Seven Deadly Sins – GBE2 Prompt Week #59

“You say Sloth as if it is a bad thing.  I am hurt.” He gave her a wicked smile.

“Sloth Is.”

“Oh no honey it is isn’t, it’s just an ungraceful word for Extreme Lounging.”

He quizzically looked into her deep dark eyes.

The corners of her lips turned down.

“Oh My God, You are envious.” He laughed.

It amused him to tease her. He closed his eyes dreamily and sighed.

“Extreme lounging, watching rapturous Nigella Lawson with salty caramel dripping down her face on a full HD 3D seducing one to commit péché de gourmandise.”

He walked up to her and ran a finger down her perfect jaw line.


Ménage à trios?

He whispered. She felt the temperature rise behind her ear.

“A proud sinner, huh?”  She gave him an enigmatic smile.

“You can say that. Forgive me God for I have committed all the seven deadly sins and sold my soul to ..” He twirled a curl around his finger and released, watching it as it sprang back to nestle close to her cheek. Laughing, he sank into the depths of the couch again.

“Five, not seven sweetheart.” She smiled.

“Lust, gluttony, Greed, Sloth, and Pride.

You just called ME envious.”

“Hahahha, yes of course but that still makes it six.” The conversation was turning him on.

“Yes. There is one more left.”

She left her place near the coffee table and sashayed across the room.

The screen of his  sleek new 152-Inch 3D Plasma TV shattered.

“What the Hell?” He sprang from the couch.


She threw the  golf club and walked away.

This post is written for GBE2 WEEK #59 (7-1-12 to 7-7-12): The Seven Deadlies: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Lust