Thursday Photo Challenge : Craft

The Thursday challenge is here and this time the theme is  “CRAFTS” (Supplies, Knitting, Crocheting, Woodworking, Pottery, Painting,…)

This post is very special to me. When my boys were small it was fun to do the summer craft projects which included composing theme based  poems with illustrations.

We spent long summer days writing little snippets , cutting and collecting pictures, drawing with various colors and finally giving the final touches to the project.

It was messy but fun filled time.


I am sharing one of my younger son’s poem which is wrote in class 6th as part of the English Holiday Project. I have kept their files of the first few years as treasures.

Some day when they will go to another towns in another arms I will sit on my rocking chair and hold them in my shrivelled hands with a smile in my heart.







How I long for those times gone by 🙂 !