Photo Theme For Thursday : Peaceful

The theme this time for the Thursday Challenge is “PEACEFUL” (Relaxing, Harmonious, Friendly, Serene, Mild Weather, Calm Water,…)

Nothing could be more calmer and peaceful than sitting at the banks of the river Ganges and watch the sunrise. The boats patiently wait for the early morning worshipers and tourists.

Many people rise as early as four in the morning to come and sit at the ghats to become one with the serene river.

Banaras visit is incomplete without connecting with the soul of Ganga.

Deliverance: A Poem

The little boy stands alone

On the banks of the Ganges

His head shaved clean

Like the white sky above

Moist eyes filled with anticipation

Look around at trees and parapets

Three mounds of rice lie on a leaf

Waiting for a crow’s touch

for deliverance of his father’s soul

Note: (One of the most important religious rituals after cremation in Hindus is, to do “Pind Dan” (offerings to the crow to help the soul attain salvation after cremation of the body. The crow is considered auspicious. The ritual is performed by the son.)