10 Days You Challenge : Day 4- Three Films

I am not a movie buff but there are certain flicks that I can see over and over. They may be part of the main stream cinema or just a little different. It is difficult to pick just three. I loved Life is beautiful, Behind Enemy lines, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s list. There are hundreds of animation movies that I absolutely adore like Finding Nemo, Lion King, Aragon, Happy Feet etc. Then there are musicals and western classics. The list is endless. It is hard but let me select the three that touched my heart.

1. As Good As It Gets : I am a huge fan of Jack Nicholson and loved him as Joker in Batman. Exceptional artist and what a remarkable screen presence the guy has. A very well written and flawlessly directed dark edged romantic comedy. One of the best of its time. The greatest pleasure is the acting of Nicholson. Devilishly cuddly but at the same time in absolute control. He keeps you glued till the last scene. It is a very different role he plays here and the strong chemistry between him and Helen Hunt is exceptional. I like Hunt too. Simple and brilliance personified. My kinda woman. :p

 2Mackenna’s Gold – When we talk of western classics there are a few films that come to the mind. The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Mackenna’s Gold, Stage Coach, The Magnificent Seven, High Noon Duel in the Sun and many more. I saw Mackenna’s Gold as a teenager and instantly fell in love with Omar Sharif. Gregory Peck of course is all time heart-throb. The cinematography is amazing. Whole film is shot in Grand Canyon a place I would love to visit one day. The music by  Quincy Jones is as always exceptional. The plot revolves around the legend of  a fortune in gold hidden in the “Canyon del Oro,” guarded by the Apache spirits. It is an action packed, colorful film with a beautiful  Jose Feliciano-sung ballad at the beginning of the film, “Old Turkey Buzzard”. The aerial Photography is breathtaking. Though the movie remains one of the weak western one I still love it for the sheer pleasure of its simplicity.

3. Now to our own Bollywood.  Khamoshi is one of my favorite movies. This Rajesh Khanna , Waheeda Rehman starter was a landmark in Indian Cinema. It had a bold plot and a very courageous climax for its time. The inner turmoil of the female protagonist , the love and the dilemma made it an excellent watch. Both the lead actors gave a brilliant performance. This 1969 movie had Waheeda in all her subtle moods and Rajesh too makes one want for more. The heart wrenching story is projected very well and the music is exceptional. Some of the best songs of that time came from this movie like tum pukar lo, wo sham kuch ajeeb thi, hamne dekhi hai in aankhon ki mehkti khushbu etc.

Hope you enjoyed my selection of movies. If you are doing this tag do leave a link so I can discover some good movies.

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10 Day You Challenge – Day 6 : Five Foods

I am extremely fond of experimenting with various cuisines. Though I don’t like Chinese/ Thai  food much I enjoy Dim sums and some other dishes to some extent. My favorites are vary according to mood of the day and time too. 🙂

I may long for a continental breakfast of bacon and eggs on a particular day and the next morning gorge on stuffed parathas with butter, pickle and yogurt. ( I can eat peanut butter sandwiches anytime  though) 😉 (drool)

Some things that remain my constant love are :

Desserts : I can gorge on any kind of dessert without any guilt. Be it simple jalebi or exotic gateau. A chocoholic to the core I love to indulge in desserts with chocolate. Among Indian sweets I love  shreekhand, Basundi (kheer) , Mysore Pak, hot gulab Jamun with vanilla ice cream, malpua with rabdi,  Ras malai phirni , bhuna peda, karanji, gajar halwa and so on :p and I can also relish kiwi gateau, cakes, pastries and Swiss roles . Am not much fond of brownies though. I love lemon tarts and apple crumble/pies. I think I should be a little considerate towards those diabetic friends who must be reading this 😉 . Sorry folks I feel for you but am a sinner and glutton for sweets. 😀

I love Lebanese food : I think Lebanese food is very healthy and I like it very much. Shawarma and falafal sandwiches were my staple diet at one time and I still indulge now and then. Love the Lebanese breads with Hummus. I make Baba Ganoush, shawarma rolls and pickled radishes  at home. There is so much variety of veg and non veg dishes in Lebanese food . Check this out : Recipes 

3. Italian – Spaghetti with meat balls, Pasta in various sauces, Pizzas, Risotto , you name it and I love it. Lasagna is also one of my favorites. There is so much to choose from Italian Cusine. One site that I love for recipes and knowledge about Italian food is Anna Maria’s Open Kitchen   Enjoy!

4. Street and Dhaba  food: If you live in India and that too in North India and don’t love local street food and dhaba food then you must be off your rockers. It is the  life line of all foodies. There is nothing more exciting than eat those sumptuous gol guppas, chats, tikiis and bhelpuri , kathi rolls etc right there from the vendors. Those who are conscious about hygiene and crap should stay away.  I love dhaba food too. Murthal is the place for vegetarian delights and one can go to Delhi Gurgao Border for delicious non veg food . The high point of driving through the National Highways in North India is  presence of those fantastic dhabas with mouthwatering parathas, dal and tandoori rotis coming out fresh   from the clay oven. The entire process is worth experiencing . It is cheap , fresh and nutritious all the way to big glass of lassi malai mar ke. :p

5. Varan Bhat –  Whatever one may say Home made food is the   best. Simple Varan bhat ( dal and rice ) with toop( clarified butter) and lemon pickle. I think we can indulge in whatever cuisine and go gorging on delicacies but ultimately this simple dal chawal is what we return to.  It is the best comfort food and very fulfilling too. 🙂

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Ten Day You Challenge – Post 1 Ten Secrets

I was magically pulled to this challenge which is floating in the Blogosphere and the more posts I read the more I wanted to do it. The fun started at Priti’s Blog and then I saw many of my friends getting caught in its enticing web.

Trust me this tough but then I love challenges. So here we go with the 10 secrets

Ten Secrets 

1. When I was seven years old it tugged at my heart that we never distributed sweets in the school for birthdays. It seemed so unfair so I took 100 Rs. from home and early morning at 6:45 managed to visit a local mithai shop bought Jalebies and carried them to school with a song in my heart. With pride and joy I told the flabbergasted onlookers than it was my birthday(it wasn’t). There was such a joy in distributing jalebies and fellow students had a blast but the fun ended when the principal who knew mom rang her and called her to school. What happened next made me hate Birthdays as well as jalebies. (just kidding :p I love jalebies but can’t eat one without crimson color rising to my cheeks ) . ( some 38 years ago that was hell lot of jalebies we got in 100bucks) 😀

2.  I saw the night show of Exorcist with my cousin and that too I was under age and tickets were bought in black. The family had no idea where we had gone. We watched the entire flick with not more than ten people for company in the entire hall.

3. I am petrified of rats. I can stand any creäture but rats and those pink little mice are complete turn off. (Though I loved Stuart Little)

4. I hate people who take relationships for granted.  People who use words like “sorry” without meaning anything.

5. A virtual something called ” our whatever”( Shhhh its a secret ok) :p . It’s a relationship which has no name. (or maybe it has) 😛 Sometimes love comes from most unexpected places 😛 even a long lasting friendship. Now you may ask how is it possible? rubbish .  Well it is there and am happy. Sometimes we indulge there are some secrets which have no answers and its better this way. 😉 But now that its out 😛 I want to know what this “whatever” is. Is ” someone” reading ?

6. I love Marmite  and have a  weird craving for odd food combos . Loved Jam biscuits dipped in a bowl of flowing hot vanilla custard. Called it Roly poly for some reason and gave them to my sons too when they were small.  Also Maggie with Tabasco sauce between two slices of white bread. Crushed Papad or bhujia on buttered bread(white)

7. I hate to drink plain milk and as a kid I made it a point to throw it away as quickly as it reached me. The very sight of malai on it made me puke. That’s another thing that freshly boiled milk is awesome and I can have it once in a while. (I was caught red-handed once and was punished to live on milk diet for two days just to teach me not to waste food. I learned it the hard way trust me.

8. I am extremely fond of speed and all kind of adventure sports. I keep dreaming of doing all the possible thrilling stuff and till sometime back I was terrified of flying in an aircraft and my heart would race faster than the speeding vehicle I was siting in. It still does at times , depends on who is driving :p

9. I love spooky stuff. Ghosts, dark creatures, magic, spells excite me. I have been to a cemetery at night and trust me I want to spend a night there or in any so-called haunted place at least once in my life . I did planchat in college hostel once and it went out of control. It is one experience I wont forget. I want to learn some dark art.

10. I love street food and local regional cuisine and detest five-star culture. Formal eating makes me uncomfortable. There is more joy in sucking the juicy pulp of mangoes than cutting in cubes and eating with fork or spoon. Similarly to lick the Shrikand from the bowl or eat dal chawal with hand is more satisfying than using spoon and fork.