting into swimwear each day made me conscious of what I needed to do but the question was HOW?

With splitting heart my eyes scanned the disaster that was looking at me from the mirror and I cursed myself for so sadly neglecting myself and wondered if I could ever get a nice healthy, toned body with a clear, glowing flawless complexion again. All the healthy food I was eating wasn’t helping much it seemed.

The shrill sound of the doorbell shook me out of my reverie and throwing some clothes on I rushed to the door.

“Mom, I have a surprise for you” my younger one beamed with joy.

“Yeah sure, I just woke up from a nightmare so it better be good” I muttered as I kissed him on the forehead. Realizing how pigmy like I looked in front of this handsome six footer.

“Oh come on mom, chillax . You will love this.”

He handed me a bright invite

My knees gave way as I sank into the sofa. My reflection sprang out of the mirror and began to roll on the floor laughing.

“What? I can’t go to this beach bash  looking like this and it’s going be such a harsh sun out there. Not the right season. What is she thinking? “

I imagined myself all browned like a roasted chicken with a face which could scare the daylights out of anyone.

“I am not going and that’s final”, the words sounded feeble as the thought of verdant landscape, deep blue lagoons, white beaches and fun-filled laughter of my best friends in bikinis and sarongs filled my mind.”

It was too tempting.

I pinged her on Skype.

“Hey gorgeous, did you get my invite? We will stun the sun on those enchanting beaches and have a wild, happy time there so start packing. There is so much to do there, including water sports. Am so excited and I won’t take a No for an answer, ok?”  She looked radiant and she was just a few years younger. How the hell she manages that, I thought. What could one say to a girl so full of life and whose name meant “like sun”. She could brighten up any life any time. That’s what made her special.

“Hey, I just got the invite. It’s beautiful. Bachelorette party, you wild thing, only you could get this crazy idea, Mind blowing’. We laughed.

“What’s life without some fun, baby. I knew you will love it.

“True, but don’t you think It will be too hot and sunny, Kyra. I am not sure I am fit enough to face the harsh sun and push my body to that limit. I won’t feel comfortable in beach wear and my skin will be more damaged than ever.” Reality suddenly dug its claws in me.

“Arrggh, what world are you living in babes? Step out of your cocoon. It is high time. Begin to love and pamper yourself.  It’s never too late. All the adventure sports, relaxed time with friends will do you good and to some extent tone your body too. It would be just like old times. You are coming. That’s it.” She smiled warmly.

“Alright, alright, but look at me, what about my skin, I already have a complex about how I look these days.

“Oh, have no fear when Kyra  is here” she winked.  “Hold on” she vanished from the screen and appeared in a second.

“I have a magic potion for you. I knew you will make excuses as always. Check these out” She displayed a range of LAKME sun expert products on the bed. “These are my constant companion when I travel and you know I do travel a lot. Look at my skin. The sun can’t harm the skin however harsh it may be. It is sweat and water-resistant so you can use it while swimming too. Isn’t that great? Trust me. Wear Lakme sun screen and you don’t need anything else…. sad that there are no nude beaches” , we both giggled as the young man next to me sighed. You can join their page on FB also I love Lakme 

“How cool is that”. I said happily and watched as she explained the goodness of Lakme Sun Expert range of products. I lapped it up all and my heart suddenly took a flight when she said these products not just protect from deep skin sun damage but also heal, repair and correct past sun damage, dark spots and pigmentation. Water resistant, now that was a life saver.

This was sheer magic and a relief. I made a mental note to pick up everything my skin needed, forgot the morning trauma and said, “I am game, let’s have a kickass all girls getaway. “Am so happy for you Kyra and hey, thanks for thinking of me”. She blew me a virtual kiss.

“Oh come on Tiku, you are my best friend. I couldn’t have this bachelorette bash without you. Now cheer up. Remember your favourite Bruno Mars song

“there’s not a thing that I would change

Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are”

I laughed and blew her a kiss. “You bet”

My son threw his arms around me and said to Kyra, “Hey sunshine, wish men were allowed too. Hawt chics and no men, not fair but am glad you convinced mom. Love ya”

“I told you I will, handsome.” She winked.

“Umm so it was a planned conspiracy, huh? I ruffled my boy’s hair.

“Yes, coz your boys think you deserve it as much as I do. We know you always wanted to go to Lakshadweep and love beaches”

I was filled with love for these beautiful people in my life.

“Yes, few things in life are as enjoyable as frolicking carelessly on the beach with you girls. The waterfront, sea breezes, my best girlfriends, icy cocktails served up with paper straws, adventure sports, late night grill and grub.” I said dreamily.

“Yes, Yes, You just pack your essentials and hey, you still look amazing so shed all inhibitions and bring yourself out of the closet along with those sexy outfits of yours.” She winked.

I laughed. “Of course we will freak out. I am ready to challenge the sun. The allure of the deep blue lagoons is simply too much to resist.  Imagine the enchanting expanse of emerald isles, unpolluted, warm unruffled water, and miles of sun drenched spectacular creamy sand beaches, swaying palms, dazzling underwater marine life, deep mysterious coral reefs. It is going to be a breathtaking adventure Kyra… Gosh I can’t wait now.”

“Yeah, I want it to be the best days of my life with you guys. Imagine all six of us together again. It’s been so long. There will be so much to do, scuba diving, snorkelling, Windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, deep-sea fishing. I have kept the last day for the un-inhabited island of Bangaram.  We will just quietly laze on the beach and soak in the bewitching beauty around. Having fun with the gang again will be a bonus”. Her enticing smile filled the screen and my heart.”

She knew I hated the sun and didn’t feel comfortable leaving the confines of home.  We always knew what was in other’s heart. Distance and time hadn’t changed anything. My body could do with some exercise and toning and this vacation would not just provide that but get me loads of sunshine vitamin without any harm.

“You will have an awesome bachelorette getaway  Kyra. I will see to that.” I promised myself to make every moment special for my best friend and made a note to call the rest of the gang and plan a special beach surprise for her, lavish lunch, her favourite game of volleyball, dance, music, delicious local food and cocktails as a cherry on top. I thought of all the nature walks and sightseeing tours I could arrange for her, knowing she was fond of knowing about different cultures and places. Visit marine museum and take our binoculars to do bird watching. The sun-kissed days will have a lot to offer.  Excursions in glass bottom and sail boats, fishing trips that will take us into the brilliant sunsets.  We will pamper her and ourselves to some exotic luxurious spa treatment too. The nights of course will reveal its secrets when the time comes. Memories of the night outs we six used to have, came flooding to me.

Promising to meet soon I got off skype‘s virtual world and took out my notepad to plan the surprises for her. I had lots to do, things to buy beginning with my magic Lakme sun expert. Nothing was going to stop this wanderlust now especially not the merciless sun.

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It’s time to TAB!

Each day technology is molded into a new shape, a unique design, it’s faster and better. Today we have a new star in the scene ” The Samsung Galaxy tab 750″ a star which is by far the most ‘meaningful invention’ and to describe it in one word, I would say Irreplaceable .

Samsung has gone all out to the kill the other competitors in the Tab market. No one  but this leviathan stands tall while other companies run for cover.

Here is the recorded live webcast of the Galaxy Tab 750 launch

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 750 presents a variety of amazing features. It is faster, meaner , sexier. It’s a dude and a macho one, with all the women running after it and the men envying it.

Features of the Power packed Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 –
Network – 
2G – GSM network
3G – HSPA+ network
WiFi 802.11 connectivity support
Bluetooth v3.0
With the help of HSPA and WiFi support one can easily connect with internet 24/7. Enjoy the fast browsing and downloading and lots more.
Camera –
3 MP camera with LED flash and auto focus.
2 MP camera secondary camera for video calling.
HD video recording.
While using Tab one can have a better experience of video calling.
Enjoy the dual cameras integrated in a Tab with great clarity. A useful gadget for business men to do video chat with their clients with a great clarity.
The camera quality of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is better than other Mobile phones, Tablets.

Layout –
10.1″ HD TFT capacitive display
Size : 256.7 X 175.3 X 8.6 mm
1280 X 800 screen resolution
A light weight and the thinnest Tab product in the world. Great design, easy to use and handle. Its weight is about 565g. Its high-definition 10.1 inch screen will offer you an excellent display. You can enjoy the videos, images, movies in high-definition with rich graphics.
Processor –

Dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
Operating System –

Android v3.1 Honeycomb operating system. Honeycomb is the latest version of Android operating system. It is specially developed for those devices which have large screen like Tablets. Better multitasking support. You can use more than one application in same time. Browse the web in desktop format. This latest version Android operating system will offer you a better experience while using the apps.
Audio / Video Playback –

MP3, AAC, WMA, AAC+ audio formats
HD video playback
DivX, VidX, WMV9, WMV7, WMV8, MPEG4 video codecs.
MP3, WMA, AAC, RA audio formats.
3.5 mm universal jack
Dual speakers surrounding the screen will give a surround sound effect.
It supports a large number of audio video formats. One can also play the videos easily which are in HD format.
Battery –

7000 mAH battery
It will kept more than 9 days without charging.
Tab 750 will give a long-span battery backup of 72 hours for music listeners or 9 hours for video entertainers.
Input / Output –

USB 2.0 support
3.5 mm universal jack support
30 pin dock connector
Memory –

1 GB of RAM
Internal memory of 64 GB(Maximum) and  16 GB(Minimum)

Other features –

Better web browsing with adobe flash player support.
Accelerometer sensors, Gyroscope
Compass. A-GPS support and navigation with Google Maps.
Support millions of applications, downloadable from Android app market.
Enjoy clarity of text while reading the ebooks.
Social Hub will give you to easily manage multiple email accounts, IMs and social networking accounts.
Better accessories such as keyboard case.
Integrated Mobile office.
Google application – Google talk, Google maps, Google latitude, Google places.

The feature I love Most:

I don’t know which feature to pick and tell that I love the most, but if i still have to make a call I would pick the Amazing Dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. I am a fan of speed and there is nothing faster than this now. At least not in this world 😛

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is a stunning experience. It delivers just that.

A complete Power packed, slimmer, lighter sensuous beauty. A dream come true.

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From Darkness to Dawn : Let’s fill their lives with colors

Please watch the video before reading the post 

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A visually impaired person’s  life is full of darkness devoid of light and colors. It’s not even black and white .

The statistics are devastating.

Of the 45 million people worldwide who are blind, around 1.4 million are children under 16. The majority of childhood blindness happens before the age of five – a period when 75 per cent of learning is through sight. Childhood blindness in India is around 2 million and only 2% receive education. They never enjoy the simple pleasure of  discovering the colorful world of pictures .  Something that touched our hearts when our children were little.

When we talk of dreams in Technicolor, of nature’s enchanting hues that take our breath away, of filling colors in everything B&W and of taking a flight with colors Do we EVER think of these children of the lesser God for whom the basic B&W also does not exist? 

Corneal blindness is one of the most common causes of blindness in India. India shoulders the largest burden of global blindness, about 3.5 million across the country with 30000 new cases being added each year. To combat this 30,000 corneas are needed every year and hardly 150,000 are received.

There is a dire need for eye donation to bring color into the lives of these people  who can not see , to lead them from darkness to dawn.

Unfortunately India is home to world’s largest number of blind people, approximately 15 million . If the trend continues the magnitude of blindness will increase  from 15 million to 18 million and more by the year 2020. Are we going to give rise to a colorless world , are we going to turn a blind eye to this very pressing situation?

In many lives the colors dissolve to darkness due to some illness or accident. They have seen the wine spilled skies and emerald waters , they have let their imagination take flight with a box a crayons or played Holi with every shade of red, blue and green and yet they live in perpetual colorless existence just because the gift of sight is so rare.

“We go about the world taking things for granted. Things that we are able to see. Colors . No one thinks what if they wake up one day and there is no sunrise . We blindly go through life as a routine until the darkness envelops us  and then life has no color but BLACK ” said a blind friend.

It is traumatic to go from millions of colors and sights each day to pitch black.  Let us fill their lives with colors again. 

I am a proud eye donor .

I have pledged to bring color and light  into at least two lives, Have you ?  

All Stats from WHO reports

Real beauty is – A flame lit from the inside out

This post in part of   Yahoo! India and Dove “I Believe in Real Beauty” under the topic “What does real beauty mean to me?”

Dove Real Beauty on Yahoo! India

I met an internet friend some days ago. It was our first meeting. The bright smile that lit her face warmed my heart. She was an “ordinary” looking person, unattractive by the social yardstick of beauty but radiant and charismatic.  All her unattractiveness was instantly transformed into something else.  She was a kind of woman one would like to spend time with and feel whole.

What is it that made her instantly beautiful despite being physically unappealing?

Real beauty is that which offers value to others, beyond the woman, values which are inherent in us like compassion, generosity etc combined with an open inquisitive mind. It is her stature bearing personality and demeanor that makes her beautiful to large extent.

The key question here is to what extent beauty is physical and to what extent it’s something else.

The physical aspect of beauty is not straightforward. It is transient and subjective. Different cultures have different standards and those standards of beauty change all the time—they aren’t completely fixed. In the sense of physical aesthetics beauty has been regarded as reflection of health, vitality, sexual allure and social appeal.

We know that women all over the world and throughout time have wanted to be beautiful. It was often sought after, revered, and sometimes interpreted as a personal virtue. Some element of beauty is a male need in getting attracted to a woman, a crucial instinct for survival that cannot be ignored.

In evolutionary terms, physical beauty has value in that it helps females in securing a mate and procreation. These were some of humanity’s earliest benefits of being beautiful. A healthy, fuller, strong body was considered beautifully able for childbearing, nursing and taking on the responsibilities in a social context. The inherent qualities of a woman as a “life giver” nurturer complimented this desired physical appearance and were valued.

A woman was a fierce guarding mother and yet gave her children wings to fly and a friend, a healer, a confidante, a source of wisdom and courage and still emerge like the goddess kali to stand for what is right and just. She had the power to create something beautiful out of nothing and destroy what is negative and evil. She had a heart of a child and strength of a jaguar. It is this wholeness of her persona, the aura she carried that made her a beautiful woman. A woman clear about what she is and totally aligned with that.

Isn’t that the problem?  That women have been swindled for centuries into substituting adornment for love, fashion (as it were) for passion?  ~Erica Jong

Unfortunately the society which is mainly patriarchal created a false aura of “womanhood” in order to suppress the uniqueness and the inner strength of femininity and to please and aspire to become that “perfect illusory ideal beauty” women over the years lost touch with their own self.

Women became obsessed with their appearance and felt inadequate. Knowing that perfection is an illusion they blindly fell into the trap. Demanding perfection from ourselves is just another form of self-inflicted abuse which is worse than that inflicted by others. This desire to be what is rare and unattainable is a common element in beauty standards throughout the world. All we have now is a new race of life-size vinyl dolls perfectly proportioned to please the males of the species and in an endless competition with each other. Constantly stressed out spaced out to achieve that “perfect beauty” which we see in the idols we make. I feel that the essential feminine touch is lost somewhere in this.

Many believe that the cosmetic /body care industry has cashed on to this feeling of inadequacy and manipulated its portrayal of women. We have come to the point where beauty and desirability are now racially / ethnically coded. More societies are being force-fed Western beauty ideals and assimilating them into their own.  We still see that an average person is judged on her attractiveness by a “White” norm leading to various attempts by dark skinned people to look as White as they could. Girls get labeled from the time they are born for the color of their skin and endless efforts to lighten the skin tone, cutting remarks and comparisons make them lose confidence in themselves.  Continuously we are so sold into beliefs through advertising, television, fashion and the beauty industry that the outside of a woman is her entire value. They try to change drastically what nature has given them instead of enhancing it.

Women have become fixated on the superficial. The “beauty industry” and the beauty myth have been very destructive and limited women, their self-worth and their potential to a large extent.

The question is, how right and justified it is.

Can’t we just BE, without having to worry about being labeled, categorized, and herded?

Beauty is beyond flesh and hairdo, make up or any such transient thing. It is the growth of consciousness in us. It’s not genetic or surgically enhanced. Real beauty is combination of what you are genetically gifted with and your own inner growth.  Being appreciated by men / women for my physical assets or sexual appeal is desirable and I may use the myriad products to enhance my appearance but on the other hand if someone looks at me and admires me for my intelligence and warmth it would give me more pleasure. A well-groomed appearance as it helps in building up self-esteem and is essential to all who are part of a certain work environment, part of society at large.

If I wake up and look into the mirror with a perception that I cannot change the physical; the internal “flaws” as fast as I can change the way I feel about myself, that will make me beautiful. . The beauty or the ugliness of the body is very superficial it is the positive energy the “inner flame “that matters.  In fact when we become too identified with the outer beauty we get disconnected with the inner.

You can have plastic surgery to have a beautiful face, breasts; you can change your complexion and shape but you can’t change your being. Inside you will still remain greedy, full of lust, violence, anger, greed, jealousy which will dominate you. All these things the plastic surgeon can do nothing about and it is not beautiful to me.  The real beauty appears only when you stop cramming yourself into predefined boxes.

Step out of the “one size fits all” cookie-cutter culture that’s been handed over to us. Stop spending oodles on makeup, fashion, and fit in that mould.

Would you hide your light because someone else said you weren’t good enough to shine? Think Again?

A truly beautiful woman represents love, beauty, and esteem. It is time we strengthened our “self confidence muscles” and wake up to the full expression of our most beautiful Self freeing ourselves from the unreasonable standards of beauty shoved on us by society.

Outer appearance does not always reflect the inner beauty. One maybe “plain/ugly/average” looking according to the social yardstick and yet have exceptional charm, intelligence, zest etc. It is often that we miss out on such people because of our obsession with outer appearance.

“Outward beauty is not enough; to be attractive a woman must use words, wit, playfulness, sweet-talk, and laughter to transcend the gifts of Nature”.Patronius

All women have an element of beauty that is uniquely their own. At a deeper level, all “flaws” are subjective and based on our own interpretations, perspectives and focuses. We may obsess about certain aspects of our body or appearance, our personality and consider them as bad but the truth is they simply are as they are—we add the meaning and interpretation to them.

Osho says, “It requires tremendous courage to ‘be yourself’ in success and failure, praise and condemnation and a woman who can achieve it is truly beautiful. A woman understands the human soul`s wellspring, for in her unconscious mind and through it, she is directly linked to the major currents of the mind which bear us and carry us forward. When a woman knows her true self, such as courage, which facilitates one to be herself at all phases emerges.”
Source: ‘Far beyond stars

I can’t ask or expect other people to find me beautiful. I can, though, expect of myself to pour more time, effort into making my inside beautiful than my outside, whether it be thin or average or fat.

Some of the real beauties I admire 

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HUI : The Feature I Wish My Smart Phone Had

Some days back  I was a normal person with an idiot phone but on my birthday I felt like an idiot with a smart phone 😀

The more I review the situation the more I am convinced that my phone though smarter than the previous one  definitely lacks certain features.

Let me take you back to the 11th of October.

Me – “I am fed up  of this idiotic phone Damn it  and am gonna buy myself a smart phone”. I said holding a beautiful  glossy picture of a latest smart phone with touch screen and QWERTY keypad.

My sons looked at me with concern.

‘Mom sab theek ho jayega.  Everything will be ok”

I  knew what they were hinting at.

“ what? Do you think I won’t be able to handle the phone ?” I asked.

Kid # 1 –  “ Mom , it is a smart phone and you live in dark ages with an idiotic phone . It is beyond you to even type one single message or browse through the menu with a sensitive touch screen. How about buying a  simpler one”.

Kid # 2  was still rolling on the bed laughing like a hyena .

I was truly pissed off and took it as an insult to my intelligence.

“No way . I will gift myself  this and prove to you morons that I am not technologically challenged . Got it?”  I said in a firm confident voice waving the magazine at their faces.

They kept laughing and cracking “ My mom and her smart phone”  jokes .

Little did I realize that what ever was  happening at that moment was going to turn into reality very soon.

I spent a fortune , got the phone and tried browsing through the menu.

The boys waited for their chance .

“ Err, well, I will get used to it soon .  you just watch “ I said in response to their amused “ we told you” look.

“Yea sure  , maybe in another lifetime. May be you should just pass it on to us”  Kid #2  remarked.

“No way . “ I growled.

I asked my kid# 1 to help me learn to use the phone but failed miserably .

Holding  my brand new smart phone in my hands I stared at the tiny keypad and wondered how in God’s name I will get used to typing one correct message .  The boys too realized that the “ mom with smart phone” joke had gone too far and something ought to be done to bring the cheer back.

Kid #1  : “ Mom cheer up I have something that would revolutionize the smart phone and make it easy for old women like you.” He grinned.

I was furious but let that “Old woman ” thing pass.

“Right away? “  I asked looking interested. I was ready to do anything to learn the trick.

“ Not really  but look at the this “.

The pictures  made me forget the gleaming phone .

Boy , I loved what I saw.

I may be challenged in using these toys but I sure am tech savvy as far as the information goes  😀

Kid #1 a self confessed techno freak was impressed  and we embarked on a journey  to create a futuristic Holotouch smart phone.

“Just imagine mom if your phone had this feature “, he said with a naughty grin.

My heartbeat increased as I dwelled on the thought.

Holographic  User Interface

[ Image to show the Holographic Technology.]

A Holosmart phone will make all these applications a lot more fun and easy to operate  by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be the keys of a keypad or keyboard.

The thought opened a whole new window to the exciting world of futuristic smart phone , my dream phone.

Over  cups of coffee we  began to list the ultimate features this one change can bring in a smart phone . Kids were excited and so was I.  A good bright resolution and efficient power supply will make this work beautifully.

Holomenu will  offer easy navigation  of my menu. Opening various menu options , selecting and shuffling music and video files, viewing the photo albums.

Almost everything will become an awesome experience with this path breaking feature.

Holomessaging   : With the key board dwindling and shrinking below the  normal finger size Holotouch will make the keypad larger making it easy for typing. HoloTouch will enhance comfortable, reliable operation.

Easy interactive Holocalls  : Won’t it be fun to talk face to face  with someone you love 😉 ?

I think it is a cool thing and as we discussed more on this feature we realised that  doctors  can use the Holotouch feature  for number of things while in operating rooms or at places where keyboard contamination can cause harm. It can be used by professionals in many other fields.

Imagine giving a beautiful high-tech presentation in a room filled with top-notch of your company or clients.

Rocking , I would say. 

Hologaming with total 3d interface : I love this concept for the sheer thrill of playing games with a 3D effect on a much bigger surface area. Imagine what wonders it can have for gamers who can have a full-fledged gaming experience right there in the phone with all the effects.

Holovideo for viewing all  your  favorite videos on a bigger screen with a better clarity.

Holonet for all your surfing needs.

HoloNav which is a GPS and an active traffic navigation app. I always seem to lose my way and  Holonav will be a cool feature to see your place and the right way to your destination on a larger map.  I find this special because while on nature trails and outings this will prove to be great help.

Some other  feature I would love in my smart phone are:

AUI audio user interface

which offers Voicelock feature and Voiceengine feature so  that it unlocks doors  and starts my car. One major  plus point of this feature will be  that it can be used where the Holotouch feature can not be  used effectively , like in crowded places. Both these features can be combined too for a perfect smart phone Techno experience .

Retinal scanner

that acts like an unlocking feature. A much more secure way because no other person can use it apart from the user.


Active face recognition which tells us the basic info abt the person when a photograph is clicked under this feature.  ( 😀 No harm in letting the imagination run wild , Right? )

Highly optic touch screen and Highly flexible Fold and keep style

High definition  photography with DSLR type picture quality

This is a must .

For all of us who are  passionate about photography this feature will be a boon. No carrying big equipment, just take out the phone and enjoy what you love doing best. Take awesome photographs.

Am I asking for too much ? No, I don’t think so . When we talk of futuristic smart phones , we  need to have that one special feature that makes it smarter than any other regular smart phone.

Kid2# brought the yummy chocolate cake and said, “ Happy Birthday mom”.

The joy was irreplaceable.

I ought to patent the idea and mint big money I guess 😀 .

All those who include these features in your phones  remember its my idea.

I decided to write about this experience exclusively for Share Life blogger contest and to master the art of using a smart phone.  I had given myself a smart gift and I was ready to use it to its full advantage.

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Do All Relationships Come With A Past ? Soch LO !

This post is for “Soch Lo blogger Contest” by IndiBlogger based on a true incident .

Intimate Betrayal

Do all relationships come with a past ?

A few days back I would have said ” not necessarily” but today watching her in contented deep slumber I feel different.

One of the endless ironies in life is the time we spend longing for others, when a different set of ‘others’ are longing for us. Sometimes ghosts from past emerge and disturb the even rhythm of life.

The freshly scrubbed sky had the same faint rosy pink of her cheeks. I changed into a nightshirt and slipped in beside her. Feeling a presence she turned and snuggled closer. I was consumed by longing but could not bring myself to make love..

Not yet.

I gazed at the ceiling  the same feeling of emptiness around me. Gently I shifted a bit , lit a cigarette and opened my long forgotten journal to make an entry. Words turned stranger as a surge of memories flooded me.

It all began a week back when I gave her a book of memoirs which was launched at my café. The author was an Indian woman settled in Australia . Beautiful mind in an ageless body, that’s what her agent had told me during introductions. I agreed completely.

I can never forget the expression on Tara’s face as her dark eyes looked deeply at the book. Her face had a glow I hadn’t seen in ages. She ran her fingers gently on the glossy surface and flipped the pages softly. “Thank you so much” she smiled . I wanted to take her in my arms but simply smiled back.

“Would you like to meet the author” ?

The question startled her but she nodded like a happy child.

I could do anything to bridge the gap between us.

We met for dinner at a Resto – Bar. It was one of the best nights we ever had and she seemed to love it more than anyone. I marveled at the bond they had created in such a short time. The numbers exchanged, hugs shared we parted on a happy note.

I got busy again with my work and she got back to her writing and her new-found friend.

I saw the transformation coming in slowly and loved her more hoping that the things would change for us.

They did.

We were neck-deep into the launch of our new bar and worked nights a lot of times.

On that particular winter night I drove back home to get some important papers I had forgotten to take. The house was dark except for a warm light in the study. I quietly unlocked the door and walked in.

The place was filled with mixed aroma of exotic spices and flavors. I recognized the cinnamon, clove, etc and instantly knew what was cooking. The seductively melodious sounds of  clarinet  drifted in from the half-open door of the study. I approached quietly. I could hear the soft whispers but I wasn’t ready for the scene that unfolded before me as I peeped in.

The room was glowing with the fire from the fireplace. two bodies aflame by passion and longing lay there on the rug. I felt myself getting a hard on and yet I was stunned.

Speechless and rooted to the ground I watched as they fed each other completely unaware of their surroundings. Their mouths and fingers smeared in rich dark chocolate. The glossy liquid shone enticingly in a crystal bowl by their side. I felt the warm rich taste in my mouth and closed my eyes. Rhythm and Romance by Kenny G haunted the air making it even more erotic. Two magnificently sculpted bodies engages in the most erotic foreplay.

The long dark tresses of Tara flowing over Asma’s exquisitely carved back , their feet hugging each other. Long shapely legs shinning like molten copper moist and warm. I saw Asma roll over and make love to the woman who has been my wife of 10 years gently exploring and unveiling all the secrets places  devouring her. Their nude lucid forms melting into each other. The rhythmic movement of their breasts made me wanting to drop all inhibitions and join them but a sudden hurt and anger seething inside held me clutching the door knob.

None of them had noticed my presence . The soft laughter and the highly intoxicating aromatic air made me weak in my knees and I walked back to my car trying to balance my myself.

Sitting there in the dark comfort of my car I went though the events of the past week. Suddenly it struck it like a bolt of lightning. They knew each other from before.

When, Where , How ? The questions made my head throb.

I wanted to believe that I was hallucinating under stress but no there it was, the stark reality of my life lying naked , baring it all in front of me, limiting my ability to manage both my emotions and thinking process.

The fragrance of their bodies lingering in my mind.

I drove back in a daze unable to get it out of my system. Handing over the papers I locked myself in the office and slumped on the couch.

There were a lot of missing pieces in this puzzle . The darkness began to haunt me .I switched on the lamp but the glow took me back to the study so I turned on the harsh tube light to help me cope with the shock.

Asma was supposed to fly back in the morning. I had mixed feelings about the approaching day.

I took my time to reach home and secretly hoped to find Tara sleeping but there she was bright and glowing , sipping the earl grey watching the early morning rose-tinted clouds.

My heart twitched from within. Gosh I loved this woman , desired her even more now .

What was happening to me?

I felt a tingling sensation go down my body as she smiled.

I must have looked uncomfortable so she broke the silence, ” I think we should talk”.

Not a great opening sentence .

I looked at her perplexed .

I watched her like a lost lamb as she stared out into the endless sky.

“I noticed you last night” . Short and crisp.

My mouth fell open and suddenly I was filled with anger and contempt.

I retained my composure to know the hidden story.

She spoke softly.

“I first came to know Asma during my creative writing workshop six years back.

Remember when I went to Pataya ?”

I did . She did not wait for a reply.

“She was an enigma during that time, still is . Her creative genius and charm was alluring and maybe she saw the same spark in me. We spent a lot of time together and finally moved together.

I guess the need for friendship, camaraderie and relaxation were uppermost in my mind, and the need for a physical touch was laying just beneath the surface. She always remained enticingly close to me during our beach walks and outdoors. During one such occasion we kissed for the first time. It began as a warm friendly embrace and ended up in a fiery passionate night. I lived in that frozen Ecstasy for my entire stay there. I am not exactly bi sexual neither is she but something brought us together. For me it was not just an opening for my suppressed sexual needs but something else that is unexplainable.”

She paused and I kept my eyes on her. I wanted to watch her expressions. Somehow this whole narration was leading me to an introspection yet there was a conflict, a wounded feeling of betrayal of the worse kind in my opinion. I think another man would still make sense but another woman ? It just did not sound alright to me.

” One of the endless ironies in life is the time we spend longing for others, when a different set of others are longing for us. I had longed for this spiritual fulfillment of being a woman from you for a long time and could not hold back when I got it” She resumed. ” After we parted at Pataya we were for a while in touch through emails but then she just began to slip away. I knew she was in a relationship so moved on with life. When you gave me the book it flooded me with that same fire. It felt like the first time together and I longed to meet her. The taste , the fragrance , the touch all became alive on that winter morning”.

“When I saw you looking at us I panicked for a moment but then you went away”. She finally looked at me with those deep dark eyes.

I was at a loss of words, I still am.

She rose and  touched my shoulder softly .

“It was a dream that ended . I always loved you and still do. I have been honest now it is for you to decide what course our life will take . ”

Soch Lo” , she said and sailed through the French windows like a gentle breeze.

My heart ached more than my tired body. I slept the day and went off to work quietly in the evening. She kept herself occupied with her work.

Now as I sit beside her writing this journal an inner voice is haunting me, ” What now ?”.

Whatever you decide, ek bar soch lo.”



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