55 Word Fiction : Drug Abuse 2

She desperately tried to find a vein to inject into.

Her life ebbing away.

She had lost the battle to keep her head above water.

One final lethal dose.


Her father had missed the signs of her secret life.

He found her floating in the bath tub along with the syringe


55 word fiction : Drug Abuse:Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven

She watched her body go up in flames and with it hopes, dreams, aspirations.

She had taken many tiny steps.

Thousands of little decisions had led incrementally to her death.

She ached to go back in time.




Lonelier than ever she drifted in twilight mist.

A Drug Free Spirit .

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Do not let your life go up in Smoke.  SAY NO TO DRUGS .


55 Word Fiction : The First Date

She is ravishing he thought as he spotted her walk in.

She looked around in the crowd.

Her face lit up and eyes twinkled with joy as she caught a glimpse of him.

Slowly she edged her way towards him.

“Welcome to KFC  little princess”, he said smiling warmly.

La petite mort : 55 Word Fiction

She felt his hungry gaze and tilted her shapely legs to give him a better view

Her body responding to the invitation.

Sheer black stockings.

Hauntingly beautiful.

Soft. Sensuous.

Aroused he felt moist, hot & hard .

An exquisite pleasure.


La petite mort


Sex, She grinned

Perfect weapon, he thought.

55 word fiction : Foreplay

“Darling, How about something different tonight”, She loved to challenge him.

“Hmm, you are in a naughty mood” He teased.

“Why not, routine gets boring “. She winked.

They lit colorful candles, spread some fragrant rose petals, opened an old wine bottle.

Lying on their tummies, feet hugging, they wrote their first 55 words fiction.

55 Word Fiction : Untitled

She stared at the computer screen.

No mail


The cell phone was blank too.

She sighed

Looked long at the mug on the table

In one gulp, she drank it

Sometimes sleep is the only solution, she thought.

The phone kept ringing

It rang too late.

55 word fiction : That Night

She cooked his favorite food, took a long fragrant bath, put on the flimsy gown and prepared herself for the big night.

She would give him what he had been wanting all his life.

The frenzy of her passion surprised him.

He slept like a baby.

Next morning he found her hanging from the fan

55 Words : The Twist

Her mobile rang  in the darkness of the cinema hall

The man with her was a lecher.


“New party, big money, wants the best”.

“Waiting out side, black Mercedes”.

“On my way.”

Touching up her makeup, she walked to the car and knocked on the tinted window.

Her father’s face made her go weak in the knees.