New Poem

This poem was first published in Peacock Journal, an excellent journal edited by W.F.Lantry (award winning poet and writer) and his team.


I read, I read and I read
until there is nothing more to read
except the newspapers
then I take to the windows
begin to fill my empty hours
gazing into time
that seldom seems to move
on either side of the frame
on the wall my calendar changes
seasons change… people change
but the stillness remains
the silence within me remains
untouched… unchanging

at night the walls become a
and then become walls again
as they merge into each other
to leave only an expanse of black
and then the light
that always hides at the edges
rises swiftly and crumbles my illusion

Insomnia : A Poem


Night comes wrapped in  raven wings

and in it’s solitary loveliness

like forbidden lovers

the mind and heart meet


thoughts stumble on each other

like perplexed mass

strange voices touched with pain

glide past each other like spirits


sleep eludes me in your presence

and in absence, tears keep it at bay


I lie still

in silent mirages of hope

the illusionist takes over


a world streams out of me

and dissolves in me

dreams rise and wall

like ocean waves

quiescent I watch






Picture : Aditya’s Digital painting  called illusion