Poems Of Absence

These poems were first published in Peregrine Muse under a common title ‘Five Remembrances’. 


I see you in the slant of light
that streams in from a distant time,
your body translucent as sea,
the river holds your face in watery hands,
your voice shivers on bare stones,
sand sings your songs, your eyes,
emptied of seasons, gaze at me,
wrapping me in a quiet embrace, 
filling themselves with my longings,
my heart, hollowed of words,
weighs heavy with the moments
I did not live with you,
I reach out for you across the mist,
you withdraw in silence.
Night shivers on quiet trees,
the silver disc of midnight moon,
torn by the branches of conifers,
drags its light over rustling Deodars,
drops behind houses at the valley’s edge,
the cold air bears the fragrance
of tobacco smoke and timeworn wood,
silence and regret haunt me
as I feel your absence growing
like moss on the walls of our empty home,
when shadows take shape I think it is you,
but I know you never come here now,
every night I wander among your memories,
hoping to feel your presence,
and when time rolls up the night,
like a well used prayer mat,
and puts it away for the day,
I return to my final resting place
carrying the dust of our dreams. 

Dreams Tossed In Paper Boats – New Poems

imprisoned in the melancholy of this long  winter

my heart is an origami of desires

no glue

no scissors

no staples

no ripping

no stretching

no crossing


a simple folding



and  becoming

what we couldn’t


between magic and mayhem
need and disruption
I write
of dreams
tossed in paper boats


I am weary of being entangled

in the tangle of your customized truths
take away those distorted mirrors
those ever-changing, ever concealing masks
take your carnival to some other town
set me free, my love


Even though you are gone

to another country

another arms

I will forgive you

and keep alive

the illusion of our

doomed futurity


your love
the ‘road not taken’

the adventure is over


 back to writing


I had vowed not to write love poems but my fingers have a mind of their own as you can see.

Some lost and found poems

There were cracks in the massive old black stem of the Gulmohar tree but the top was like burning coal. Deep flaming red spread across the barren summer sky. She gazed disapprovingly at the oldest of the four trees in her courtyard. She would have loved the laburnum to be there right across her bedroom window its soothing yellow flowers hanging like delicate Chinese lanterns.

Some things remain a thought. She was the other woman.


She had studied his moods and seasons

had nurtured and nourished him

 like water

changing shapes , flowing wherever she found space

a crack, a hollow, a crevice,

along  creases of his worn out stem

quenching his thirst


washing away the cares

dividing herself

time after time

 to make him whole

she was the other woman


she was  a  shadow on the sidewalk

cast by the hunter’s moon

it was the time for fall equinox again

love an evanescent mirage

they had met


the summer’s last heat

and the fall’s first chill

tried to make the best of the fleeting hours

and then the autumn leaves began to fall

slower than usual

 a long cold winter lay ahead

she knew the old weather proverb

she too had shed leaves that year

a little too quickly

bared herself to him

now wrapped in her shadow

balanced between light  and dark

between what was and what will be

she awaits

bracing herself for yet another long winter

in hope for a spring that never came

Silence : Short Verses


My silence stops

at the threshold of your silence

touches it softly

and for that split second

reminiscent  I live




your silence drips like raindrops

on slanted window of my parched heart

and then slowly slides away

leaving a trail of memories