Proud Moment – Short Stories in Le Zaporogue 13 and MiCROW 8

Year 2013 has started on a great note. Two short stories featured in two illustrious literary publications. It is a blessing to have friends who support, encourage and unconditionally help me learn and polish my writing constantly.


In January my short story ‘ The Bookmark’ shared space with some fine writers, poets songwriters and photographers in Le Zaporogue 13. You can click on the link and download it for free or purchase it too.

There are some other wonderful treasures in Le Zaporogue Store. Do take a look.

Le Zaporogue 11 has some of my verses and  if you are passionate about poetry please feel free to click on the link and download this edition.

I want to thank author and friend Sebastian Doubinsky  for giving me this platform to showcase my work.


Riding on the back of  late spring  breeze came another surprise. This time a Flash-Fiction ‘Jason‘ based on the theme ‘Luminous‘ has found place in MiCROW 8 : Luminous  . This edition of Full of Crow flash fiction supplement section includes wonderful B&W photographs and some exceptional stories. You can read online , download the pdf. file or purchase the chapbook HERE . Check out the gorgeous FULL Of Crow ,a semiannual publication of very short stories and prose.

Thank you Michael. J. Solender  for giving me this opportunity. Looking forward to co creating more miracles.

This year I was able to break many mental barriers and swallow my self doubt to a large extent. I think I am more confident, more focused and tuned to myself and writing now. I am glad to have found mentors who helped me achieve this. Onward we go, one step at a time.


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Photograph credits belong to the rightful owners. 

Seven Deadly Sins – GBE2 Prompt Week #59

“You say Sloth as if it is a bad thing.  I am hurt.” He gave her a wicked smile.

“Sloth Is.”

“Oh no honey it is isn’t, it’s just an ungraceful word for Extreme Lounging.”

He quizzically looked into her deep dark eyes.

The corners of her lips turned down.

“Oh My God, You are envious.” He laughed.

It amused him to tease her. He closed his eyes dreamily and sighed.

“Extreme lounging, watching rapturous Nigella Lawson with salty caramel dripping down her face on a full HD 3D seducing one to commit péché de gourmandise.”

He walked up to her and ran a finger down her perfect jaw line.


Ménage à trios?

He whispered. She felt the temperature rise behind her ear.

“A proud sinner, huh?”  She gave him an enigmatic smile.

“You can say that. Forgive me God for I have committed all the seven deadly sins and sold my soul to ..” He twirled a curl around his finger and released, watching it as it sprang back to nestle close to her cheek. Laughing, he sank into the depths of the couch again.

“Five, not seven sweetheart.” She smiled.

“Lust, gluttony, Greed, Sloth, and Pride.

You just called ME envious.”

“Hahahha, yes of course but that still makes it six.” The conversation was turning him on.

“Yes. There is one more left.”

She left her place near the coffee table and sashayed across the room.

The screen of his  sleek new 152-Inch 3D Plasma TV shattered.

“What the Hell?” He sprang from the couch.


She threw the  golf club and walked away.

This post is written for GBE2 WEEK #59 (7-1-12 to 7-7-12): The Seven Deadlies: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Lust

Took My Breath Away

This post is written for  BLOGESHWAR and ANUBHOOTI .

He was ecstatic to finally have me all to himself.

We made love that night.

It was something we had never experienced before.

Our bodies, hearts and souls melted into each other.

Something possessed us.

He held me tightly in his strong arms, afraid to let go, and kissed me full on my mouth.

It was a long passionate kiss. I closed my eyes and let him take control.

My fingernails dug into his muscular back.

In all that excitement, I forgot to breath.

Suddenly he let go

desperately trying to feel my pulse

I died in his arms that night.

Or  Maybe

he simply took my breath away .

Flash Fiction : Love , Sex & Dhokha

She feels his paw slid inside slowly her thin muslin nightshirt and stiffened. She stiffens recognizing the uncomfortable feeling.

She is high and tired.

She closes her eyes and gives in.

“I will not think it happened”, she tells herself firmly.” I will worry about it later”, she thinks concentrating on his each move.

She sighs and lets her husband make love to her.

The morning after

A feeling of guilt sweeps over her ….

Of cheating on her lover

Flash Fiction : With love

I set him free today.

My husband, you know.

He had been reading my emails, text messages. He even scanned my phone bills.

He had found out my feelings for you and our burning desire to be with together.

He knew how you completed me as a woman and as a human being.

He was trying to be extra loving and caring in a way that disturbed me.

I could see him suffer as he saw my ever-growing unconditional love for you.

It pained him that it was fully reciprocated in a way he never could.

He had lost a real me to a virtual you.

I wanted to put an end to his suffering.


He was passionate about his drinks and loved Alcohol more than anything else.

Tonight I made him a very special  drink.


I am sure he could not make out the difference in the way it tasted.

Slow poison… very effective…. Leaves no trace

The Tattoo : Fiction

It was a wet afternoon in Mumbai and he was glad that finally he had found a place to call his own. He had found the job in the best tatoo parlour and they were really thrilled at their talented find. Finally he was progressing towards realizing his dream.
The building where he had moved in overlooked the sea and he had the flat on the sixth floor so the view from the balcony was breathtaking.He did not much like flats but there was no option.

As a tatoo artist he needed to do his creative work in peace, without any disturbance and the flat offered just that. He went to the window and looked out. The house next door was beautiful. It was a colonial house with a huge garden and shady trees. He had pleaded to the broker to get him the house but the man had vehemently refused for some reason. He loved to look at the house and wondered why no one stayed there. He could see the cobwebs and disheveled porch and garden and the swing.

The bell rang rather sharply.

“Who could have come at this time, in such weather?” he muttered irritatingly turning down the volume of the T.V.  He had been watching L.A.Ink.  Kat von de was his idol.

He did not know many people except for some clients at the parlour.

He opened the door.

There stood the most beautiful girl he had seen since he landed in the city. There was something in her deep blue eyes that held him captive for a few moments.

” yes? Can I help you ?”

She spoke in a voice that could melt any heart.

” Hi, you are a tattoo artist, right?”

” yes, I am”,  he said thinking someone from the parlor must have recommended him.

” I want to get a tattoo done right now. I don’t have much time.” She said in a velvety voice.

“Now, but I don’t do work from home, you can come to the parlour tomorrow?” She must be really desperate to venture in such weather he thought.

He was not interested but the temptation to spend some time with her was over powering.

“I don’t have much time, please ” she looked pleadingly at him.

” come on in”, he said still perplexed at this beautiful intrusion.

She sat very still as he worked on a multicolored angel on her arm.  Her skin was the color of ivory, soft and glowing. He felt his heartbeat quicken.

She remained silent throughout , gazing at the downpour and the roaring sea outside.

The silence was getting on to his nerves. He wanted to talk to her but did not utter a word.

After two hours of hard work  the tattoo was complete. The colors shone brightly on her smooth skin. She inspected the work with her deep intense eyes and smiled. Handing over the money he had quoted she walked out without a second glance.

He stared at her back till she vanished from his eyes. It seemed like a dream. He pinched himself and again looked at the money, his first earning since he came to Mumbai.

Closing the door his mind drifted again to the girl.

Unbelievable. He thought.

It was getting dark and there was no sign of the rain stopping. He boiled some eggs and made himself a huge mug of coffee.

Next few days were hectic and he hardly had time to relax but somehow his thoughts wandered to the mysterious girl who had visited her that day.

He asked at the parlour if they had sent someone but they had not.

He wondered who had told her about him.

One Sunday he finally got a day off and the Whole day he relaxed, shopped and did some work on his designs. In the evening he went to a pool party and  returned home late.

It was a cool night and the full moon was brilliantly shining in the sky.
He aimlessly wandered to the window and looked out. The house next door was bathed in moonlight. his eyes scanned the unkempt gardens. Something caught his attention. There was someone on the swing. He peered closely and his heart racing. She seemed familiar. It was strange, no one lived there. He checked his watch. It was around 2:30 AM.

Did he drink too much? He wondered. He just had a few drinks.
He brought the binoculars from the closet and adjusted them. His hands began to tremble as he focused on the girl and spotted the Angel tattoo on the ivory skinned bare arm. He removed the binoculars and looked again.

The swing was empty, slowly swaying in the still night.

Blaze : The superhero story

It was a windy Sunday morning. Sean was still in bed. This was something he loved to do on Sundays except kungfu training or hitting the beach for surfing.

“Mr. Sean brooks its 10’0 clock, get up! It’s time for your training”. Sean moved, stretched & yawned.

“Yes, grandpa, I am coming”.

Sean lived with his maternal grandfather Xia who was a Sensei and a monk at the Gongpa shrine downtown. His parents Richard brooks and Ming brooks had died when he was two years old and since then Xia had raised him. He was a father, a mother, a teacher & a master to Sean. Sean was raised as a fearless individual and was given the best of education and kungfu training, Xia could provide. Sean loved Xia a lot and cared about him more than his life. He did a part time job at the ‘New York Strikers’ an adventure sports shop.

“You are late,” said Xia.

“Sorry grandpa…umm…it won’t happen again…”

“Well come on. Let us start with the training. Keep your self focused. This practice would need your full attention.” Xia explained.

“Yeah grandpa I can do it. You are my master so I just can’t fail.” Sean laughed.

After the session, Xia stopped Sean as he was putting his things back to head for some les serious stuff.

“Sean. Listen son, would you help me get some stuff for the shrine today instead of going to the beach.”

“Hmm…Sure pa anything for you.” Sean hugged him and went to change.


While returning from the market, Xia asked, “Have we collected everything Sean? Just check the list.”

“Sure, pa … hey you want something to eat? I’m hungry.”

“No, have what you want, I’m waiting down the alley for you”, and he walked down the dark alley.

Sean finished his sandwich & started walking towards his grandfather. Suddenly he heard a bullet shot & saw Xia slump to the ground. He recognized the man who shot his grandpa; a local gang member who had a history of killing many people for money and was a wanted criminal.

“Grandpa… Gran……Nooooooo” he cried.

Xia’s breathing was slow; the wound in his chest was bleeding profusely.

“I’ll get an ambulance grandpa, you just wait.” Said Sean, still under shocked.

Xia’s lips moved slowly “No son, my time has come. I must go now. I love you. I’ll always be….”

“Nooooooo… Grandpa.” shouted Sean.

Xia died in Sean’s arms. Sean picked him up & took him to the shrine.

The next day after Xia’s funeral Sean stood near his grave. Everything was silent and the only sound was of the rain.

“I will kill them all, nobody will be spared. I promise to avenge your death. I promise.” Sean cried. He was burning with anger and revenge.

Sean returned to the shrine and sat down to meditate. As he meditated memories of his childhood, his life with Xia flashed before him. He opened his eyes and saw a bright white light shining in front of him.

“Sean, my son, the time has come,” it was Xia’s voice.

“I have to tell you something, something I believe you need to know now. Behind the statue of the holy Buddha, is a wooden box. It has the amulet of fire. This amulet is no ordinary amulet. It is a storehouse of energy, strength and powers. The one who possesses it can rule the world and I have chosen you my son. I see the pure fire spirit in u. Bless you, my son”

“Grandpa “shouted Sean as the white light disappeared. Sean got up & went to the statue. He picked up & opened the wooden box and saw a bright red amulet wrapped in a silk cloth. He picked it up and held it in his hands.

Suddenly the amulet gave a flash of crimson light and melted into Sean’s hand. His body burnt like molten lava. He shouted and cried, unable to bear the pain but slowly the pain vanished. The amulet had now become a part of Sean’s body.

Sean possessed the fire spirit now. He was now a storehouse of power, bursting with energy, speed n agility.

It was the birth of the invincible BLAZE.

Meanwhile, at the Roscoe Intl. Laboratory.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Doctor Tony Vlad. Today is the day when I unveil the Neurotobe60 a gene modification serum that shall be used by the U.S army for defense purposes. I thank Dr. Rachel & Dr. Sheila…..”

“Oh, shut up Doctor” and someone shot Tony. “Remember me”. It was Raul the same man who had murdered Xia that night.

“Tch…Tch…Tch… You know doc, I was so tired of stealing and running away. I wanted to have the ultimate power & you made it for me. Thank you & Adios. He shot Tony again in the head.

Raul took the injector and injected himself with the serum. He laughed as the serum slowly transformed him into a hideous monster. “Hahahaha….New York… You want fear I will be the fear in you. I am invincible. I am Ripjaw.

“Not so fast, dorkhead.” it was Sean.

“Go away kid, you are no match for me”

“Oh yeah!” laughed Sean “Burnin’ up”

Ripjaw gasped as Sean’s body lit up with fire.

“Who are you?”


Blaze took a quick jump & kicked Ripjaw sending him through the lab door into the chemical chamber. Blaze went into the chamber. He could hear Ripjaw whisper
“Yoo-hoo, fire boy. You think u can stop me. You can’t.”

Suddenly he appeared from the top and grabbed blaze by his neck. He threw blaze but to his surprise blaze flipped & threw a fireball on him.

“I’m not here to stop you, I’m gonna kill you”

“Is this all fire boy, taste my strength now” Ripjaw ran towards blaze and gave him the poison sting; it was his most lethal attack. Sean lay on the glass floor right above the hot chemical fluids. He could not move & felt his energy drain.

He heard Xia’s voice “Sean, you have unimaginable power in you, if u concentrate on your fire spirit, the poison inside you will burn. You can unleash more power than ever”

Sean concentrated hard and got up slowly. His body was still hurting a bit. He then closed his eyes “The fire spirit in me, I call upon you. Spirit of the fire. Unleash. Full heat!”

Sean sent out a huge blast of fire across the floor, which hit Ripjaw sending him through the glass into the hot chemicals.

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” he howled.

“Hell, yeah”

Blaze had finally avenged Xia’s death.

Sean stood near Xia’s grave. He bent and placed a rose on it.

“Grandpa, I finally did it. I loved you and always will. Thank you”

He rose slowly and walked into the mist.

Bhed (discrimination)

“The children are starving since last two days .Please get something to eat from somewhere.” “I can not see them suffering.”

“I am trying dear, morning till evening I try to get something that can sustain our children .Even I can not see the family going hungry each day.”

“Why don’t you try the MCD garbage dump?” “Maybe you may find some leftovers there.”

“Absolutely out of question, that place stinks and the entire colony throw its garbage there, it’s such a bad place, I won’t go there.”

“Please this one time,” she said with her eyes welling.

“Oh! Alright I will go.” He turned and hurried towards the garbage dump at the end of the long road.

It was cold, foggy and there was no sigh of sun.

She waited impatiently. Her children cuddled close to her. She looked fondly at all of them .They sure will have food today.

Hours passed and she started getting worried .Her eyes fixed on the road. She could hardly see beyond the nearest tree, but then she saw him running toward their home .He held something in his mouth.

The children gathered around her full of hope.

He dropped what looked like a loaf of meat, in front of her. Trying to catch his breath, he sat on the ground.

“What is this?” she started inspecting the thing lying in front of her.

“Oh God! This is a newborn human girl child.

Their eyes widened at the sight of the dead female infant.

“Are you sure”?

“Yes, I am”. “Someone who did not want a girl child dumped her in the garbage dump.”

“How heartless and cruel these humans are .Thank God we don’t discriminate between our children.”She said licking the nearest one fondly.

The puppy, happy at the sight of food and love, wagged its tiny tail.

“Let’s have our meal quickly, it is question of our survival”, he said.

No one moved.

Under The Dogwood Tree

The rivulet gushed through the picturesque forest .It was spring in England .Sam looked around him, this was their favorite spot .The place was vibrant with colors .A carpet of bluebells under lush green tall trees, delicate wild flowers of hues that only God could paint with his magic brush, daffodils swaying with the gentle breeze. The flaming colors of rhododendron lit up the hill sides. Along the banks of the rivulet and under the trees narcissus filled the air with their intoxicating fragrance .A palette of red, pink, yellow and blue.

Sam waited for Dan to arrive .They had spent some of the most memorable evenings there .Sitting under the pink Dogwood tree whose gently arching branches leaned over to kiss the sparking water of the rivulet .He smiled as he remembered the most intimate moments Dan and he shared in that magical unspoiled beauty around them .The place was secluded and so there was no chance of any disturbance.

Distractedly Sam plucked a blade of grass and started nibbling it, a maelstrom of emotions and remembrances engulfed him.He watched the small pebbles roll into the cool waters in front of him. A leaf fell from a tree into the water, and was carried away by the swift current .Sam wondered where the rivulet will take the tiny leaf .Where its journey of life will culminate? Such is life, he thought.

Where we have come from and where the river of life will take us no one knew. We may glide gently down the current like this little leaf and during our journey we meet whirlpools and rocky shores, rapids and precipices, and many obstacles. His eyes followed the little leaf till it disappeared from his sight forever. So it is with man, he thought. One disappears from sight—Death takes him.

Dan had taken a day off to meet Sam .He wanted to set things fine before Sam left the country .They were a couple and had spent great times professionally as well as on personal front but things had gone out of his control lately. Sam was demanding more time and attention, he was not happy of their undercover relationship. While Dan was successful, handsome top level award winning journalist Sam was an upcoming photographer. A simple soul with great looks but a complex personality and responses that drove Dan up the wall.

Sam had started quarreling with him over the attention he paid to all the lovely girls who seem to gather around him like honey bees .He was sure Dan was sleeping with some of them and that made him furious. Dan was bisexual but kept his sexual preferences under wraps due to his Indian background and the position he held in his profession. This troubled Sam no ends .He wanted Dan all for himself .He wanted to be socially seen with him, accepted by the friends and colleagues.

They had talked about it for hours together but Dan was firm about his decision and Sammy could do nothing about it. There was a whirlpool of emotions inside the young man .They had been together for last ten years but the distance still remained.

Sam was getting less assignments now as he spent most of his time in pubs or trailing Dan to wherever he went, keeping an eye on all that he did .Dan was getting very irritated by this constant bickering and being followed all the time .The fights were increasing every day .Dan felt sorry for Sammy and tried to counsel him but to no effect .It made Sam more stubborn and furious .He started taking drugs and resembled a ghost on the sidewalk.

Dan knew Sammy was going to loose his job one day but could not do anything. He had fallen in love with a beautiful Italian girl and did not feel the same for Sammy the way he used to .Something had changed in him, though he still felt sorry for his lover.

Sam slowly receded from his life and Dan became more and more involved with his new found love and life .One fine day he met Sam at a party. He looked well. Their eyes met over hundreds of people laughing and chatting over drinks. Dan tried to look away, feeling uncomfortable and guilty but Sammy came towards him, smiling his beautiful smile .Dan felt something cut deep into his heart .The ache made his eyes moist. They shook hands like old friends and hugged.

Sammy told Dan that he was leaving the country and wanted one evening with him in the forest near the rivulet.

Dan remembered how enchanting the place looked in spring and quickly agreed to come that weekend.

Sam saw Dan walking down the path towards him. He got up and went to hug his friend .Dan felt a sudden rush inside him but managed to remain calm .He did not want to start it all over again.

The two men sat on the bank of the rivulet chatting about all the fun they used to have .It was like old times. And time stood still.

Sam had brought some of Dan’s favorite things to eat, complete with the cutlery, glasses and wine .They had a hearty meal together listening to the birds and taking in the breathtaking beauty that lay before them.

Sitting under the blooming pink Dogwood tree whose flowers as delicate in color as fine porcelain Dan looked around the swirls of lilac, gold, and white formed by bedded-out pansies which they has planted there together .

It was getting a little windy and late so Dan decided to say his last good bye.

For the last time the two lovers embraced.

Just as Dan turned to leave Sammy picked up the steak knife

It had been an hour since Sam had been hugging Dan’s body .His eyes swollen with crying .He kissed Dan’s forehead and ran his fingers though his rich black hair.

“Goodbye Danny I love you’’

After a seven day search for Danish, who had gone missing, the police found a decomposed body of a male in a fisherman’s cottage, with his wrists slit and a freshly dug shallow grave near the rivulet in the forest.

Near the grave on the Dogwood tree truck was etched:





Rain, thunder and lightning, she could see it all from her bedroom window. It was a freezing December night. Unusually dark.

Stretched casually across the emptiness of the bed, she spread her delicate, bare arms on her sides. Her palms up. The luxurious raven black curls fell over her well rounded shoulders.

She closed her midnight dark eyes slowly. Her breasts rose and fell in tune with the rhythm of her heartbeats .She moved her shapely slender legs .The satin sheet beneath her, creased a little.

She lay stark naked on the king-size bed of her master bedroom. Her body aflame with hunger. The intoxicating aroma of the scented candles drifted in the air.

The lighting flashed through the stately glass windows, revealing the curves of her slightly tanned body. She resembled the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, Aphrodite, sculpted exquisitely in marble.


Suddenly she felt a warm touch upon her arm, sliding down slowly towards her palm. Warm strong fingers lightly slipped between her fingers. She felt a tender palm press against her palm. He unexpectedly pulled her close to his strong warm body. She could hear his heartbeat merging with her own.

She was thirsting for this meeting, her heart beat loud and passionate against his chest ……. it had been so long .She wrapped her arms around him and drew him closer .Their bodies pressed in a tight embrace. Her soft lips, full as ripe fruit, touched his forehead while his hands slid between them caressing and feeling her firm round breasts .A passionate kiss followed intense love making.

For the next couple of hours they lay engulfed by the raging fire of passion. Their bodies melted into each other. She was in the world of orgasmic fantasy.

None of them said anything. Their eyes never met and she didn’t realize when she fell asleep encircled in his arms. Inseparable.

The first rainbow hued sunshine filtered through the glistening glass.

The bed was empty. The satin sheet, crumpled and moist, had slid to one side of the bed.

Did he leave before the daybreak or was it all a dream?

She just did not want to know and didn’t care. She stretched herself, satiated and whole.

She gazed out at a glorious morning knowing that life was never going be the same again.

It was a warm December morning when she woke up alone in an empty room.