Mango Phirni With Mango Roses | Indian Mango Rice Pudding With Mango Roses

Mangoes are in season and there is nothing more satiating than this dessert. Fragrant rice in full cream milk with flavor of ripe mangoes is delicately delicious and looks fantastic with the mango roses. This was my first attempt in making the roses and the mangoes were so juicy and ripe that it didn’t work the way I wanted but then it was fun and lip smacking.  I also discovered an easier way of getting those roses right which I will share later along with some other fruit and vegetable flowers.

The secret to a good phirni is the coarsely ground rise that has a semolina like texture. Traditionally it is served in mitti ka kasora or a small earthenware bowl. I didn’t have those so used a clay pot to chill the phirni then served in glass bowls. Nuts, saffron, silver leaf are used traditionally as a garnish but with the gorgeous mango flavour and roses on top I did not use anything extra. Creamy and grainy, this is a perfect dessert after a lavish meal.

Ingredients : 

  • Mango puree – 1 cup
  • Raw Basmati Rice – 31/2 tbs ( Soaked)
  • Mangoes – 1-2 ( For the roses)
  • Condensed Milk ( Milkmaid ) – 3/4 Cup ( adjust according to the sweetness of mangoes)
  • Full Fat Milk – 4 Cups
  • Saffron Threads – 5-6 ( Soaked in warm milk)
  • Almonds – 6-7 soaked / skinned / ground to a paste
  • Nuts / Raisins – for garnish ( as desired)
  • Green cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp


Steps : 

  1. Soak rice in water for 30 minutes at least.
  2. Rinse and blend in the food processor with a little milk or water to make a smooth yet coarse paste. The rice should not become powdery.
  3. Heat the milk in heavy bottom pan and bring in to boil. Keep stirring and reduce it for about 15 minutes.
  4. Add the rice and almond pastes, stirring continuously on low heat. Make sure no lumps are formed.
  5. Add saffron and keep simmering on low heat till the rawness of ricer goes away.
  6. Add condensed milk and stir till it thickens to pudding like consistency. Turn off the gas. Add cardamom powder.
  7. Let the mixture cool on the counter and then st
  8. ir in the fresh mango puree. Mix it to get a smooth texture.
  9. Add the desired nuts and pour into the earthen pot or any serving pot you are using. Let it chill in the fridge so it sets properly.
  10. Meanwhile make mango roses and cool them. Before serving arrange the roses as desired and serve chilled.

  1. To make mango roses : Peel a hard yet ripe mango and cut the two side slices. Remove an inch from the sides and slice thinly. Arrange it the thin slices to form the petals and place it on the chilled phirni.


My Tip:
Keep the sugar level mild in phirni for excellent taste. You can layer white phirni and mango phirni alternately in individual glasses or serve in individual earthen bowls too. If serving individually you can add chopped mango pieces or simply drizzle finely chopped pistachios and almond shavings.
You can layer the phirni in individual glasses. For that take out a portion of phirni before adding the mango pulp and chill. Once the mango phirni is ready, spoon some mango puree in chilled glasses and layer the two phirni alternately. Garnish with chopped mango pieces or nuts.




Cookie Crumble Ice Cream With Chocolate Ganache

There is nothing like indulging in sinful preparations that call for chocolate, Oreo, Vanilla ice cream etc. Kid 1 @Darkequinox24 treated me to a wonderful concoction of flavors and textures today. Here is what we had on a sultry August evening.

To make this you will need :

Amul Dark Chocolate bar- 1 Big (55%cocoa)

Amul Fresh Cream – 200ml

Amul Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 liter Brick

Kraft Oreo Biscuits – Small Pack

Britannia Nutrichoice Digestive Oatmeal Biscuits – 250 gm

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To make the Ganache :
1. Heat fresh cream and a little butter in a saucepan
Add vanilla extract(optional)
2. Break the Chocolate bar into pieces.

3. Pour it over bitter chocolate and stir for a while till thick sauce forms.

4. Let it stand for 10 minutes to cool.

5. Stir with a whisk to make it smooth and shiny.

i marveled at the perfect Ganache that he made. Sneaked in to lick it off the bowl so many times. So proud of my boys.

For the Ice Cream Biscuit Mix :

6. Crumble Oreo  and crush the digestive biscuits.

7. Cut the ice cream brick and add to the biscuit mixture. Mix them well.

8. Add 30 ml whiskey\bourbon and 2 teaspoons of instant coffee in a small pot and heat. Tilt the pot a bit to flambé the mix.

To Assemble :

9. Pour it over the Ice cream and biscuit mixture and mix it  all till it forms a rich textured paste.

10. Let it chill for half an hour in the freezer.

11. To serve, make a base of Ganache and top it with the ice cream biscuit mixture. Pipe some more Ganache on top to decorate and add berries, nuts or dark chocolate biscuit crumble.

You can always use your choice of biscuits and make variations of this recipe.

Enjoy !