Disclaimer regarding Links, Images, Videos 

Many of the images, links and videos are not original and are used from Google Search Results. Spinning the yarn of  Life has no copyright over them. Due credits have been given to the rightful owners where the source is known or a notice is put that the image, link, video is courtesy Google Images and rights belong to the rightful owner.  

If you find your work featured here and wish to remove it please write to me and I will take necessary action as per your wishes. It will either be removed or edited to give credit. 

No harm or infringement is ever intended by me.  

Please respect the rights of my original work too.  Do ask if you want to use, share anything from my blog. 


5 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi Deena,

    The picture you have up of the punjabi lady churning the curd, is a picture of my grandmother, can you please tell me where you had found it. I have been trying to find this picture of her.


  2. Hi RS
    If you mean the pic in Bioscope memories then all the pix are from the internet. Google images. I do not remember the exact website. If you wish I can take it down . Do not have copyright to it as I mentioned. Let me know.


  3. You can have it up we don’t mind at all, we had heard from someone few years ago it was up at a university in the United States. We want to go visit that university, till this day we are trying to locate it. I came across the picture again today, thought you would know.


  4. you can maybe download the pic and upload it in google images maybe you may find it. I will look up too. If I am able to find I will post the link here. Give me some time. I understand you completely and thank you for letting me use it. I remember it was some article about Panjab . Will get back to you. .Thank again.


  5. Thank you very much! She had passed away when our father was very young. If you do come across it will be very much appreciated


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