Music -Theme for Thursday Photography

The photo theme for this Thursday is “MUSIC” (Bands, Musicians, Instruments, iPod, Headset,…)

India has a very rich heritage of music be it folk, classical, semi classical , devotional or light music. Some of the musical instruments have evolved over centuries and are integral part of the Indian music scene. The earliest history of music can be traced to  vedic ages over two thousand years back.

Indian music developed from ritualistic in association with folk music and other music forms and gradually derived its own musical characteristics.

This picture is part of a folk music festival at Dilli Haat ( Delhi). The musicians from Rajasthan had come to play along with their folk dancers and other artists.

Dholak , Dhol and Harmonium  are used widely in Indian music especially folk and devotional music.

 Harmonium is widely used  in accompanying  the human voice in  devotional singing, wedding songs etc. Even in the Qawalli music. Infact it is the sole instrument used by Qawwals  and has received international fame It belongs to the family of free Reed Aerophones. One can find a harmonium in almost every temple, gurudwara across the globe. It is not an Indian musical intruments and was brought by French missionaries in mid 19th century to India. It is a wind instrument.

Dholak / Dhol 

The North Indian Dholak and dhol are used by bards . Dholak is the basic version of dhol.  Both are percussion instruments . Here we have a small dhol and a bigger one . Dholak has different size heads of both side of the barrel but dhol has equal size heads. One side of the dhol has high pitch and the other low pitch.

In Rajasthan the folk musicians use simple basic  instruments which are usually self sufficient. Dhol and dholak add basic rhythm to the music.  It is one of the most important and widely used instrument of the royal Rajasthan.

As children we loved to play harmonium and dholki during weddings and other festival. These musical gatherings were a special way of bonding and celebrating life. Even today it is a joy to watch these exceptionally talented folk musicians perform.