Book Release, Interview And Other Milestones

So much has been happening lately that I have lost count of things I needed to share with my readers though most of those who follow me on other social channels must be getting the micro updates.
I gave in to the temptation and joined Instagram. It is overwhelming and though a great platform I need to nip that desire to make it a focal point of living. Those of you who are there can follow me  @tikulli 

Can’t believe I have already shared more than 120 posts there. 😀

Now to the Good news that has kept me busy and happy.

My elder son Aditya is getting married to his lovely girl friend Snigdha. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of happiness. It is a new chapter in their lives and ours. As the big day gets closer I am becoming very nostalgic and emotional. (Not that I am not that most of the time lol)

I wish them friendship, love and joy. And Peace. I know I tried to do my best as a parent and I hope he starts now on a new note leaving behind the grief, sorrow and grudges of the past. Cherish the bond we share.

Sharing a box of rich dark ganache, dark chocolate from Fabelle chocolate boutique, ITC Maurya Sheraton. This delicious chocolate is made with exquisite Ghana Cocoa. I went there recently and got blown over by the range. Post coming up soon.

Now to writing and other things.

In July poet-editor-academe Seb Doubinsky featured me on TABAGO, his wonderful international page for writers. A great honor for me to share a platform with some of the finest writers.

“I think both fiction and poetry are socially relevant projects just like any other art, a form of protest.”

Let stories be told, poems be written and songs be sung without fear. Let there be tolerance, compassion and love for all. We are living in difficult times and there is a dire need for change for the good of future generations. 70 years of Independence mean nothing if we still live in fear, if human lives do not matter. Violence, apathy, intolerance, bigotry needs to go.

Here is the link to the interview.  TIKULI DOGRA  

Another fantastic new is selection of my short story in ‘Silence is White’ an exceptional anthology dedicated to my dear friend, author, editor, academe, Seb Doubinsky. Kudos to  Chris Kelso and James Goddard for making this happen and Manu Rich for the brilliant cover.  I am the only Indian writer in the anthology and very proud to be included. Thank you James for putting the soul in my story. Releasing Date – October, 19th. You can pre order the book here. Soon it will be available here too.



I have a very important announcement coming up in a few days. Stay tuned. 🙂 

Meanwhile, my blog has been nominated in five categories for Indian Blogger Awards. Even non bloggers can leave a comment through Facebook. If you enjoy my writing, photographs etc do leave a testimonial by clicking on the given link.  #IBA2017 

Show some love by leaving a comment here.  You can even click on the right side bar widget to reach the page. Indiblogger completed a decade this year and I have nine years of wonderful association with them as a blogger. A great platform to be part of.

In nine years of blogging with WordPress I have now 2,700+ followers and 704,608 blog hits.

The blog was listed in Top Blogs of India for the sixth consecutive year. This year was the seventh edition of the Directory of best Indian blogs. A great milestone for me. Thank you for being part of my journey.

We blog, therefore we are.  

Keep reading and do leave your comments on the posts so that I know your views.

Thank you for all the love and support. Blogging with WordPress has been a very satisfying journey. The stats show the encouragement I get from all of you. Stay connected.

Collection Of Chaos – My Poetry Book And First Mini Review

Collection of Chaos

My short collection of poetry Collection Of Chaos is out from a new and power packed Leaky Boot Press, England. Editor James Goddard ( himself an excellent writer, mentor, editor) has done a fabulous job with it. Without him this would have remained just another dream.  Acclaimed author and multimedia artist Kris Saknussemm has written a heartwarming foreword for the book.

The cover art  is a painting by talented artist Rachel Slade  .

Big thanks to all who encouraged and helped me break my mental barriers.

The book is now available to buy at , , Bookadda, uRead , Flipkart and from other online book sellers too.

While I await my author’s copies here is an initial response of a wonderful fellow poet and published authorWilliam. B. Burkholder –

“On Tiku’s “Collection of Chaos”…
I am still in the process of digesting this tasty morsel of poetic beauty.
However, the first thing that comes to mind is as follows, and for some reason, I feel that my mere words shall not do justice to the exquisite beauty with which these lines are written…

Powerful, miraculous, extreme in its undertaking to convey the heart and mind of a universal writer, who not only speaks to some, but to all.

In a far distant land, where kismet thoughts reside, and poetic verse is unleashed to quell and calm the troubled and broken hearted, the view afforded to the reader by this single poet, captures elements of the human condition and the heart. I am enthralled to have the privilege to read these works, and I am blessed to have Tikuli as a friend and poetic colleague.

If you have not already, please do yourself a kind favor and purchase this collection today.

My formal review of these works shall come soon, however, my excitement about this work cannot be contained. 

On a 1 to 5 star scale… “Collection of Chaos” rates a fabulous 6!

W. B. Burkholder”

Thank you William. Your words mean a lot.

Leaky Boot Press FB page

Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul : I too got published

When I got Chicken Soup for Every Mother’s Soul as a gift from my mom, I never thought I will see my name in the contributing writers list in the CS series and then came the mail from Guest Writer and friend Raksha Bharadia saying that she is collecting contributions for her new book, I was thrilled. I sent some of the material and she selected one of my poems for publishing. I was ecstatic.

Recently on visiting Teksons I found Chicken Soup For the Indian Romantic Soul on the racks and picked up a copy with a big smile on my face. The feeling one gets to see the name among the contributors is something I can’t describe. A stepping stone for me as a creative writer. I read and then read it again. It felt so good.

I picked a copy and gifted it to my mom who has been a pillar of strength and encouragement to me. I wrote ” this is from one eternally romantic soul to another. Thanks mom for helping me take the first steps in a romance called life “. The eyes said it all, the lips remained silent. She hugged me an wished me luck.

Here is a link to the poem which was included in the book.

Precious Memories

The poem is very speical to me although it is one of my early ones. It’s dedicated to a very special some in my life. I thank him for being my muse and adding the romance in my life.

Thanks Love.

These are the small pleasures of life. Every thing counts however litttle. One needs to be grateful for even the smallest joy that comes our way in any form and it mutiplies manyfolds.

I thank Gulnaz for introducing me to Raksha and Raksha for giving me the opportunity to showcase my writing. Love you both.

The book has 101 inspirational stories that will touch your heart. It also has some poems. I really liked the simple short one by Shekhar Kapoor. My friend Arun Nair also has a short story of his own marriage in it. Congrats Arun. I loved the contributions of  Jane Bhnadari, Raksha Bharadia, Anand Patankar, Usha M, Vibha Karnik,Meenakshi Roy. The other stories and poems are also worth reading. Over all it is a great read.

The book which was released as a  Valentine Day special has everything a romantic soul wants love, compassion, companionship, memories , belonging, and romance. A perfect gift for someone you love.

It feels great to see my work being recognised and to receive my first earning, or maybe second if count the Indus Ladies prize money 🙂 . Friends do get your copy ..