The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell…

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.
There is such a beautiful message in this 13th century poem of  Rumi. Sometimes it needs a special person to connect the dots and awaken you to realize the true essence of what you read. I have done affirmation and healing techniques like EFT etc since some time now. Doing daily affirmations has changed me from within. I am not saying that I don not go into low mood swings or do not get emotionally upset over things but I am able to get over them and move on quicker than before.  We all know that there is an energy source within but rarely do we pay attention to it or focus on it.
Rarely we communicate with our inner child, rarely we look within and look at. We find it hard to forgive, hard to appreciate others and harder to forgive and appreciate ourselves.
This post isn’t a discourse on positive thinking or healing and transformation nor am I pushing you to go do what I am doing but simple little things sometime are life changing. Reviewing life, changing thought patterns, writing a new story, letting go of anger, hurt, pain directed towards people has helped me get out of negative weak fields and given me courage and clarity to make conscious choices which are rid of guilt. I have been able to make that shift in my priorities and consciousness and feel the improvement.
Forgiveness has helped me raise my awareness towards myself and others. It wasn’t easy, still at some point of time I slip back but the moment I do I realize and make an effort to rise again. I have not been consistent in re-balancing my energies and it showed greatly on my physical and emotional health.  But, they say, when you ask for it , you are given. Something changed dramatically the moment I got connected with this thought.  Everything began to fall into places. The process has begun. What I desire is on its way and I very strongly believe universe will guild and help me get it.
Sometimes change happens gradually , over a period of time. Nothing is a waste, we have our rooting years and then we bloom but at other times it is sudden. It is essential too to release the blocked or interrupted energy and make it flow.  I have seen how effective it is in body healing.
To some it may seem silly but I have seen that when faced with something I have no answer to , I just surrender it to the universe and the solutions come on their own. May be not at that moment but they come when it is time t act on them. The problems dissolve naturally if we don not make a fuss about them.
I also feel that if you are passionate about somethings, you are propelled towards it. That great feeling of doing what you want to and doing it right becomes the motivational force. I am not quoting any of my teachers here, it is something I have experienced since sometime. Nothing can stand in front of a passionate desire to achieve something. People cooperate, co create , door begin to open, It works if you direct your energy towards what you want so much.
Someone asked me , if that is so Why did it took you so long to take a step in that direction ? I said, I did not want it so badly I guess.
Everything has its time and it happens in that time frame, you just can not hurry the process. It is something we never learn from nature, maybe because we never look.
When I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer’s  recording of  ‘Inspiration‘ among many others I realized how my desire to connect was manifested. How I was shown the path by a friend.  How I discovered one link after the other. There is nothing more blissful than friends who connect to show you the light. Sometimes you know them, sometimes  you don’t but they appear out of no where and change the scenario, they help you set the stage , to chart your path.  One is suddenly more aware and able to grab the opportunities , to see the signals and use them.
I am  immensely grateful to all those who helped me and are still helping me in my journey of life. Do listen to the recording of Dr. Dyer’s  Inspiration- your ultimate calling by clicking at the above link.
The fact that I wrote this and you are reading it confirms the belief that somewhere the universe wants us to connect and find our calling. Each of us is just a tool. For those who think this is all a gimmick and money-raising activity by motivational teachers or metaphysical healers , all I say is Never judge . You never know who opens the window for you to reach out to the real  “You”. It is all about Believing  and rising above the ego.
Rumi’s poem came as an answer to a question I was pondering on since last few months. Why do I always wake up between 3AM to 4 AM  most of the nights , sometimes half an hour ahead or before too ? We call it “Brahma Muhurat”  , a time best suited for meditation and connecting with self and the source energy from where it all began. Usually I would say some affirmations and try to go back to sleep in vain. So, I would toss and turn and log into internet or read. It just did not strike me as a calling to step out and meditate on oneself. To recognize this body clock and body rhythm and know what it’s telling.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell, do not go to bed .. 
 A time for cosmic connect. Time for inspirations to flow in. Its been three days since I have started to get myself out of bed  the moment my eyes open ( it’s always around the same time between 3 to 4 am) and stand in the balcony. I haven’t ventured out of the house yet.  There is something miraculous in spreading your arms to the early morning sky , breathing deep and relaxing the mind ,. body and soul in that tranquility of pre dawn.  It is a feeling to experience for it may bring a new meaning to each of us.  I never felt so at one with myself , so calm and serene within. There is this magical hue in the sky, a deep silence and immediately one closes the eyes and is inward bound.  I really felt closest to the source energy. Many thoughts kept floating in my head and with them came many solutions. I was able to let go of many of people and things , accumulated hurts and regrets from the past. The first morning I felt tears roll down my cheeks but I was not in pain. I knew it was a cleansing process.
The breeze does have secrets to tell.. only we have to be receptive to listen to them. I think this is what a fully awakened state of mind means. Each day is a different experience. It comes on its own. I have had such moments during nights, when I get this sudden drive to write something. It is a compelling force from within. The reason I keep a pencil and notebook next to my bed. These thoughts never return.
I have made this a routine now.  What ever time I wake up between 3 to 4:30 I just let go of myself and surrender myself to the universal energies. It really is helping me to have a much calmer and peaceful time with myself and others.

The Healer : Pranic Healing or Energy Healing

This is the second post of the series The Light , The Healer and The Muse

This post is about a very special woman who helped me heal in one of the worst time of my life. She is not just my healer but also a friend and my akka ( sister).
When I speak of heart light reaching out and souls connecting with each other I also mean that some people just get directed towards you by some common factor and a special relationship is built on mutual love, trust and respect.

I came to know about Padmini akka as I call her, through her mother. It is now almost three years since I have a beautiful bonding with her and her Energy Healing has made tremendous quality changes in my daily life.

I was on the verge of collapse due to some health problem and was extremely depressed due to it all. Nothing seemed to take away my hidden fears and life came to a complete stand still. I knew all those who loved me were trying patiently to cope with my outbursts and continuous aches, pains and emotional problems. It was a trying experience for everyone.

Then one day I was given her phone number by her mother who was visiting us from Chennai and without even knowing me personally Dr. Padmini started my distant energy healing along with my medication.

I have yet to see someone with such patience and love that she has for everyone who connects to her. As she listened to all my problems she began her healing for me. She also suggested some changes in life style, gave me the names of books I could read and incorporate the suggestions from them in my daily life and as we spoke I felt lighter. Something drained out of my body (which I later came to know as energy blocks).

She advised me to learn Pranic Healing and go for a session in my city but continued to heal me on regular basis. We would talk on phone for long hours and it changed my thinking, my way of living and slowly my depression also evaporated. The entire being was filled with positiveness and good health in no time.

I trusted her completely and knew that her efforts from such a long distance will eventually cure me. I began to feel better and better and slowly the meditation, yoga, healing and complete involvement with what I LOVED TO DO became my priority in life.

Today most of the credit to my work, my sanity and good health goes to her.

Pranic Healing opened a new door for me and practically gave a new life. There are no words to thank Akka for bringing the change in every aspect of me.

I am not writing this post just as a praise for her but also as a testimonial of a patient who got completely cured. I want that all those looking out for health solutions of any kind should contact her and experience what I did.

Many a times I call her for some ailment which bothers me like my Cervical Spondylosis or sluggish GI anything that I am not able to tackle on my own or with medicine and she immediately sends Healing and removes the energy blocks giving me instant relief.

I have learned and benefited from her Energy Healing and it has made my system stronger.

There is a kind of relaxed feeling that wraps me when the healing is being done. I t feels as if all the negativity from the affected area is flowing out of my body and the relief is immediate.

I would like to share one such healing incident with you all. Many a times our pains are generated psychologically and they manifest themselves as physical pains.. acute physical pains. We are unable to find any reason for them and need to be rid of them as soon as possible.

Similar thing happened to me during my trip to Corbett National Park. It was late evening and in the middle of jungle I had severe abdominal pain. I was restless and the rest of the group worried. It irritated me and there was no medication available. I tried against all odds to call Dr. Padmini and she like an angel picked up the phone and listened to me very patiently. It was late and am sure she must be having dinner or had guests at home coz I could hear voices but still she gave me Pranic healing and told me to take a pain killer and relax my tensed nerves.

The healing does not substitute medication ..

I did exactly what she told me and within minutes I was well. The pain just vanished and I was able to eat my dinner too.

As advised I continued the pain killer for one more day and we were able to stay on for two more days, when at that moment our bags were packed for leaving.

So you can see how effectively this complementary therapy of healing works.

I am not writing about the techniques used in Healing as such, one can find it all on Google or write to Dr. Padmini directly to know all about it.
The idea of writing this post is to make people across the globe aware of the benefits of energy healing and have a healthy society at all levels.

Dr. Padmini sharma is a practitioner of Pranic Healing or energy healing – a complementary therapy, using prana or energy to heal the body and mind. She uses Pranic Healing to complement medical interventions in all kind of health challenges and also in improving quality of life. She conducts workshops and training programs in Pranic Healing meditation and stress management.

Here is a link to her LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Padmini Sharma

you can also contact her on the given email ID

Dr. padmini sharma

Pranic Healing Does Not take the place of medical attention and acts ONLY as supplement / complement to what ever mainstream methods that are currently available.

Please feel free to contact her for any guidance. Discover good can leave comments which I will forward to her but direct communication is better. Do pass the blog link to all friends if you believe in Energy Healing and get benefited.