First Steps in Photoshop- Some Digital Art

I have been wary of words and not able to write anything worthwhile for sometime. The absence of my muse or maybe a writer’s block, I don’t know what.

Sometime my body refuses to respond to my spirit and lack of energy takes a toll on my creativity. I have been a little disconnected with myself and slowly trying to get back to what I am. Trying to discover new paths , new dimensions, new openings for my soul.

Adi, my elder one, suggested I learn Photo Shop and as he is doing animation and visual graphics , I decided to give it a try. I love colors and it’s been ages since I flirted with paints and crayons or even sketched.

The world of digital art is amazing and as I explore the hidden treasures of PS and its boundless possibilities I feel happy I took those baby steps in this direction. It is a new experience for me and I would surely want to master this art.

Sharing with you some of the work I have done so far. My FB friends may have seen these pictures in my album but still posting all of my work here.

Some day I hope I will be able to merge the colors of my creativity and my life and create a whole new wonder for myself till then I am just a student..

A visit to Dilli Haat : Indian Craft Bazaar

Located right in the center of Delhi , Dilli Haat is a paradise for art and craft lover, foodies and shoppers. Six acres of visual delight with a variety of colors, sounds, aromas, this place is worth a visit. Haat is a weekly market where the producers sell their goods themselves. I love the landscaping and the village architectural style, the stone and  brickwork, and the warmth of the place is overwhelming.

It was a nice bright day yesterday and I decided to capture the magic of the festival of Indian Handicrafts going on there.

It was a joy to watch the vibrant display of  footwear(jutties), brass ware, sandalwood and rosewood carvings, hand-loom items, woolen and silk items, draperies, articles made from stone, colorful bangles, silver filigree work, pottery and things made from bamboo and banana fiber along with other stuff.. Each thing unique and a fine example of the skills of the Indian craftsmen.

We reached at about 2 in the afternoon and stayed on till late evening. It’s a great family meeting place. The dinner was picked from the state food stalls and we also had our fill of some delicious food there too.

The exotic bright colors, flower decorations, local artisans, live performances  added to the  fun.  I captured some images to share with all of you. So sit  back and  enjoy one amazing Indian experience :).

I shall be going again for the Aman Ki Asha food for peace fest this weekend and will post some more pix then.