3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 320

  1. Since long before the election, Roger Stone has had an audience with his friend Donald
    Trump about political issues, and now he has
    formed an organization to pursue political advocacy for ending cannabis prohibition, along with the anti-prohibition people are scoffing at this.
    To mee this is 1 of the most bizarre things that I have saw come out of the cannabis movement’s left wing.
    Someone who carries a lot of weight and is one
    of Donald Trump’s few trusted political advisers, and
    yes left wing cannabis activists are scoffing at
    this notion.
    Exposition (CWCBExpo) is Very Happy to announce that Roger Stone will
    continue his Keynote Series at the 4th Yearly CWCBExpo, Sept.
    13-15 at Los Angeles and in CWCBExpo Boston, October 4-6, in the
    Hynes Convention Center.

    As a long-time political strategist and former advviser to President Donald J.
    Trump, Mr. Stone has an insider perspective
    of this government’s role in the legalization of cannabis.
    Last Wednesday, Florida megalawyer and potential gubernatorial candidate
    John Morgan formally announcded a new partnership with onetime Trump adviser and dirty trickster Roger Stone, saying the two were launching calling foor conference leaders into #DisownStone.

    Mr. Stone’s Keynote, on Friday, Sept. 15 in LosAngeles and Friday, Oct.
    6 in Boston is part of a series of high profille speeches consisting of 1
    by the Rev. Al Sharpton on Sept. 14 and Oct. 5 in CWCBExpo at Los Angeles and Boston.

    Even the CWCBExpo events take place in leading U.S.

    markets Los Angeles, Boston, and New York and also provide an educational and business-building foirum for its medical marijuana, legalized
    cannabis and industrial industries.


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