Udaan : Movie Review

Udaan created a turbulence inside me and I am sure everyone who saw it saw some of of his/ her life reflected there. The simplicity and stark  treatment of subject is the beauty of the film.

I vote Udaan is the best film of this decade.

The coming of age , a celebration of spirit rebellious is a genre normally not dealt with in Indian Cinema. Debutant director, Vikramaditya Motwane has done an exceptionally good job with it. The screen play shared  by Motwane and the film’s producer, Anurag Kashyap is terrific .

It was slightly disturbing to see parts of our own life come alive on screen but then that’s what makes a film worth appreciating. It surely touched a deep cord somewhere.

I am sure many kids of this age group , even my elder son,  connected with the character of Rohan , the main protagonist.

Udaan is a deeply affecting story of Rohan( played by newcomer Rajat Barbecha ), his fears and aspirations, his vulnerability as a seventeen year old boy trying to find his roots. Rajat’s brilliant performance conveys that intense loneliness and frustration of a free spirited young boy torn  by his inner turmoil. His hatred, claustrophobia deeply resonates in everyone who watches it.

My son who studied for 6 years in boarding always told about boys who did not want to go back home or dreaded returning to parents who never understood them. Some longed and were homesick but their parents too busy with their lives to think of the child they had abandoned.

Rohan is thrown out of boarding school and packed off to Jamshedpur, his home town. His first visit in eight years. A motherless child , he is about to face some naked truths of life. A half-brother he is unaware of, a hostile , authoritative ice-cold father, the smothering environment of  a small industrial town.

Rohan’s dreams of being a writer are crushed brutally by his dad who wants him to follow family tradition and join his steel plant. Caged in a small house with a younger half-brother for whom he has no affection and facing his father’s hostile outbursts his depression becomes more intense .  His angst is felt very strongly throughout the movie.

The dialogs between father and son are razor-sharp. It is not uncommon to find  emotionally stunted, disciplinarian fathers who   are boggled down middle class fears and obsessions of a ‘secure’ future for their sons. The film is a complete character study of an  Indian middle class family. Stuck up father, emotional rebellious son who wants to escape the social bondage and routine to follow his dreams is representative of many such teenagers who run away from authority and uninspiring future. even Rohan’s sympathetic uncle (played by Ram Kapoor) , his petrified younger step brother who is a victim of  home abuse and his bunch of edgy friends ( from school and neighborhood) can be anyone from our dead society.

Rohan’s friends sing a parody of an old Bollywood song ” ‘Sab chote shaher ka baap ek jaisa hota hai. Family business? Very good, very good. Dream business? Very bad, very bad.’…. over gallons of rum. A pungent and pertinent remark.

I loved the way Rohan’s freewheeling poetry is incorporated in the film. Each of his poems is a mirror of his inner. Exceptionally brilliant.

Ronit Roy’s performance is mind-blowing to say the least and it is a performance based film. I wasn’t a big fan of his till now. Simple stories are hard to narrate and here each character has put life into the plot.

I loved that for the first time  the protagonist is not a run on the mill film teenager but a boy with more realistic problems than finding girlfriends and discovering sex and romance. In one of the scenes his dad even asks him ” sex kiye ho?”

India’s Neo wave cinema has come of age  with this exceptional film. Life is not all bed of roses. There is a dark liquid running beneath the nicely swept streets. definitely poignant, unyielding , very refreshing , beautifully penned story Udaan is a sheer pleasure to watch if you are a cinema lover.

The sugar-coated image of parents is shredded to uncover the dark side of parenting.  Udaan to me seemed a very confidant début. He never loses track of the main story even when dealing with crucial scenes or its ultimate goal.

Overall an enriching experience of self realization and  a lesson for all to learn. To let children be. We as parents are not controllers and our children are not puppets neither are they slaves of our expectations.

10/10 for Udaan.


Ravishing Rekha and Legendary Amitabh Bachchan: A Birthday Post

I wanted to do two different posts on Rekha and Amitji but then decided to make it a Birthday Post.  A tribute to two of my favorite Bollywood star icons of all times.

Rekha’s birthday falls on 10th and Amit ji’s on 11th ( Yes he shares his DOB with Me  😀 ).

Rekha turned 56 yesterday and Amitji turned 68 today.

I  wish them health , happiness and joy.

Rekha has been one of my favorites because of her remarkable talent and beauty. For me she is the ultimate diva. I loved her simple girl next door look and brilliant performance in Khoobsoorat .

42 years of  her reign in Bollywood were simply magical. I loved Silsila,  Umrao Jaan , Utsav, zubaida and her mesmerizing guest  performance in Parinita .The song ‘Kaisi paheli zindagaani’  had such a nostalgic feel and was, at the same time, so sensuous. The way Rekha carried herself in the song can only be done by an actress of her calibre. She is a perfect blend of beauty, glamour and talent.

I loved her in Umrao Jaan and thought that her performance matched that of Legendary Meena Kumari in Pakeeza . She looked gorgeous in the movie and acted so well. Here is my favorite song from the movie

So many memorable performances and portrayal of different and varied characters shows the range of her acting.

I find her ageless as far as Beauty goes. At 56 she still looks so ravishing. I would call the true face of Indian Beauty and grace.

What can I say about Amitji . He is a star icon and a legend. I loved his early  performances in Chupke Chupke, Mili, Abhiman,  Anand  and then the famous Deewar , silsila, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Zanjeer, Sholey, Chash- e- baddoor, Agnipath and not to forget Satte pe Satta 😀 .. the list is endless.

The Rekha – Amitabh love saga was eternal. I always called them the perfect couple that never was. 🙂

They looked great together and their on-screen chemistry was electric.

I won’t call Amitabh a great actor but a great performer.

This song from Silsila  remains my all time favorite . The lyrics are awesome.

The Hrishi Da – Amitabh association gave many great films. Together they changed the face of Indian cinema.

Here are some of my favorite songs of Amitji

A wonderful song from Abhiman.

I love this evergreen song from kabhi kabhi . The poem Amitji recites is awesome

Sahir Ludhianvi’s original poem:
Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayaal aataa hai
Ki zindagi teri zulfon ki narm chhaaon mein
Guzarne paati to shaadaab ho bhi sakti thi
Yeh tiraagi jo mere zist ka muqaddar hai
Teri nazar ki shuaon mein kho bhi sakti thi

Ajab na thaa ki main begana-e-alam reh kara
Tere jamaal ki ranaiyon mein kho rehta
Tera gudhdaaz badan, teri nimabaz aankhen
Inhin hasin fasano mein main ho rehta

Pukaratin mujhe jab talkhiyan zamane ki
Tere labon se halavat ke ghunt pe leta
Hayaat chikhti phirti barehana-sar aur main
Ghaneri zulfon ke saaye mein chhup ke ji leta
Magar ye ho na saka
Magar ye ho na saka aur ab ye aalam hai
Ki tu nahin, tera gham teri justaju bhi nahin
Guzar rahi hai kuch is tarah zindagi jaise
Ise kisi ke sahare ki aarzoo bhi nahin
Zamane bhar ke dukhon ko lagaa chuka hun gale
Guzar raha hun kuch anjaani rahguzaron se
Muhib saaye meri simt badte aate hain
Hayaat-o-maut ke par-haal khaar-zaaron se
Na koi jaada, na manzil na roshani ka suraag
Bhatak rahi hai khalaon mein zindagi meri
Inhi khalaon mein reh jaaunga kabhi kho kar
Main jaanta hun meri ham-nafas, magar yun hii
Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai…

Today I celebrated my birthday  and I would like to thank all my virtual friends for their love and good wishes. The virtual family is my extended family and it really made me warm all over to know that somewhere  somebody thought of me and prayed for my well being.

A big hug and love to everyone  who took some time out to share the joy of  this day with me.

Ones again Birthday wishes to both my Bollywood favorites.

Cheers!  God Bless.


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Musical Monday -1 musical atyachar

Starting this Monday I shall be writing about my second love – Music

It is going to be a fun and info post with lot of Bollywood songs thrown in .The melodious classics of yesteryear, the folk music, romantic songs, new age music, funny songs, the remixes, tear jerking songs, the stolen tracks from Hollywood 😀 , my personal favorites and much more.

This Monday let’s talk about the most Pakau songs of Bollywood. “D Do feel free to add to the list.

Some of the Hindi Filmi songs make you feel like jumping into a vial of acid, they make your intestine churn and songs like meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy , sarkai lo khatiya jada lage kind of crap . The Govinda David Dhawan combo was the worse that coululsivd happen to Hindi cinema and Hindi music. God save us from these mindless, nonsensical, obscene, repe ear shattering numbers.

I think most of the appalling and tasteless songs are churned out from Anu Mullick and the golden man Bappi lahiri’s factory. Latest to join the bandwagon is Himesh Reshammiya, the guy sucks. Tera saroor is torture far worse than the Nazi concentration camps. 😦

I could never make sense of Dekha jo tujhe yar dil me baji guitar

Such a nonsensical song.

You are my chicken fry, you are my fish fry and dekho barish ho rahi hai , it’s raining it’s raining .. Bappin Da at his worse .

Remember the song Amma dekh aa dekh tera munda bigda jaye

then there are endless Akshay Kumar songs like Shahar ki ladki ,

The kishan kumar song Achcha sila diya tune mere pyar ka is the biggest atyachar of all times.

Don’t miss Anup Jalota’s Aaisi lagi lagan meera ho gayi magan and Altaf Raja’s tum to thehre pardesi ,sath kya nibhaoge


I can not go on any longer . Please take over. 😦

The list is endless and I seriously need a break. Pak chuki hun main.


I want to break free from this musical atyachar …