New Poem – Home

This poem was first published in Peacock Journal   edited by W.F. Lantry and his team. Do browse the journal for some excellent work.


the shadow of the Oak trees
lies heavy on the grass below
no life stirs in the green expanse
that stretches until it meets the sky
with its cargo of clouds

along the distant ridge of hills
dust rises from a winding road
that looks lazily down upon
the slowly moving river
that crosses the land

along that road is our house
the house we loved and shared
until the day we drifted apart
now that lonely house waits
hoping again to become a home

Four Poems

That feeling when you have one foot at the edge of the void and the other on a loose stone. Times have changed and I am trying to cope with the current challenges. Challenges in terms of health, finances and relationships. I know the universe is benevolent and listening so here’s to that and writing more.



My shadow, dressed in handed down rags,

and smelling of hunger and weed,

melts in the margins, stains them

an invisible red, revealing itself only

in the warm skin of your fingertip.


Carelessly thrown over a chair,

the shirt is the first thing I noticed

as I enter my house,

your fragrance, playing with the night,

settles in the folds of my skin,

seared with grief my heart flutters,

I’m glad you left the shirt, not the key.

(Two more poems published in Peregrine Muse)

  1. Reminiscence

Reminiscing, I roam the paths with him,
my loss hangs heavy in the air,
the landscape as parched as my heart,
you a shadow, a ghost, a dream unfulfilled.

Sometimes I hear you… soft  whispers
riffled by the warm summer breeze,
your smile lights a dew drop,
I catch your scent from the fragrant trees.

Aromas of food and sleep are in the air
the house is flushed with warmth.
in my loneliness I call your name,
feel your misty breath on my face.

Your face is reflected in the window
you call out, but I don’t hear…
my face is in the raindrops of your tears,
you live in me… it’s you I know

My body holds the shadows of your love,
you are no more, you left me all alone,
my body a graffiti of your fingerprints,
like those you left on everything you touched.

Time is just the blur of your shadow.
I won’t forget you, I won’t forget you…
or the soft tread of your feet
and your music echoing in my dreams.

Long years have passed since you left,
my sorrow failed to become songs of love,
the invisible remained invisible…
I miss you… I miss you… first love of my life.

(first published in learning and creativity magazine)


  1. Parting

on the table at dawn
scattered breadcrumbs
unfinished coffee
and a few parting words
pinned to a page
beautiful but dead
everything was beautiful
until familiarity and ego
cast their long shadows
across this winter morning
veiled in mist and rain
I mourn the love killed
and struggle to cope
with this ending
so ruthlessly imposed on me
and I wonder if he won
or if I lost.

( A new one 🙂 )

Three poems – A tale of love

You brought me dreams,
You brought me nightmares,
Thank you for being my muse,
it helped me bleed out
all that wasn’t me. But now,
“I am my own muse
I am the subject I know
best, the subject I want to better.”



Days that are as uncertain
as you, and nights, that
don’t set me free, each
haunted by the other, my
life, nothing but a
monochrome shadow, caught
in between, such is the summer
of your absence.


Every tale of love,
imaginary or otherwise
is a continuous parting of ways,
a floe, forever drifting between
what was and what could have been.

Things simply are a matter of ‘is’, ‘is not’ and ‘won’t be.


Sometimes you need to draw blood to keep yourself whole. Unlike many who wait in the wings, you won’t have a next stage appearance. I made it sure by giving you a funeral and not a burial.The situation was getting harder to deny.I did not want you to get larger than life and stomp off leaving me to pick up the trash. I set fire to love today. I needed to balance the “kill to care ratio”. The story needed to move to a closure.


Poetry this month is hexed


I am hunting for words,
in the marginalia and in
the frail silences that 
crumble at touch.
My mouth is filled with the
warm metallic taste of loss,
I bleed in letters of a language
I no longer understand;
everyday a fresh page,
smudged words, crisscrossed paragraphs,
images, music and sketches
skirmishes, idiosyncrasies,
noises and distractions,
thoughts pressed into wayside,
visual ideas, blotches of ink
there is a storm on my fingertips.

“Do not write of angst,” I’m told,

but I do not intend to wear a mask

I want to lay bare myself

I want you to see how
your love has affected me.

You are a sylph,
and I am haunted by you.

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You and Me – A Poem


rambling rubbish
illusion of a company
mulled wine
a heart
part broken
part whole
someone said I smell of love
I must be smelling of the sad songs of autumn
of remembering, waiting, hoping
and of the widowed morning
veiled in mist and rain
I must be smelling of YOU

You and Me – Ache – Two Poems

Jaal (Trap)

what once was entwined
is now entangled
masks shed
love is many a splendorous thing



The streets of love are in another town
here there is just stillness of dark dusty dismal blue
and the same lack in noise that lives
in the darkness of the graves

These winter days :Poem

the laburnum’s cernuous sprays

swaying in trance

fragrant shirish blooms

the passionate gulmohar

the  sensual parijata bloom

the shades of dewy green

bathed in morning sunlight

the night numbed by the lucid moonbeams

the radiant day in flaming orange garment


nothing but fragments of my imagination

just like you

to keep the heart warm

and the old heart beating

in these cold, gray winter days




Waiting :A Poem

There are some blueprints

tucked away In the dark  crevices

of the workshop in  my mind


Some unfinished songs of desire

A  few broken melodies of pain

and some unending verses

wrapped in trauma of separation


Maybe we were  never meant to be together

and were destined to move away from each other

The disharmony,

the  asphyxiating  silence

and a abrupt ending


We said goodbye  and went our separate ways

without a sigh

but our story  continued to blossom

between the earth and the sky


In different lands, in different arms

A perpetual  ache  plagued  us

We  became restless

Seek each other where ever we could

in whatever we could

Our  nights became  haunted

by the ghosts of yesteryear

Our  days  mundane

monotonous and soul less

gaped at us like bottomless pits


We  began to crave

crave for some drizzle of love

amidst the dryness and melancholy


Wedded to different people

we led  a difficult life

How our heart-strings

got tuned to each other

we know not


It was a rough pathway

we  had carved

Writing became our passion

Through our words

we  began to compose and create

visions  of longing and togetherness

around us


We  danced, sang,  made love

with our poetry


Words took wings and

began to soar  from one continent to another

Our emotions began to travel

to meet in perfect harmony

in another place , another time

filling the empty spaces

of our lives


Each moment  an irreplaceable miracle

brimming with hope

and those long forgotten  desires


We poured out our hearts

sang the sweetest songs

and then slowly and silently

we drifted apart


I began to hear

the echoes of my own words

All that I composed came back to me

tired, bruised, rejected


And now

I sit amidst the splinters of my dreams

with some thoughts of you

tear-stained and crumpled

folded in my lap




Just in case..










A wanderer I met Last Night

yesterday's moon

Where have you come from O wandering moon

Is it from the land of sand dunes and oceans

Did you glide past his window

and see if he was longing for me ?

O luminous messenger of love

Do you have any message , some news

from my beloved?

Did he cup your face  between his fingers

and whispered sweet nothings for me

Or was he indifferent and veiled  his heart

and turn his face away

shutting you out

from his reclusive world?

silently I watch you move behind

the sad and lonesome leafless tree

trying to hide

your tear streaked face

Oh ! do not grieve for there shall be

a happy ending for you and me

in some other time and space

Go lonely wanderer

do not linger

shed your

ink black robe

and the gloomy Grey clouds

that hang around you

The sun awaits

in its Infinite Incandescence

illuminating the entire universe

and like me my friend

wait for the miracle to happen

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Poem : You are there

The footsteps of your soul

do not echo with mine

you are gone and yet

you are there

in every waking and sleeping moment

of my life.

I see you

in the shadows of my silent thoughts

and in the music of the veiled midnight

when the lonely crecsent moon

wanders in the sky.

In the whisperS of the wind and water

in the songs of the morning birds

in the sparkle of the light

that fills the dew drops

you are there.

In the pain that rises

from the depth of my being

and melts like a melody in my veins

you are there.

You are there

in the dark recesses of my mind

Where your love, still moist and warm,

breaths life into remains of my ravaged self.

you are there in the unspoken words

that hang amidst

the long conversations we had

and in the muted cries of the heart.

You are there in my

deepest yearnings,

my smoldering resentments,

my worries and hopes,

and my secret longings.

When the night plunges into the fiery dawn

and strains the eastern sky

you are there.

In the faint light of the moon,

which limply hangs from the

torn garment of the night sky

you are there.

In the unfamiliar eyes

that read my face and

the story written in them

you are there.

In the Splinters of memories

that dig deep through my soul,

leaving it bloody and bruised

you are there.

You are there in the

gaping spaces of my life

that yearn to be filled.

Tucked away somewhere in the crevices,

tear stained and crumpled, forgotten

like some old love letter

you are there.

I find solace in your being and not being

silence and reciprocation

togetherness and absence

knowing you are nothing but

a fragment of my dreams.