Online and Print Publications

I will keep updating this page as and when something new gets published. A few other submissions which won in contests and my interviews are listed on the right side bar of the blog.

Online Publications

1. Two poems published in Troubadour 21 

2.  Free Fall – Short Story In Ginger Chai 

3. Two Poems, Bamboo Lounge 

4. Marijuana Dreams – A poem, The Smoking Book 

5. Peace poem on Step Blog

6.  HaikuHeights– struggle, Autumn, Sacred

7 Inner  Chatter – A poem in Enchanting verses 

8. A feature with poems in Mnemosyne Literary Journal   Tikuli Dogra’s featured Links 

9. My poetry in Le Zaporogue

10. Short Story in Le Zaporouge

11.  More poems in Le Zaporouge  Click to download.

12.  Six Poems And a Fiction in Le Zaporouge xvi 

You can look up Zap XVI ,Zap XIII, Zap XIV, Zap XI, Zap XV on THIS PAGE (1-15) and download the ebook (pdf) to read. XVI issue is available in print too.

13. Seven Poems – Cafe Dissensus

14. Short Story,  Jason , in Winter edition of  Microw8  with the theme ‘Luminous’

15.  Five Poems in Levure Litteraire  

16.Three Poems In Life And Legends 

17. A poem in Open Road Review 

18. Two poems in Learning and Creativity Magazine – Ganges 

and Reminiscence

19 Two travel poems in Cafe Dissensus 

20 Silence – a poem in Open Road Review

21 Fiction – The Quality of Mercy in ReadFingers

22 Memoir in Readomania

23. Five poems in Peregrine muse

24.  Toy Train poems in Knot Magazine

25 Poems In Asian Signature 

26 Poem in The Criterion 

27 Two travel poems in Cafe Dissensus Everyday 

28  Two Poems in TEKSTO 

29. Two poems in The Bombay Review 

30. Two poems in Tuck Magazine 

31 Two poems in Peacock Journal 

32. Six Acrostics in The Thumb Print Magazine 

33. Homeland Memories  in Cafe Dissensus Blog 

34. Broken Lives – A poem in Dissident Voice 

35. Two poems in Cafe Dissensus Everyday 

36  Response poem in Kashmir lit 

37. Amaltas poems in Cafe Dissensus 

38. Two new poems in Cafe Dissensus 

39. Amaltas Poem in The Delhi Walla Blog


Print Publications

1.  Two stories in –  Ripples – Short stories by Indian Women Writers

2. Two poems in “A Posy of Poesy” . National Poetry Festival

3.  A poem in ‘Chicken Soup For the Indian Romantic Soul

4. 10 Poems and 4 Short Stories in Collaborative’s Omnibus

5. One poem in Melange (a potpourri of thoughts)

6. One Hindi poem in Kaafiyana

7. Short story in Silence Is White 

8. Poem in Peacock Journal – Anthology – Beauty First 

9. LGBT poems in EquiVerseSpace  



Scripting the story of life 

Open Road Review 

The Tabago Page 


We are the city – inspirational woman 

Blogadda interview – Part -1 

Blogadda interview Part -2 

Copyleftwejournal interview 

My debut poetry collection 

Collection of Chaos 

Second Book Of Poetry   




Third book, a book collaborative poems by James Goddard and Tikuli



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