Unexpected :GBE2 Week #63

Looking back at life I kept reflecting on how I undertook many journeys, often those that I never planned to take and how they took me to unexpected destinations. Some of them were exactly what I wanted, others not so.

Even now there are decisions to make and surprises in store. The future is never set in stone.

Sometimes we come at the crossroads and need to make some life changing decisions, take some stands and these shift the entire universe around us and then unexpected and unpredictable things happen, which take us out of an uncomfortable situation but also take us over and change our lives forever.

For me, freedom came in strange forms and from unexpected directions.

Unexpected!  My living itself was unexpected.


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Life made me chart my paths in an unknown territory.

Most of the time the ground beneath my feet shifted unexpectedly and it took me immense effort to keep my balance and stand firm to move ahead with the flow.

Some dreams died an unexpected death, such as:

My rendezvous with Spanish Language and desire for further studies in Latin America, a dream to live there

A love affair which had everything but ‘love’ and ended in a disastrous and life altering decision

My marriage, which I thought would bring me the companionship and love I was yearning for

At every step, life felt like shifting sand dunes beneath my feet.

This was a roller coaster which was speeding on a rail that had no fixed destination but had all the usual ups and downs, twists and turns.  As it plunged into unknown or shot up like a rocket heading into space, I waited breathlessly for the unexpected to reveal. Not knowing if I would be thrown over and succumb or come out a winner and live.

Even the mundane seemed like an unfamiliar territory marked by unpredictable.  People, places, and turn of events that took me by unawares and hurled me into some totally new situation to deal with.

This broken road with pitfalls and sharp turns and unexpected traverses brought me joy and adventure too. Sometimes out of chaos emerge the most unexpected and beautiful delights. It took me over an invisible wall and life again changed in least expected ways, demolishing all old things in its path.

Sometimes I feel that the word “unexpected” has lost its meaning in my life due to its continuity and yet  it surprises me by springing up at unexpected places from unexpected directions.

Love for instance. Friendships spread over the globe, virtual and yet so real. People connected through some unknown energy. Bonds woven together like colourful wondrous threads of a tapestry. I began to realize that some things made sense only in reverse and one needed to trust in advance and surrender to it with that knowledge.

I have seen that it is in times of struggle that I found the best parts of myself – courage, loyalty, love, an unexpected peace within, poise and joy. Somehow I always discovered what I needed to break through or break away from to go on with life.

Today, universe is helping me realize some of my dreams and I can say that I expect the unexpected with a lot more conviction and strength than before.

True love and friendship unexpectedly transforms lives. Empty spaces get filled, pieces begin to fall into places and life opens up with a newness unseen before.

It gives a reason to live, to push through the fear.

I am at a point where life has taken a completely new direction and each day is a new discovery but unlike before even with an intuitive knowledge of impending uncertainty I am prepared to ride the storm.

Now that we are talking about the unexpected let me share something more.

I want my death to be unexpected.


Whoosh !


This post is written for GBE 2 WEEK #63 (7-29-12 to 8-4-12): Unexpected