Thursday Photo Challenge – Fun

The theme for this time is Fun. (Festival, Fair, Carnival, Party, Playground, Dancing, Laughing,…)

The picture I am posting is all about friends having a time of their life over drinks, food, laughter and music.

When I joined FPR the Forty Plus and Rocking Community on Orkut I had not realized the number of friends I will make and actually meet. Internet friends are normally virtual friends but here  we had regular meets of the Delhi Chapter  of the community and the friendships have crossed the boundaries of Orkut and virtual life  to become deep everlasting bonds with many  of the people I met. Some are blogger friends too and others from various walks of life. Everyone with same magical charm .

All the Meets we had were fun and unforgettable. They had all the elements of what makes being forty so rocking 😀

The three Indibloggers in the front 😀


A Caption Contest Trophy For Me :)

My dear friend  lazy Pineapple recently had a caption contest on her blog . It was great fun to take part . Some of the captions were so hilarious. I won the contest along with two other bloggers. The trophy is beautiful and worth displaying

Thank you LP for this precious treasure .

I am sharing the picture and the caption which won me this coveted prize .

Enjoy 😀


Add a little laughter to your life .. save it from getting extinct .  😀  😀

Beautiful Blogger :) and Seven Beautiful Things – A Tag and Award

UmaS Tagged me and gave me this beautiful award. Thank you Uma , your token of love is very precious to me. Love and hugs.

It is a lovely feeling when  a fellow blogger and a friend sends across a little bundle of joy across so many miles.

The award has a Tag too .

So here it goes:

7 things I find to be beautiful around me :

seven things were difficult to pick. I love everything around me.

1. I love the  colors, fragrances, smells, sounds  that each season splashes so beautifully around us. The amazing variety of winter blooms, the yellow and reds of summer, the brown bare trees and the showers of golden yellow leaves of autumn , the shades of soothing greens in the rains and much more. Also the endless sky where each moment unfolds  a poetry painted in various hues by nature. The smell of wet earth after the first summer rain and the flashes of lighting and thunder and all the drama in the sky.

2. Music- When I listen to the temple bells on a beautiful morning in a sleepy little town in the hills it makes me feel calm from within. Music heals and anything which is not noise , which touches my soul from M.S.Subbulaxmi’s ragas to Pt. Jasraj or Neil Diamond and Talat Mehmood and Hemant Kumar , I love it all. On days when I want life to be extra beautiful I go for Clarinet, flute, Saxophone, even Arabian music  adds so much more to my life in may a ways.

( I also love to get charges with the new found music that my boys have introduced me to . Each melody , each note is a new discovery)

3.  Children –  These Little people are the mosr treasurred gifts that the universe has given us. I love to just watch them blossom. Every moment, every expression, thought, word, gesture is worth it. They live in their own world of fantacy , untouched, unspoilt  just like  wild flowers . I call the moment spent with these cherubs ” my moments of rejuvination”

4.  Books- Be it my Lady Bird series or the volumes of classics in Hindi and English I love to be surrounded by books. One reason I visit book stores and libraries is to inhale that musty , intoxicating smell of old books. The touch of those yellow pages and the faded covers. I love to read and I think we all have our special collectios of books. I have some very old collector’s first editions which were handed down to me by mom and my grandfather and are priceless.

4. Chocolate – Oh , I know  you all know my love for chocolate. Ranging from bitter dark to flavoured and liquir filled, chocolates make life worth living. Give me a chocolate and a book and I am happy woman. I leave you with a picture and want you to let your imagination go wild. 🙂 What more can I say. The drool pool near by feet and the dreamy , misty eyes are not helping me to write more. will be back shortly. 😉

5. Silence – Now this may come as a surprise to you but have you ever experience the beauty of the silent night under the starlit sky lying on dewy grass watching the clouds drift aimlessly or see the play of moonlite, maybe just close the eyes and breath easy ? I find that blissfully beautiful . Have you ever stood at the edge of a rock jutting out into the valley watching the  sun melt into an exquisite molten red and gold or just sat with eyes closed absolutely quite ? I bet if you do any of it you will know why I love silence so much .

6. My mom – When I look at her face I get a feeling I can not describe. Is it the old age, the spirit of life, the soft understanding eyes , the assurance , love and enrgy that flows all the time from her to me ? What is it ? I guess you all know the answers. She is beautiful within and has made my life glow with inner beauty. That’s ma.

7. Life – Life is beautiful if we open unconditionally to it. To its pains and sorrows , to its joys and beauty. Living is  tough job , most people just exisit and forget to see and feel the beauty around them, in them. I always feel that in all our unending efforts to ” live” we actually miss out on : Life” I don’t know if I make sense  but If any of you even vaguely understand what I mam sayin , it will be worth it.

I am supposed to

1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) Paste the award on your blog
3) Link the person who nominated you for the award
4) Share 7 things you find to be beautiful around you
5) Nominate 7 bloggers or more

I think it is a tag for all the beautiful people out there. So please accept the award friends and do the tag. love and hugs.

Indivine post. Do vote

Seven Random Things About me – A Fun Tag :)

The tag bug visits again.What exactly is tagging ?

Tagging v. A  gripping game played in the Blogosphere where bloggers link with each other for no apparent reason. From  The International dictionary of Blogosphere.

( stolen definitions are always the sweetest 😉  just like stolen kisses)

Zephyr Tagged me to do this Tag long time back and somehow it kept getting postponed. What are the seven random things I want to share with you all ? Well most of my friends know most of the things about me but still I will try to add some flavor to it.

Read and discover.

1. I am a magnet for troubled souls or as my elder one says for ” dukhi aatmas “.

It is a privilege , a curse, a boon I do not know how you will feel but I know that many a times I feel that I am the chosen one for listening to the people with broken hearts, troubled marital life, domestic problems ranging from the homes of my domestic help to those of my friends, frustrated people disappointed with life and many more who need a shoulder to cry on. They come and pour out their hearts ( to the annoyance of the entire family) and I feel like sitting behind the curtain in a confession box saying .” lay bare your soul and become light-hearted). The new addition to the dukhi atma group are young love birds for whom I turn into a love guru. Sigh !!

Oh yes , the virtual ones. Poor souls. I feel very strongly for my virtual troubled souls and jokes apart I do feel blessed that I can bring some solace into their lives even if it is for some short period. It  is a responsible job and trust me  very difficult too.  The worse thing is I get so emotionally involved with each one of those troubled souls that in the end myself become One big dukhi aatma .

Well ! Each one of us has some purpose to serve on this planet earth. Maybe this is one of the things I have to do before I conk off.

2. I am youngest of the three kids in the house.

🙂 This makes me very happy and my hubby very concerned. As if it was not enough to have two brats that he got blessed with an absolutely crazy child woman. It is fun to relive the childhood with my boys. they tease, play, scold ( oh yes) 😦  and bond so well with me. I feel loved and so warm from within to have such strong-willed , loving sons who are my best buddies too. The eldest of us three kids  is actually the youngest. ( my second son) and the elder one actually is almost my age. lol

Confusing ?

Kids think I am a chinky gansta when I dress up in low waist three quarters and carelessly thrown in Tee. They tower over me so I become choti matee or small ma or hamster when I curl in and make funny faces while reading or working on my laptop. It is fun. Fun because we have bridged that generation gap and think alike even though we all know where to draw the line.

Many of their friends are my buddies too and think I am a ” cool mom ‘  and that feels good. At least some one appreciates.

we play, go bonkers at night ( we are night creatures), have our own secret language, we are complete foodies, love to watch horror movies, Adi and I are totally into spirits, werewolves, ghosts, supernatural and he being the elder one provides all the major info on each subject. I am just a student. Sometime we just go crazy and laugh till our tummy aches.  It is a circus out here and we all go paglot and suglot which of course is not at all appreciated by the man of the house but them life is all about living it to the fullest.

I have been able to realise and relive many of my childhood things just by letting my inner child walk along with me, absolutely free.

It also helps me forget the pain and hurt of a life I lead.

3. I hate it when people interrupt mid sentence and start telling their own story and then try to finish the sentence  for you every time you open your mouth, and it happens with me all the time. It is the most irritating annoying thing I know of.For heaven’s sake can one have one uninterrupted statement. Stop reading people’s mind.

4. I speak and write  for a change . Although I am not always able to bring that much-needed change in my life and maybe I am not that tough to stand up against all that I go through in my home I think my opinion counts and one more voice against the issues which are usually pushed under the carpet or need our support to bring a change in the mindset of people  is important.

Be it Marital rape, child abuse, crime against women or men, guy rights, sex education or any such issue

you can read them all here  Writing for a change

5. I love to draw on a  fogged up mirror . It is one thing my son loves too so many a times we leave messages for each other to decode and its fun. I usually make a graffiti or leave a quote or an emoticon like a heart or devil depending on my mood. Talking of moods, it is also a place to vent your feelings 🙂 . try it

6. I am a chocoholic and never ever share my chocolates with anyone. I love  dark bitter chocolates, After eight and orange flavor are my favorite apart from the liquor filled ones .uuuummmm

Give me some bars of chocolates and a few books and I can live forever on that. Of course a laptop can be an added delight just in case I feel like blogging. Netaddict that I am.

7. some more random stuff

I love snakes, raptors, spiders, insects and all that the nature offers. I feel that we should open our heart to all that is around us and connect with it. I feel that we are all free-floating souls and once in while our heartstrings get attached with some one some where whom we have never seen and yet we seem to feel the pull. I feel that the universe has immense power and if we trust the process of life it guides us and we are able to decode its signals. I rely on my gut instincts and believe that the  inner instincts are alway right. Society for me is double-faced so I make my own choices and as far as possible do not give in to so-called ” social” norms , values, pressures. That is what I teach my kids. Worshipping God for me is loving and respecting oneself and the life in general.

All those reading this please consider yourself tagged .

Cross posting Prat’s Blog : An Amorous Antithesis

I starting reading Prat’s Blog Ginger & Cardamom and found how aromatic and spiced up life can be. He is an excellent blogger and writes poetry, humor, stories, personal and philosophical articles. His blog always has a fresh flavor and a frangrance to die for as far as blog writing goes.

Here is one awesome post I want my friends to read.

An Amorous Antithesis

Amorous Antithesis

Prat says ,“I got a forwarded mail regarding a competition which appeared in Washington Post, the competition asked for a two-line rhyme with the most romantic first line, but the least romantic second line.

I am not sure if this competition is genuine but it was a good challenge. So I thought it would be a great idea to try something like this.

This is the poem I came up with-

My darling when I saw you, I fell in love for the first time,
On retrospect that is till date my most horrendous crime.

The beautiful twinkle of your eyes and the tinge of light blue,
The bill of those contacts on my credit card are still due.

Your lovely walk, inviting a thousand glances and riveting stares,

Read the rest by following the link. Have fun .. I am sure you won’t regret this one adventure 😀 .. The poem was selected as Blogadda’s Spicy Saturday Pick.

Thank Prateek

Ritu Lalit’s Blog post “Stop! Or my Mom will Shoot”

It is an honor to start my cross posting with Ritu Lalit of Weaving A Web

A super cool mom and mom-in-law 😀 with great sense of humor and excellent writing skills, her blog is worth a visit. She is not just a great writer, an avid blogger but also my mentor, friend and one of the finest woman I know.

Ritu writes about parenthood, humor, social issues, poetry ,fiction and much more.

Someday I want to have just 1% of what she has as far as strength of a woman goes. Wishing her the very best in life. Thank you Ritu for being their for me.

Here is one of the hilarious posts that I want to share with my readers.. Check it out 😀

Stop ! or my mom will shoot

She writes

Both the boys went yesterday to the Mall and brought me a gift … probably because they saw Singh is King without me, and then went ahead and saw Rock On without me, even though I whined, sulked and put them on a punishment diet which was totally vegetarian. I think a steady diet of beans, brinjals and cabbage brought them to their senses. So they got me a cd of the latest movies (yeah even though piracy is a dirty word, it has its plus points) and a copy of Stop! Or my Mom will Shoot, a delightful movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty … because the Mom reminds them of me. I guess I will forgive them and make them aloo meat – the sucker for flattery that I am.”

Read more by clicking the link of the main article.

enjoy 😀